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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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The entire world is in the grip of a Globalist/Zionist Luciferian Death Cult intent on killing off most of the Human Race!

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.

In America, there are 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines and 2,400 publishers owned by only 6 Globalist/Zionist controlled corporations. This news blog is NOT one of them!   

3 September 2014 

Breaking News

Remember that the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is really NOT a radical Muslim but a 'good Jewish boy' Shimon Elliot (an Israeli actor), who is a well trained Israeli Mossad agent.  Remember also that ISIS is a creation of the Mossad and CIA, is funded by them and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, supplied through Turkey (with its consent), and that the ISIS radical troops were trained last year in Jordan by the US Army and CIA!

Ukraine Junta 'Prime Minister' pours cold water on Putin's ceasefire efforts ~ link ~ This nasty little jerk.  First off he is a Rothschild central banker and a Israeli citizen, which means he cares not a damn thing about the people of the Ukraine.  Israel and the global banksters come first, second and third with him.  He needs to spend some time swinging from a light-pole for all the people he has had a hand in killing!!!  Stirling   

Is there still hope for Peace in the Ukraine? ~ link ~ Peace could happen overnight if those that have created this nightmare would change direction ... but don't count on it ... they are way too much into war/death/chaos to want to do the right thing.  Stirling  

The Ukrainian government, like Israel in Gaza, relentlessly goes on bombing residential areas in the eastern regions “to kill the terrorists hiding out there” (but also the civilians living there). The separatists, called “terrorists”, are in a siege; to break it, they have launched a bloody counteroffensive to the South, with civilian casualties there, too. Tension has spiked with rumors (later debunked) of a full-scale Russian invasion underway. And yet, in spite of it all, a glimmer of hope for peace has finally appeared. Or is it just an illusion?

We now learn, much to our surprise, that it is the West (through NATO) the real aggressor in Ukraine. Indeed, it is the West that engineered an armed coup in Kiev on February 22 nd , 2014, behind the smoke screen of the street protests, using Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias trained in NATO bases in Poland to attack the presidential palace and force President Janukovyč to flee. That put the country into the hands of the West which promptly brought to power, not the leaders that the EuroMaidan protesters had been fighting for, but the leaders that the Pentagon and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) wanted and had been grooming for some time. In other words, the EuroMaidan movement got hijacked. Pro-NATO neo-Nazi goons remained camped out in the central square for months, to make sure no one objected

PM Cameron warns of "appeasing Putin as we did Hitler" ~ link ~ This crazy talk from Cameron, while it may make his Rothschild bosses in the 'City of London' bank district happy, is apt to be 'the straw that broke the camel's back' in the upcoming Scottish Independence vote.  Women are the key to the swing voters and they don't like his beating of the war drums.  Moreover, this simply serves to remind any voter with a brain on either side of the YES/NO Scottish vote (referendum is in about two weeks), that the London political class is so damn corrupt that it will risk world war for the global banksters and Zionists and damn the British to death and destruction!!!  Cameron has cast his vote for Scottish Independence, whither or not he is too corrupt to even know it or not!!!  Stirling   

David Cameron has told European leaders that the west risks making similar mistakes in appeasing Vladimir Putin over Ukraine as Britain and France did with Adolf Hitler in the run-up to the second world war.

Russia proposed roadmap for peace in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Bottom line from the Globalists/Zionist front men in Kiev: "We don't want no stinking peace, we are into war, death and the destruction of goy nations for our profit and to serve our true "god" Lucifer"! Do take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling   

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he hopes for Kiev and pro-Russian militias to reach a peace agreement on the spiraling crisis in east Ukraine on Friday.

Putin made the remark on Wednesday as he outlined a seven-point peace plan which calls for the end “of active offensive operations by the (Ukrainian) armed forces” and pro-Russia forces “in the southeast of Ukraine.
“I believe that a final agreement between the authorities of Kiev and southeastern Ukraine can be reached and cemented during a meeting of the Contact Group on September 5,” said Putin.

Kiev Junta retracts 'permanent' ceasefire statement, but says steps for establishing peace agreed ~ link ~ It will be wonderful if it happens, but don't count on it.  This is likely all PR bullshit!  Stirling   

Putin lays out 7-Step Plan to stop the hostilities in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ The plan is reasonable and makes sense, but it is the political/military agenda of the Globalists/Zionists coup regime that has to change for peace to happen.  Stirling 


Six civilians killed in fresh Junta shelling ~ link ~ Doing what the Globalists/Zionists/Nazis do best ... killing unarmed women and children!!!  Stirling    

The pro-Russians said the Ukrainian forces were “shelling from artillery weapons residential neighborhoods on the southwest outskirts of Donetsk and in Yenakiyevo.” 

Kiev announced on Wednesday that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, have agreed to a “permanent ceasefire” in the volatile eastern Ukraine. Moscow, however, says the leaders agreed on steps towards peace in eastern Ukraine but not a truce as Moscow is not a party to the crisis.  Former Polish President Lech Walesa has warned against European military assistance to Ukraine, saying that such a measure could lead to a nuclear conflict between Russia and the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday that NATO members will meet this week in Wales to approve the creation of a high-readiness force and the stockpiling of military equipment and supplies in Eastern Europe to deal with Russia.

USA prepares military "drill" in western Ukraine for mid-September ~ link ~ Crazy!

The US and its allies are preparing to stage a military exercise in western Ukraine, close to the Polish border, in mid-September. The joint drill will involve over 1,000 troops from the US and Europe, as well as from Ukraine.

Initially planned for mid-July, the exercise – code-named 'Rapid Trident' – was halted due to a significant escalation in the conflict between Kiev and the southeastern regions of Ukraine. Now, as the fighting between the two sides continues, the US Army’s European Command (EUCOM) plans to go ahead and stage the exercise on September 16-26

From Minsk to Wales - Germany is the Key ~ link ~ If Merkel holds to her position, we could be headed for peace in the Ukraine.  However, remember she has very powerful forces working against her.  Stirling 

The road to the Minsk summit this past Tuesday began to be paved when German Chancellor Angela Merkel talked to ARD public TV after her brief visit to Kiev on Saturday. Merkel emphasized, “A solution must be found to the Ukraine crisis that does not hurt Russia.”
She added that "There must be dialogue. There can only be a political solution. There won't be a military solution to this conflict.
Merkel talked about “decentralization” of Ukraine, a definitive deal on gas prices, Ukraine-Russia trade, and even hinted Ukraine is free to join the Russia-promoted Eurasian Union (the EU would never make a “huge conflict” out of it). Exit sanctions; enter sound proposals

She could not have been more explicit; We [Germany] want to have good trade relations with Russia as well. We want reasonable relations with Russia. We are depending on one another and there are so many other conflicts in the world where we should work together, so I hope we can make progress”.

Scottish Independence Risk Sees UK Pound Dive ~ link ~ Interesting, the money folks are waking up to the idea that the Scots are going to vote YES for Independence! Stirling  

Argentina in the Shadow of the Vultures ~ link

The Argentine government made another attempt to resolve the conflict over its debt on August 20, when President Cristina Fernandez launched a legislative proposal to make Buenos Aires the place of payment for creditors and in this way, get out from under U.S. legislation that has trapped the country in a financial-judicial labyrinth.

Now the government’s problem is internal: the opposition refuses to approve the law in Congress.

The Seven Year Cycle of Economic Crashes ~ link

Large numbers of people believe that an economic crash is coming next year based on a seven year cycle of economic crashes that goes all the way back to the Great Depression.  What I am about to share with you is very controversial.  Some of you will love it, and some of you will think that it is utter rubbish.  I will just present this information and let you decide for yourself what you want to think about it.  In my previous article entitled "If Economic Cycle Theorists Are Correct, 2015 To 2020 Will Be Pure Hell For The United States", I discussed many of the economic cycle theories that all seem to agree that we are on the verge of a major economic downturn in this country.  But there is an economic cycle that I did not mention in that article that a lot of people are talking about right now.  And if this cycle holds up once again in 2015, it will be really bad news for the U.S. economy. 


Israel ploughing ahead with settlement expansion plan despite criticism at home and abroad ~ link As long as the Israelis are determined to continue to steal Arab lands there will be no peace in the Middle East!!!  Stirling 

Despite a rift within the Israeli cabinet and international condemnation, Israel is determined to go ahead with plans to acquire 400 hectares in the West Bank, with the foreign minister saying it reflects “a wide-ranging consensus in Israeli society.”

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s foreign minister, said the country stands behind its decision to appropriate the land in the West Bank, a move that has already stoked tensions with Palestine and around the globe.

21 Facts about America's Endless Pharmaceutical Nightmare ~ link

Has there ever been a nation more hooked on drugs than the United States?  And I am not just talking about illegal drugs – the truth is that the number of Americans addicted to legal drugs is far greater than the number of Americans addicted to illegal drugs.  As you will read about below, more than 30 million Americans are currently on antidepressants and doctors in the U.S. wrote more than 250 million prescriptions for painkillers last year.  Sadly, most people got hooked on these drugs very innocently.  They trusted that their doctors would never prescribe something for them that would be harmful, and they trusted that the federal government would never approve any drugs that were not safe.  And once the drug companies get you hooked, they often have you for life.  You see, the reality of the matter is that some of these “legal drugs” are actually some of the most addictive substances on the entire planet.  And when they start raising the prices on those drugs, there isn’t much that the addicts can do about it.  It is a brutally efficient business model, and the pharmaceutical industry guards their territory fiercely.  Very powerful people will often do some really crazy things when there are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake.  The following are 22 facts about America’s endless pharmaceutical nightmare that everyone should know…

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