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Ebola Special

Red Death: Is Europe taking the Ebola Pandemic threat seriously? ~ link ~ The arrogance of the medical community is shocking in light of the very grave and real dangers of a well designed genetically engineered biowar Doomsday weapon!!!  Stirling 

Red Death: Hazmat suit maker's stock soaring after first Ebola case in Europe ~ link ~
Traders think people are going to need hazmat suits to ward off Ebola.

Lakeland Industries, which makes hazmat suits and other industrial protective gear, has seen shares gain more than 40% since the first case of Ebola was confirmed in the U.S. last Tuesday.

Red Death: Purdue Researcher: Ebola virus could spread by air ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkThe reality is that sneezing and coughing DOES SPREAD EBOLA.  Stirling

Red Death: The Mainstream News Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore ~ link 
Red Death: Rockefeller Foundation study: How Global Pandemic could benefit the super-elite ~ link ~ Can you say "smoking gun"?!!  Stirling   
A Rockefeller Foundation white paper published in May of 2010 titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development takes a look at hypothetical future scenarios which may be used to benefit privy globalist corporations, businessmen and organizations at a later time.

Shockingly published in the Scenario Narratives section on page 18, titled Lock Step, the Rockefeller Foundation nearly hit the nail on the head with their futuristic and fictitious scenario. I mean what are the chances? Come on. It literally follows lockstep.

Red Death: Actors with mock Ebola symptoms visit NYC hospitals to test triage ~ link

Public hospitals in New York City are so concerned about Ebola, they've secretly been sending actors with mock symptoms into emergency rooms to test how well the triage staffs identify and isolate possible cases.

A small Ohio hospital has hung up signs imploring patients to let nurses know immediately if they have traveled recently to West Africa.

Red Death: Total cost of Ebola Pandemic could exceed $32 Billion by year's end ~ link
Ebola's economic toll could reach $32.6 billion by year's end if the disease ravaging Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone spreads across West Africa, the World Bank said Wednesday.

The outbreak has the potential "to inflict massive economic costs" on those three countries and its closest neighbors, according to the bank's assessment.

Red Death: CDC Chief Frieden on Ebola: Sealing Borders 'increases people's distrust of government' ~ link ~ Is this guy brain dead or complicate in a Globalist Population Reduction Program?!!  Stirling  
Red Death: US Ebola patient Thomas Duncan dies in Texas hospital ~ link ~ Big Pharma does NOT have a solution to Ebola!!!  Stirling  

Red Death: Festering bodies of Ebola victims finally removed fro the streets of Sierra Leone ~ link ~ The burial teams were not being paid.  Stirling   

Red Death: US Marine four-star general warns of mass migration into USA if Ebola hits Central America ~ link ~

The Marine Corps general who leads America's Southern Command warned Tuesday that the U.S. could face an unprecedented flood of immigrants from the south if the Ebola virus epidemic hits Central America.

'If it breaks out, it's literally, "Katie bar the door",' Gen John Kelly told said during a public discussion at the National Defense University. 'And there will be mass migration into the United States.'

Enterovirus 68 reaches Florida - Over 620 have been hospitalized in USA  ~ link 

Usually, when the mainstream media mentions preppers and survivalists, the angle is not flattering.  Maybe someone who considers himself a survivalist has committed a heinous crime and is on the loose.  Perhaps a prepared family is beaming from the page while sitting in their bunker, hundreds of food buckets in the background and 17 paragraphs of mockery in the article below the photo.
But the possibility of a pandemic changes things, and with the Ebola case in Dallas, Texas, the folks in the mainstream media have a lot of questions for the preparedness community. With only a couple of exceptions, the reports have been a lot more open-minded than usual, if a little lacking in understanding of the preparedness community.
Perhaps, preppers aren’t so crazy after all.
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More news updates on other topics later.


Anonymous said...

CDC Suggests "Hermetically Sealed Coffins" For Ebola Victims - AKA "FEMA Coffins"


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Please study this article.

Missing Plane: Emirates Head Critical of MH 370 Investigation

Interview Conducted by Andreas Spaeth

Why is there still no trace of flight MH 370? In an interview, Sir Tim Clark, head of Emirates Airline, is sharply critical of the investigation thus far. He believes someone took control of the plane and maintained it until the very end.....

Interestin, didn't you say that the plane was abducted?

Yours, in Jesus Christ

Joaquin, Germany