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Special Report: Red Death 
Red Death: 1,000 people under some level of watch in USA for Ebola ~ link ~ If only 1% turn out to actually have Ebola, that would equal 10 new Ebola cases; if 10% turn out to have Ebola, that would result in 100 new cases of Ebola!!!  And worse yet, all those persons are apt to have passed it to others, who will pass it to ever more people!!!  This is especially true as most of those "under some level of watch" are still free to move about in contact with others; even those under strict controls are not being cared for by persons with Biosafety level 4 suits, which means that even the care givers are apt to become the next victims and vectors of the doomsday disease!!!  This half-assed approach is HOW YOU SPREAD EBOLA THROUGHOUT A NATION!!!    Stirling 
As of Friday, a pool of about 1,000 people are being watched for symptoms, have been asked to monitor themselves or have been urged to check with a counselor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The group includes a handful of people who have been ordered into quarantine, a larger group that is being closely watched with temperatures taken at least daily and a much larger group of travelers who may haven flown on a Frontier Airlines jetliner used at some point by an Ebola patient traveling with a low-grade fever.
Red Death: Pentagon Ebola Lock-down ~ link ~ Interesting, compare the quick and massive response at the Pentagon with that elsewhere!!!  Those boys KNOW what a scary bastard Ebola really is and they are ready for it and don't take chances!  Stirling   
Red Death: Houston: Woman who returned from Nigeria found dead ~ link ~  
A hazmat team was called out to an apartment complex in Houston, Texas last night after a woman who recently returned from a trip to Nigeria was found dead.
The daughter then informed authorities that her mother had just returned from Nigeria on Saturday, one of the countries in West Africa that has been impacted by Ebola, although there hasn’t been a new case in the country for 21 days.
Red Death: Fears grow as CDC says it will screen larger group of travelers for Ebola ~ link ~  

The impact of two Ebola diagnoses in the United States this week continued to reverberate across the country and beyond, causing concern for another group of travelers who may have encountered a person with Ebola before she was isolated.

Hospital workers who entered the room of an Ebola patient in Texas have been asked not to travel commercially, which public health officials had said would be a requirement going forward. They have also been asked not to go to public places like grocery stores or theaters during the 21-day period following their last contact with the patient, according to a letter from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Red Death: Hazmat-Trained hospital worker: "Here's what no one is telling you about Ebola ~ link ~ One should note that even CDC and WHO are now saying that this virus is airborne.  Further, this article is about using Hazmat Level 3 protective gear, not Level 4, which is what should be used.  Stirling 

Ebola is brilliant. 

It is a superior virus that has evolved and fine-tuned its mechanism of transmission to be near-perfect. That's why we're all so terrified. We know we can't destroy it. All we can do is try to divert it, outrun it. 

Red Death: Ebola: The latest American Government Lies - The risk of airborne contagion ~ link ~ This is a good one that you should take the time to read in full at the link.  It is for thinking people.  The CDC, WHO, Obama Administration and various other world governments have either "been lying through their teeth" or are grossly incompetent and that is allowing this genetically engineered lab created virus to spread globally and now poses a grave danger to millions, if not billions, of humans.  Stirling   

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Anonymous said...

There are no chances for the Ebola epidemic coming to the USA through air transport. The risk for naturally catching Ebola in the USA is naught.
To be contaminated one needs to have been physically in contact with blood, saliva or sperm of the diseased victim. One can also get infected with injections of experimental vaccine and this is what is probably happening in Central Africa and could happen in the USA if people panic enough.

Fear, fear, fear, fear, and more fear. Since the first Ebola victim arrived in the USA and allegedly killed one man in Dallas, as many as 250 people have died boating accidents, 3,000 from automobile accidents, 1,000 from homicides, and 5 from lightning strikes. (Based on monthly averages from CDC statistics)
If the MSM were to treat each of these tragedies with the same degree of fearful hype it is giving to the Ebola virus, most people would never drive, eat solid foods, or leave the house ever again!

Something is clearly going on here.

But it now appears as though there is an American domestic component to Ebola-Mania as well.
But there may also be another angle to this strange pre-election "crisis".

What if the intent here is to create so much dissatisfaction with the Obama's handling of "the Ebola crisis" that the Republicans sweep to big majorities in the coming Congressional and Senate elections?

It is an open secret that he lacks the stomach and the desire to blow up the Middle East and kick off World War III.

The billionaire Zionist owner of the Republican Party, Sheldon Adelson, demands war with Syria and Iran. In 2012 alone, he dumped close to $100 million into the GOP. If the coming and expected GOP Ebola landslide puts the likes of Israeli assets John McCain and Lindsey Graham in charge of the U.S. Senate, an utterly neutered Obama can be stampeded into war or even impeached. During campaign rallies for GOP Senate candidates, McCain has criticized Obama's "mishandling" of the Ebola crisis (here) and calling for, as always, more troops to be deployed to Africa!

The neo-cons wasted little time in linking Obama to Ebola. Ebola-Obama bumper stickers have been out for two weeks already!
(From Tomato Bubble)