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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


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The escalating US war in Syria and Iraq  ~ link ~ We are rapidly escalating the Phony War on ISIS into a region wide General Middle East War.  The blood orgy that dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu has long sought!  This is highly likely to become a all-out World War III mega-nightmare for the Human Race!!!  Stirling   

The real scope and purpose of Washington’s escalating war in the Middle East is rapidly coming into relief as the Pentagon boosts its military forces in Iraq, more European allies commit warplanes and the media drumbeat grows for the US to directly target the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The involvement of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, as well as major European powers, underscores the recklessness of Washington’s new war of aggression, which threatens to embroil Syria’s backers, Iran and Russia, in a far wider and more dangerous conflict.
UK Parliament votes for war in Iraq and also for war in Syria ~ link ~ Damn fools!!! Letting their Rothschild and Zionist puppet masters take the entire World to war!!!  Stirling  

The motion was only supposed to authorise British military strikes in Iraq, stating that it did “not endorse UK air strikes in Syria as part of this campaign and any proposal to do so would be subject to a separate vote in Parliament.” In reality, however, the debate was the preparation for war against the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad. The RAF’s Akrotiri base is just 100 miles from the Syrian border.

Cameron said military action by British forces could proceed in Syria without resort to parliament, declaring that “if there was a moment when it looked as though there could be an urgent humanitarian need for intervention, I would be prepared to order that intervention and then come to the House and explain why .” 

Germany ships arms to Iraq and supports US airstrikes in Syria ~ link ~ Whatever the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionist want they get! Stirling

On Thursday, the Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) began the first German arms shipments to Iraq. From Leipzig Airport, a Dutch cargo plane departed with 27 tons of munitions. The plane transported 50 bazookas plus ammunition, 520 rifles and 20 machine guns.

Overall, the German government wants to deliver weapons worth around 70 million euros to Iraq in the next few days. This will include 30 “Milan” anti-tank weapons systems with a total of 500 rockets, 16,000 G3 and G36 assault rifles, as well as 10,000 hand grenades. In addition, there will also be 40 machine guns and 4,000 protective vests and helmets, SUVs and five “Dingo 1” armoured patrol vehicles.

Iran's military capabilities ~ linkWhen the US begins to strike at Syrian Government targets, Iran will enter the war. Hezbollah in Lebanon will also likely enter the war and so will Russia and China.  This article focuses just on fighting Iran and that is NOT an easy task, even for America and all its allies.  We are jumping into the fire of a 21'st Century global war with weapons-of-mass-destruction on all sides!!!  Stirling    
Finally, the conditions of the confrontation prevent the US from planning a limited or containment strike that would disable Iran from retaliating. As Seymour Hersh wrote in a report about this issue years ago, US military officials discovered that limiting the war against Iran, the way it happened in Iraq in 1991, is impossible. It is not possible to hit Iranian nuclear sites without securing US air bases in the region. This requires hitting Iranian missile platforms but this could not be done while the Gulf is teeming with anti-ship missiles. Hence, little by little, the targets of the US campaign began to expand to include invading the Iranian coast and destroying a large number of military facilities in the country. The quick air campaign turned into a comprehensive war plan with hundreds and thousands of targets. US generals went as far as seriously contemplating using tactical nuclear bombs to quell Iranian defenses according to Hersh’s sources.

The March to War: Fighting ISIS is a Smokescreen for US Mobilization against Syria and Iran ~ link

The ISIL or IS threat is a smokescreen. The strength of the ISIL has deliberately been inflated to get public support for the Pentagon and to justify the illegal bombing of Syria. It has also been used to justify the mobilization of what is looking more and more like a large-scale US-led military buildup in the Middle East. The firepower and military assets being committed go beyond what is needed for merely fighting the ISIL death squads

Remember the post-September 11, 2001 (post-9/11) catchphrase of the Bush II Administration during the start of its serial wars? It went like this: «Anyone can go to Baghdad, but real men go to Tehran!» The point of this warmongering catchphrase is that Baghdad and Damascus have been viewed as pathways for the Pentagon towards Tehran. [2] Like Syria, Al-Malaki government’s cardinal sins were tied to blocking the pathway to Tehran. Firstly, the Iraqi government evicted the Pentagon from Iraq at the end of 2011, which removed US troops stationed directly on Iran’s western border. Secondly, the Iraqi federal government was working to expel anti-government Iranian militants from Iraq and to close Camp Ashraf, which could be used in a war or regime change operations against Iran.

US-led airstrikes "attack" ISIS on Syria's Turkish border ~ link

US-led coalition air strikes have hit Islamic State (IS) targets near the besieged Syrian town of Kobane on the border with Turkey, the Pentagon says. An IS building and two "armed vehicles" were destroyed at the Kobane border crossing, US Central Command announced.

UK war jets deployed on first ISIS mission ~ link ~

Armed British RAF jets have been deployed on their first mission in Iraq since UK lawmakers voted to authorize military strikes against so-called Islamic State (IS) targets in the country.

A Ministry of Defense Spokesman (MOD) confirmed on Saturday that "Royal Air Force Tornados continue to fly over Iraq and are now ready to be used in an attack role as and when appropriate targets are identified."

War on ISIS - How much will the UK war on ISIS cost the the British taxpayer? ~ link ~ The British public, like the American public, the German public, the French public, etc., etc., are not suppose to ask this, much less to question WHY they are suppose to be at war, once again, in the Mideast!  They are just suppose to PAY FOR IT WITH THEIR MONEY AND THEIR BLOOD!  Why?  Well their Globalist/Zionist masters demand it...that's why!!!  Stirling  

More OOGA-BOOGA: "Recovered" ISIS laptop reveals Bio-War plans ~ link ~ Scary, we better bomb them ... the moron's answer!  Stirling   


Libya 2.0? USA says 'No-Fly' Zone over Syria a possibility ~ link ~ ISIS has no air force!  So WHY the No-Fly Zone???  The answer is clear...this has always been a way to begin a war with Syria/Iran/Lebanon, and by extension with Russia and China!!!  Stirling  

In what is more proof that the NATO operation against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is merely Libya 2.0, the Obama administration is now stating that it is open to the possibility of establishing a “no-fly zone” over Syria.

The statements, made by both Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and General Martin E. Dempsey, are supposed to hinge upon an agreement with Turkey, that is itself calling for a “buffer zone,” one of the wishes of NATO since the very beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Erdogan calls for No-Fly Zone over Syria ~ link ~ Remember that I said that this attack on ISIS in Syria would only take a week or two before it became a all-out war on Syria.  I seem to be right on the mark, sad to say!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says a no-fly zone should be established over Syria, claiming that such a zone is required to protect part of the country from attacks by Syria's air force.
"A no-fly zone must be declared and this no fly-zone must be secured," Erdogan told reporters on Friday on his return from the 69th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the Associated Press reported.
The Turkish president stated that he had discussed the issue with US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. 

USA considers a No-Fly Zone "to Protect Civilians" from airstrikes by Syria ~ link ~ My what great humanitarians the Obama Administration are!!!  Of course, they are supporting ISIS which has killed 100,000 Christians in Syria because they are Christian; and another half million other civilians!!!  What evil we are allowing our nation's "leaders" to do in our name!!!  Stirling   

Britain at War - extensive photos ~ link 

USA in 'near continuous' strikes against ISIS in Syria ~ link

 World War III video

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