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Special Report: The Red Death Nightmare
News Flash:
Red Death: Governors of New York and New Jersey order Ebola Quarantine for all medical workers who had contact with Ebola patients in West Africa ~ link ~ Good stop but still too little too late!!!  Stirling    
Red Death: Patient in New York City has Ebola - Rode on subway night before he was hospitalized ~ link
A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case. The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers spread out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days. A further test will be conducted by the federal Centers for Disease Control to confirm the initial test. While officials have said they expected isolated cases of the disease to arrive in New York eventually, and had been preparing for this moment for months, the first case highlighted the challenges surrounding containment of the virus, especially in a crowded metropolis. Even as the authorities worked to confirm that Mr. Spencer was infected with Ebola, it emerged that he traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley and then took a taxi home.
Red Death: Yale team foresees a Biblically Grim 90,000 DEATHS in one Liberian county ALONE BY DECEMBER 15 ~ link ~ 
A large influx of international aid is needed, and soon, if West Africa is to avoid tens of thousands of deaths from the widening Ebola crisis, a team of Yale University researchers predict. Using a specially designed mathematical model, the researchers looked at the possible future of the outbreak in just one densely populated county of hard-hit Liberia — Montserrado County, home to the capital city of Monrovia. The researchers said that if international aid isn’t delivered to Liberia in sufficient time and quantity, by Dec. 15 Montserrado County will have more than 170,000 cases of Ebola — 12 percent of its population — and more than 90,000 deaths. However, if the international community ramps up efforts by Oct. 31, almost 98,000 of those cases could be avoided. “Our predictions highlight the rapidly closing window of opportunity for controlling the outbreak and averting a catastrophic toll of new Ebola cases and deaths in the coming months,” study senior author Alison Galvani, professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, said in a university news release. “Although we might still be within the midst of what will ultimately be viewed as the early phase of the current outbreak, the possibility of averting calamitous repercussions from an initially delayed and insufficient response is quickly eroding,” she added.
Red Death: CDC requires 21 day MONITORING for all passengers traveling from Ebola Hot Zones ~ link ~ We now know that the time period for latency is as long as 42 days, NOT 21 days.  Further, only "monitoring" does not work only a full total quarantine works!!!  Stirling  
Starting Monday, each traveler from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will be given a “care kit” that includes a thermometer and instructions for how to use it as well as a description of possible Ebola symptoms and what to do if any of them develop.

Such travelers, who most likely will include health-care workers assisting in the Ebola fight and journalists, will be required to take their temperatures twice daily for 21 days and report the result to the state health department where they reside. “These new measure will give an additional level of safety,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, CDC director in a national media briefing. “We have to keep our guard up.”

Red Death: CDC now "monitoring" 125 potential cases of Ebola in Dallas ~ link ~ These clowns have done such a "good job" of "monitoring" past cases, we can all rest now...NOT!!!  Stirling  
Red Death: New York City's Mayor: City not at risk despite Ebola doctor's 7 days riding taxis, the subways and going bowling ~ link ~ Lies and stupidity do NOT make for public safety in the face of a Level 4 Biohazard!!!  Stirling  
De Blasio said: 'Ebola is an extremely hard disease to contract. It’s transmitted only through direct contact with the blood or other bodily fluids of another individual. It cannot be transmitted through casual contact, it cannot be transmitted in airborne fashion.'
Red Death: US Army Scientists: EBOLA GOES AIRBORNE ONCE TEMPERATURE DROPS ~ link ~ Oh crap...winter is about to begin!!!  Stirling  
Ebola can spread by air in cold, dry weather common to the U.S. but not West Africa, presenting a “possible, serious threat” to the public, according to two studies by U.S. Army scientists.
After successfully exposing monkeys to airborne Ebola, which “caused a rapidly fatal disease in 4-5 days,” scientists with the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) concluded Ebola can spread through air but likely hasn’t in Equatorial Africa because the region is too warm, with temperatures rarely dropping below 65°F.

“We… demonstrated aerosol transmission of Ebola virus at lower temperature and humidity than that normally present in sub-Saharan Africa,” the 1995 study entitled Lethal Experimental Infections of Rhesus Monkeys by Aerosolized Ebola Virus reported. “Ebola virus sensitivity to the high temperatures and humidity in the thatched, mud, and wattle huts shared by infected family members in southern Sudan and northern Zaire may have been a factor limiting aerosol transmission of Ebola virus in the African epidemics.” “Both elevated temperature and relative humidity have been shown to reduce the aerosol stability of viruses.”

Red Death: Doctor reports: Feds are "disappearing" suspected Ebola patients all across USA ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling

Lawrenzi said that shortly after the arrival of patient zero – Thomas Eric Duncan – in the United States, he was told by a doctor at Truman Lakewood Medical Center in Kansas City they had taken in a possible Ebola patient who had a high fever and was bleeding out of all his orifices having recently returned from West Africa.
The following day, Lawrenzi was told by the doctor that the patient had “disappeared” against medical advice, but that he wouldn’t have been able to leave on his own given his medical condition.
The day after the patient disappeared, a meeting was called for anyone who had contact with the patient. Doctors and other medical workers were told that the patient had malaria. Lawrenzi also revealed that drug reps from within the area warned over additional possible Ebola cases in the area.

A second possible Ebola patient was then admitted to Research Medical Center in Kansas City the following day but also quickly “disappeared,” with hospital bosses claiming he had typhoid, according to Lawrenzi.

Red Death: Ten glaring Ebola contradictions told by government authorities who think we're all just stupid ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling

As anybody with a brain has figured out by now, everything we're being told about Ebola by government authorities is a distortion, a contradiction or an outright lie. But what are the best lies and contradictions we've heard so far?

Here's the list:


Red Death: Ebola Pandemic will explode by mid-December ~ link

The Ebola epidemic devastating parts of West Africa will have killed tens of thousands of people by the middle of December unless urgent action is taken. 
In a report published today, scientists warn the window of opportunity to control the outbreak is 'rapidly closing'.

Red Death: Something Horrifically Bad Is Coming ~ link ~ Yep, just read the last book of the Bible, it's called the End Times!  However, it ushers in a period of great peace and the return of Jesus Himself!!!  Stirling 

Red Death: How Ebola-positive doctor roamed New York City while he was contagious with deadly virus - with photos and map ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Oh Yes, Obama and the folks at CDC are really taking good care of us...NOT!!!  Stirling 

Red Death: 27% of Americans are now afraid to fly because of Ebola ~ link ~  

In fact, fear will only lead one to a state of dependence on the medical system in the end (which is much more deadly than a single Ebola virus). Look at the stats. After studying the pandemic in West Africa, it's becoming apparent that the treatment centers and their under-trained, under-prepared staff and unorganized, unethical quarantines might be more dangerous in the end. A little bit of health self-reliance goes a long way in preventing being controlled by a blind medical system. Who wants to be corralled into a medical system where one is more susceptible to superbugs and airborne viruses?

Red Death: Obama: Ebola is a 'Trial Run' for a even deadlier airborne disease ~ link ~  
However, the President raised some eyebrows when he suggested that the current outbreak could merely be a precursor to a more deadly epidemic.
“If there is a silver lining in all the attention that the Ebola situation has received over the last several weeks, it’s a reminder of how important our public health systems are, and in many ways what this has done is elevated that importance,” said Obama.

Red Death: Ebola - Next Death - Incoming ~ link

We’ve had a pause in the Ebola infection rate, and everyone has breathed a sigh of relief and gone back to what they were doing.
It’s a nice feeling, right?
Of course, it’s too bad that feelings don’t matter, because pandemics come in waves, and each successive wave gets bigger and bigger – until it burns out.
However, burn-out only happens when enough people have died, so that there aren’t any more hosts for the pandemic to infect.


  Red Death: CDC worried that New York City could be "ground zero" for major Ebola entry into USA ~ link
Ebola has already arrived in the U.S., but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new warning that the disease could soon re-arrive, this time in New York City. Since the Big Apple is a major point of entry for West Africans, the health agency says new cases could emerge there in the coming weeks.

Always late to the game, the CDC is only just now sounding the alarm about the dangers of continued travel to and from West Africa. In a new report, the agency explains that the risk of Ebola spreading through New York City is high, and that more needs to be done to screen potential Ebola cases to avoid a major outbreak.
Red Death: Contagion: The Potential To Alter Our World As We Know It ~ link
“Genetic engineering can do far more damage than nuclear bombs”.
- Michael Crichton M.D., novelist 


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