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  8 September 2014 

Breaking News

Remember that the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is really NOT a radical Muslim but a 'good Jewish boy' Shimon Elliot (an Israeli actor), who is a well trained Israeli Mossad agent.  Remember also that ISIS is a creation of the Mossad and CIA, is funded by them and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, supplied through Turkey (with its consent), and that the ISIS radical troops were trained last year in Jordan by the US Army and CIA!

Special Report:
The Coming Independence of Scotland and the Death of the United Kingdom  

Scottish Independence: Former PM Brown sets out more powers timetable ~ link ~ More last minute panic from the London political establishment.  The Scots have had it with that lot and I expect that they will vote YES for returning to independence!  Stirling  
Mr Brown said a "No" vote would be the "starting gun" for Holyrood to be handed greater control over finance, welfare and taxation. It is understood the three main Westminster parties will formally back Mr Brown's proposals on Tuesday. 

The SNP has said the "No" campaign is in a state of "absolute panic".

London Mayor Boris warns Britain 'on verge of utter catastrophe' if Scotland votes YES ~ link ~ The utterly argent and corrupt London political class has finally woken up to the train wreck that is about to hit their center of power.  When Scotland leaves, there will effectively be NO UNITED KINGDOM, just England with Northern Ireland and Wales and the drive by the Welsh to become independent will 'take off' like a rocket when Scotland leaves!  And the Irish will be making attractive offers to the Norther Irish.  The Scots are fed up with the control over the United Kingdom political class that the Global Banking Cartel, centered in London and ruled over they the Rothschild criminal gang, and the Zionists have.  They no longer feel like paying with Scots blood and money for the wars that they have been dragged into for so many years.  In short, they want they own nation back!!!  Stirling      

British Pound Sterling tanks is down 4% since last Thursday - video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

The value of the pound has fallen in the wake of an opinion poll which suggested the pro-UK campaign had lost its lead ahead of the Scottish independence referendum.

PM Cameron: YES vote will make Scotland more vulnerable to Islamic Terror ~ link ~ One of the hallmarks of the NO vote campaign has been fear; another has been bullshit.  This comment by the PM, now in serious fear of being kicked out of No. 10 within days of a YES vote, is more 'fear and bullshit'.  Actually the more Cameron talks, the more Scots will vote YES to be rid of him and his ilk!!!  Of course, such a high level of BS earns the PM the 'dreaded' Five BS Flag Award.  Stirling   
As ubiquitous political tools go, nothing beats the old ‘terror threat’. Coming just one week after British PM David Cameron announced that due to the ISIS crisis in Iraq, the terror threat was being raised to SEVERE, Cameron seems to be threatening Scotland with a wave of “Islamic terror” if the Scottish dare to vote ‘Yes’ on independence from London.
Is Scotland flooding the Middle East with arms? Is Scotland regularly lying its way into war after war? On the contrary, by separating itself from the Empire, Scotland’s Jihadi Threat Index would drop somewhere down near Ireland.

Scottish Secession: Why George Osborne desperately needs a NO vote ~ link ~ The whole lot of the corrupt political bums in Westminster are waking up to the fact that 'the party is over'.  They will not be able to rake in near as much from "donations" and other graft when it is just England they have to exploit!!!  Stirling    

Only 10 days to save the Union ~ link ~ Brown and Cameron, they left out Phony Tony Blair as most Scots no doubt believe that he should be in one of Her Majesty's prisons!  Stirling    
David Cameron and Gordon Brown are to spearhead a final 10-day scramble to save the United Kingdom, following a poll suggesting that Scotland is on the brink of voting to break up Britain. 
Over the weekend the Prime Minister held crisis talks with the Queen at Balmoral after the YouGov poll put Alex Salmond’s campaign for independence was in the lead for the first time. 

Royal baby: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are 'thrilled' to be expecting a second child ~ link ~ I find the announcement to be a bit of a coincidence, coming almost on the eve of the Scottish Independence vote.  However, the Scots know that the SNP have pledged to retain the Windsors as the monarchs of a independent Scotland. Still, 'every little bit helps' may be the motto here in desperate times for the London political crowd!  Stirling  

Mail Online: "Is this the baby to save the Union? How family joy of Kate and Wills could remind Scots of monarchy's symbol of continuity" ~ linkFor those who think my comments, "I find the announcement to be a bit of a coincidence ...", on the article linked just above this one are a bit much, the MSM London newspaper 'The Daily Mail' seems to view the announcement as connected to the Scottish vote?  Perhaps one should ask, is this even real???  Even more, if something happens on the pregnancy between now and the vote, would there be big effect on the vote???    Stirling    

The Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy could help save the Union, polling experts said today.

The royal couple's decision to reveal Prince George will have a sibling could stir a late swell of support for keeping the United Kingdom together with ten days until the knife-edge vote.

Whatever Scotland decides on, the old order is DEAD ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling  

If Scotland votes for independence next week, it is the British establishment – and the establishment alone – that is to blame. 
 The yes surge is not being driven by blood-and-soil nationalism, by dewy-eyed Celtic nostalgia or the resurrection of a Braveheart spirit. It is a defiant protest at a bankrupt order built by Margaret Thatcher and then preserved and entrenched by New Labour. David Cameron’s Conservatives will bear most responsibility for the break-up of the country, but the last government and a hollowed-out Scottish Labour party cannot escape the blame.

Most Brits voted against Thatcherism, but the Scots – like the northern English – voted more passionately against, and yet suffered some of the worst consequences. In 1981, Glasgow was ranked 208th among British local authorities for economic inactivity; a decade later, it had jumped to 10th place. Middle-income skilled jobs were stripped from the economy, often in favour of service sector jobs with lower pay, fewer rights and less security. The mass sell-off of council housing – never replaced – left many working class communities bereft of affordable homes for their children. The slashing of taxes on the rich in favour of indirect taxes, the crippling of trade unions, mass privatisation and the relentless promotion of the City, all ensured that inequality levels exploded.

But New Labour’s surrender to the underlying assumptions of the Thatcherite crusade gave the independence movement its greatest opportunity. Yes, the Blairites could not entirely purge Labour’s traditions, and so the minimum wage was introduced (albeit at too low a level), poverty was reduced and public services were invested in.

Yet they illegally invaded Iraq with Conservative support, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and 179 British military personnel before handing much of the country over to fanatics. They punished aspiration by introducing tuition fees, saddled public services with long-term debt through the colossal rip-off of PFI, and began privatising our NHS – laying the foundations for some of the pernicious policies of this coalition as they did so. They allowed the living standards of millions of working people to begin falling years before the crash, even as the coffers of corporate Britain prospered like never before. They failed to solve an ever-worsening housing crisis, leaving 5 million languishing on council housing waiting lists. They cut taxes on corporate Britain while indulging in entirely destructive gimmicks such as scrapping the 10p tax rate.

Many Scots look at the Britain built by this political elite, they don’t like it and they want out. If, say, northern England was a nation rather than a region, it would surely be bolting for the door by now. Sixty-four per cent of eligible Britons voted against the Conservatives in 2010, but in Scotland they have all but collapsed to fringe party status.

To most Scots, living under a Tory-led government seems absurd, like being forced to live under a hostile foreign occupying force. Why do we have to scrabble around for spare cash to counteract cartoonishly unjust policies such as the bedroom tax that attempt to balance Britain’s books at the expense of predominantly poor disabled people, they wonder. Labour, meanwhile, left the Scottish National party ample progressive political turf to seize and claim as its own. On the ballot paper on 18 September, yes seems to read “never live under a Tory government ever again”.

You would think that Labour’s leaders might have learned from their grievous mistakes. Rather than joining forces with a Tory party that the independence movement owes everything to, Labour should have treated the Conservatives as political Ebola. The Tory vote has been in long-term decline not just across Scotland, it could have said, but across much of England and Wales too: now is our time to finish them off together. Rather than attempting to defeat a yes campaign championing hope with the politics of fear, it would have promised to build a socially just Scotland as part of a new federal Britain.

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