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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


Breaking News

US considering a Syrian No-Fly Zone ~ link ~ That makes sense, but only if your goal is to jump start a truly massive General Middle East War!  Stirling 
Even though Islamic State militants in Syria have no aircraft to speak of, the US’s top military commander says establishing a no-fly zone may be part of the campaign. Such a move is what US allies, including Turkey, have been pressing for.
ISIS used chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters in Kobani ~ link
Recent photos of Kurdish fighters killed in battles with ISIL Takfiri militants in the Syrian town of Kobani suggest that the terrorists have used chemical weapons against the Kurds.

The photographs, published by the Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA) on Sunday, show that the bodies of three Kurdish fighters were not damaged by bullets, but instead were marked by burns and white spots without any visible wounds or external bleeding.

How America changed from being the world's leading democratic nation under FDR to being the world's leading 'Nazi' nation under Obama ~ link ~ Everything about the Obama Presidency is a lie, everything!  Stirling  

Unfortunately, most people see politics only by words, and ignore realities. But, in some important respects (his actions, his decisions), Barack Obama is — and I hate to say this — actually closer to FDR’s enemies, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, than to FDR. This is true not only regarding the contrast between FDR’s moving America away from enormous wealth-inequality, versus Obama’s moving America toward even higher wealth-inequality than before; it’s yet more starkly exhibited in the international policies of these two post-economic-crash U.S. Presidents, as will be demonstrated here.

FDR was viscerally and actively anti-fascist and anti-nazi, whereas Obama simply is not. FDR was anti-aristocracy; Obama is pro-aristocracy. FDR was pro equal-rights; Obama is actually anti equal-rights. That’s the reality, not the rhetoric.

Red Death: Ebola fears grip New York City ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

EMS crews who dealt with the patients have also been isolated as a precaution, sources said. But a hospital spokeswoman insisted Monday: 'There are currently no patients suspected of having Ebola at Bellevue.' If confirmed, the two would be the first cases in the city of a deadly disease that has already killed 4,000 people in West Africa and claimed one victim in the U.S.



Red Death: Nurses union threatens to 'picket every hospital in America' over lack of Biosafety Level 4 hazmat suits ~ link ~ Good for them.  This bullcrap of using Level 2 protection and then wondering what went wrong when nurses get Ebola is outrageous.  Positive pressure Level 4 biosafety hazmat suits are required to handle Ebola!  Stirling  

The nation's largest union and professional association of nurses said it will rise up in protest if hazardous-material suits are not in every hospital soon.

"I'm angry about this," said RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United. "We want the first line of defense to be the most prepared. Our hospitals are resisting us. The CDC doesn't say that we need hazmat suits. If this doesn't change dramatically, we will picket every hospital in this country if we have to."



Red Death: Obama: You can't get Ebola from sitting next to someone on a bus; CDC: Avoid public transportation ~ link ~ Compulsive lairs are dangerous, especially in his position!  Stirling   

Speaking in a video message to residents of West African countries currently experiencing outbreaks of Ebola, President Barack Obama dispensed advice on how residents can avoid the disease, including:"You cannot get it through casual contact like sitting next to someone on a bus."

At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising Americans who travel to the Ebola-stricken nations to "avoid public transportation."

Red Death: Dickensian US working conditions would add to Ebola nightmare ~ link

Consider this: Most, if not virtually all waiters, busboys, chefs and cleaning staff at restaurants in the US do not get paid sick days--with the exception of those few who have union contracts and have managed to negotiate sick days in their contracts. If they feel like they are getting sick workers with no paid sick leave must do their best to hide their symptoms and go to work. Ditto for the maids and housekeepers who tend to the homes of the wealthy. And the same is true for the majority of the low-paid staff at privately run daycare centers. 


Indian PM orders "Heavy Losses" in Pakistan from Kashmir fighting ~ link ~ Modi is a nut with a blowtorch in a leaking gasoline storage facility!  Stirling  

Firefights continued along the Line of Control between Indian and Pakistani Kashmir tonight, with Pakistan reporting 12 civilians slain in cross-border firing so far this month, and urging the United Nations to stop the growing clashes. 

Both sides are trading blame for the recent spate of firings, and both sides have seen their share of civilian deaths. The rhetoric seems to be picking up by leaders on both sides as well, particularly with respect to Indian Premier Narendra Modi. 

Nuland lands in Kiev as US backed coup regime tools up for war ~ link ~ This continues to be tied to the developing regional war in the Mideast; an effort to tie Russia down.  Stirling   

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