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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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29 September 2014 ~ Third Update
Readers, I hope you like the new template and graphics.  I believe that the new look will make my news blog look more up to date and have greater impact in these dangerous times.  Thanks for reading, Tim Earl of Stirling  

Breaking News
USA plans massive military escalation in Iraq and Syria ~ linkAll planned for some time by those hidden evil forces really controlling the American Government at the expense and with a grave risk to the American people and the Human Race.  Stirling 
The comments this weekend by spokesmen for the White House, the Pentagon and US Congress are part of an orchestrated campaign to stampede the American people into an all-out war in Iraq and Syria that could spread quickly throughout the Middle East.

The drumbeat for war has been carefully worked out to prepare public opinion in the United States and internationally for a dramatic escalation in military operations in the region, including the direct and open targeting of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

French Government using ISIS murder of Frenchman to expand War in Iraq ~ link ~ Once again, the Zionist President of France dances to the tune of his Rothschild and Zionist puppet masters and French blood and money will be spent for their hidden goals ... which, sad to say, this time just might get most French citizens killed in WWIII.   Stirling  

The barbaric assassination on September 24 of 55-year-old French alpinist Hervé Gourdel in Algeria by group loyal to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was the occasion for the French government and media to step up its campaign for war in the Middle East.

Gourdel was trekking in the Kabylie region of Algeria and taken hostage by the ISIS-linked Jund Al-Khalifa group. The gruesome murder is now being used to fan a media campaign of hysterical calls for war and law-and-order, as the Socialist Party (PS) government seeks to step up its military intervention in Iraq. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian declared that bombing Syria was now “the question that is posed.

Syrian Foreign Minister: ISIS trained like "monster" to be unleashed on Syria, Iraq and Lebanon - video ~ link ~ All planned by Netanyahu and the Zionists, organized by the CIA and Mossad, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and supported by Turkey.  Stirling   

Obama: We can't stabilize Syria under Assad ~ link ~ Remember I said that the bombing would last maybe a week or two before the war turned to be a war against Syria and that would begin a General Middle East War and that would begin WWIII.  Stirling    

As a US-led coalition continues to strike ISIL strongholds inside Syria, President Barack Obama says “we are not going to stabilize” the country under President Bashar al-Assad.

In an interview aired Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes” program, Obama acknowledged the contradictory nature of his Syria strategy."I recognize the contradiction in a contradictory land and a contradictory circumstance."

ISIS at the Gates of Baghdad in Iraq - video ~ link 

Syria to Obama: Quit Arming ISIS Terrorists ~ link ~

The Obama administration and its coalition partners are fueling terrorism by arming and funding al-Qaeda affiliated militants and the practice needs to stop, Syria’s foreign minister said Monday.

When these people go into hiding, it is time to pay attention ~ link ~ Scary, but read it anyway!  Stirling  


Bank CEOs are the New Drug Lords ~ link ~

Bank CEOs are the New Drug Lords. Here is a list of some of the banks managed by Bank CEOs, aka the new Drug Lords, that were fined billions of dollars for fixing LIBOR rates and stealing money from clients: Lloyds Bank, RP Martin, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Société Générale, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Barclays, United Bank of Switzerland and Rabobank. Here is a list of some of the banks in which the Bank Lords fixed FX rates and are currently negotiating fine amounts with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): Citigroup, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays, JP Morgan and United Bank of Switzerland. HSBC had to pay nearly $2B in fines after its Bank CEO was allegedly caught overseeing the laundering of $7B in drug money for the notoriously violent and ruthless Sinaloa drug cartel and committing a wide array of other crimes like laundering $290MM from Russian mobsters that told HSBC bankers that their vast profits came from a “used car business”. I say "allegedly caught", because every time this happens, the bank CEO, in this case, HSBC CEO Stuart Gulliver, inevitably denies ever knowing that the cartel he was overseeing was laundering dirty blood money. The Bank Lords issue these ridiculous denials despite the fact that every independent investigator not on a Bank's payroll that investigates banks' money laundering schemes arrive at the same conclusion as Jose Luis Marmolejo, the former head of the Mexican attorney general’s financial crimes unit: "[The money laundering] went on too long and [the bank CEOS] made too much money not to have known.” And what about HSBC's $2B assessed fine for laundering this blood money? In response to meaningless fines like this that never change banker behavior, Martin Woods, former senior anti-money laundering officer at Wachovia bank, implored, "What does the settlement do to fight the cartels? Nothing – it doesn't make the job of law enforcement easier and it encourages the cartels and anyone who wants to make money by laundering their blood dollars. Where's the risk? There is none." That is why HSBC is not the only cartel that houses bankers who have been caught laundering blood money in recent years. Wachovia Bank, Citigroup, Banco Santander, and Bank of America bankers have all been caught leading their banks in participation of this dirty deed as well. According to Paul Campo, head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s financial crimes unit, drug traffickers used Bank of America to finance their drug smuggling operations for 10 tons of cocaine and laundered drug money through Bank of America accounts in Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, and Brownsville, TX from 2002 to 2009.


The Hitlerian New World Order ~ link ~  

Unfortunately, this reality of a planned genocide is just such an example of the unimaginable that cannot be seen – because it is too awful to think about – even though it is visible for all to see. We DO see it, but have chosen to respond to that sight by indulging ourselves in lies and self-deceit, hoping that the force of our desire to wish away an awful future will be powerful enough to send it winging away, to never-never-land. 


German media and politicians promote rearmament ~ link ~ The evil Globalist and Zionist puppet masters have a puppet master and his name is Lucifer!!!  Stirling   

For months the German media and leading politicians have been calling for an end to Germany’s postwar policy of military restraint. Last week the campaign for militarism reached a new highpoint. During years of tight budget policy and cuts, any major increase in the defense budget was excluded. Now this demand has moved to the center of the media propaganda.

The media campaign has been carefully prepared. Not a day goes past without a new “unexpected” revelation regarding the dilapidated state of the German army.

Spain: Catalonia Independence Referendum is unconstitutional ~ linkAlso see: Spanish Court suspends referendum ~ link

Catalonia’s president on Saturday formally called a referendum to decide whether Spain’s richest region should be independent, in a defiant move immediately rejected by Madrid as anti-constitutional.

Shortly after President Artur Mas set the vote for November 9, the Spanish government said the referendum would not be allowed to take place, with Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria warning that no one “was above the national will of the Spanish people”. The government immediately began the process of appealing to the Constitutional Court, which is expected to annul the decree signed by Mas.

Hong Kong Protesters: Thousands defy calls to go home ~ link ~ This has the same smell that the so-called Arab Spring protests had.  Behind all of that was the CIA and Mossad!  This ties in with the developing General Middle East War and tying down China, just as the Ukraine was/is intended to tie down Russia!!!  Stirling  

Protests in Hong Kong are continuing after tens of thousands of people defied calls for them to dismantle their camps and return home.

Demonstrations grew after police tried to disperse crowds using batons and tear gas in the early hours of Monday morning. Riot police later withdrew. 

The Hong Kong Protests: What it is all about ~ link ~ also see: photos ~ link

Considering that as recently as 3 weeks ago the leader of the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong decided to throw in the towel, after admitting that his civil disobedience movement’s pursuit of democracy had “failed” as a result of waning public support, many are shocked by how aggressively Hong Kong's students took up the baton: almost as if the mystery sponsor behind the ISIS blitz-ascent from obscurity had decided to "destabilize" yet another region. Tongue-in-cheek kidding aside, for everyone confused about the context of this weekend's at time very violent student protests, here is Evergreen GaveKal with its wrap up of the "Hong Kong Democracy Protests." 

Hong Kong police prepare to escalate use of force ~ link
Police are prepared to use escalating levels of force to dislodge tens of thousands of pro-democracy protestors from the central business district of Hong Kong, says the son of a former senior official.

Bao Pu, who has lived in Hong Kong since his father was deposed from power during the Tiananmen protests of 1989, said Beijing authorities would leave the People's Liberation Army and paramilitary forces in their barracks because they were confident that police were sufficiently loyal to do whatever was necessary to assert control.

Red Death: 82% of Ebola patients are being turned away from hospitals to die at home, spreading the illness to family members ~ link ~ Remember that this is a man made Doomsday bio weapon that the Globalists have unleashed upon mankind in their demonic sick plan to kill off most of the Human Race in the near term!!!  Stirling   

Red Death: Nobody knows what to do ~ link ~ Stop the bastards that are behind this and totally quarantine the infected areas!!!  Stirling   


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