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Pray for Scotland

25 September 2014

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Special Report:

Scotland in Crisis After Referendum Vote 

Something big is happening in Scotland, something not anticipated by the corrupt London political establishment!  Scots are using social networking to rise up against the last minute scam by the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the Loyal Opposition that they would shower new powers and wealth upon Scotland if only they would vote NO.  Already these promises have been proven to be but cheep lies by the main hustlers of a crooked Westminster establishment. The Scots are also not buying the establishments claims that the vote was not rigged, too many have seen the hidden videos that busted the operation!

The SNP controls the Scottish National Parliament and people are beginning to demand that immediate hearings be held on the scams of last week's vote.  They are demanding that the Scots take advantage of the reserve powers that were kept by the ancient Scots Parliament only going into adjournment (adjournment sine die) in 1707 instead of going out of existence.  Back then, even those members of the Scots Parliament who managed to sell out Scotland for English gold did not trust the London grandees and kept a 'ace in the hole' for future Scots.  I have written on what can be done in my 'An OPEN LETTER TO THE SCOTS' , and  in my 'Open Letter to the Scottish Parliament', and in my 'Special Report: Scots Referendum Vote WAS RIGGED: A Way Out'. It would be poetic justice if the same system, modern social networking, that the Globalists used to begin the Arab Spring was used to end their overlordship over the existing United Kingdom.  

Frankly the Scots have realized that they have 'been had' and they are damn mad about it.  What many have not yet fully grasped is that if the formula of immediate hearings in the Scottish National Parliament, followed by a finding that the Referendum vote was compromised by the Westminster government, and a recall of the ancient fully sovereign Scots Parliament, the Three Estates, with a confirmation of the finding that the vote was compromised and a declaration of immediate Independence, that this formula could see an independent Scotland within a couple of weeks ... by this coming October, Scotland could be Independent.  

What is key is that every SNP MSP be bombarded with emails and phone calls and personal visits demanding such immediate action.  Are sufficient Scots mad enough to get off their butts to do this for their nation?  I think so!  We could be on the eve of turning defeat into victory!!!

God Save Scotland

Tim Earl of Stirling   

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