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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.


The entire world is in the grip of a Globalist/Zionist Luciferian Death Cult intent on killing off most of the Human Race!


Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


25 September 2014


Remember that the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is really NOT a radical Muslim but a 'good Jewish boy' Shimon Elliot (an Israeli actor), who is a well trained Israeli Mossad agent.  Remember also that ISIS is a creation of the Mossad and CIA, is funded by them and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, supplied through Turkey (with its consent), and that the ISIS radical troops were trained last year in Jordan by the US Army and CIA!

Breaking News

I have some really great new graphics, however, I am having a heck of a time getting them to load on Blogspot.  If you have noticed some blank spots the last couple of days, this is why.  Hopefully, I will figure out a fix soon.  Tim Earl of Stirling

News Flash: US Attorney-General Eric Holder to resign ~ link ~ If this were a moral nation, he would be in prison!  Stirling  

One of the longest serving members of President Obama's cabinet, he led the justice department for six years.

The White House said in a statement that President Barack Obama would make the announcement on Thursday afternoon.

Junta President optimistic about Ukraine Peace Plan ~ link ~ Yes, but keep in mind that the Ukraine "revolution" and the resulting coup junta and war was really all about the Globalists and Zionists wanting to tie down Russia for a General Middle East War.  We are heading into the war now, so events in the Ukraine could take a quick turn for the worse down the road a bit!!!  Stirling  

Addressing a Thursday press conference for the first time since he took office in June, he said the ceasefire deal signed between his government and pro-Russians three weeks ago means the “most dangerous” part of the country's five-month conflict has passed.
"I have no doubt that my peace plan will work. I have no doubt that the biggest, most dangerous part of the war is already behind us, thanks to the heroism of Ukrainian soldiers," Poroshenko said.
Poroshenko's peace plan, approved by Ukraine's parliament last week, offers limited self-rule for the country's east and includes local council elections to be held there in early December. 

Iraq PM: ISIS planning subway attacks in America and France ~ link ~ So, the CIA and the Mossad, and maybe French intelligence, are planning some False Flag events!!!! NEVER FORGET that ISIS is a Phony organization and that the war on ISIS is a Phone War designed to inflame the entire Mideast and ultimately the entire World!!! The mainstream news media hype on ISIS and its "dangers" to us all is way over the top.  The bastards are driving us to WWIII.  Stirling   

US propaganda enters into insane overdrive in attempt to "sell" the war in Syria ~ link ~ All for Israel and the banksters!!!  Stirling  

US warned ISIS before the airstrikes in order to help them survive ~ link ~ The ISIS crap is really helping to separate the morons who just get their "news" from the globalist/Zionist mainstream news media and those who use the alternative news media to get at the truth!!!  Stirling    

ISIL militants received warning before the US Air Force began conducting airstrikes against their hideouts in Syria, said American author Stephen Lendman.

The terrorists were given “warning that the American attacks were coming so they could easily disperse to various areas and stay out of harm’s way,” Lendman told Press TV on Thursday.

He said civilians were killed and their homes were destroyed in the air raids instead. “Mostly civilians were killed; civilian infrastructures were targeted and destroyed”.

A look inside the secret deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that unleashed the Syrian bombing ~ link 

For those to whom the recent US campaign against Syria seems a deja vu of last summer's "near-war" attempt to ouster its president Bashar al-Assad, which was stopped in the last minute due to some very forceful Russian intervention and the near breakout of war in the Mediterranean between US and Russian navies, it is because they are. And as a reminder, just like last year, the biggest wildcard in this, and that, direct intervention into sovereign Syrian territory, or as some would call it invasion or even war, was not the US but Saudi Arabia - recall from August of 2013 - "Meet Saudi Arabia's Bandar bin Sultan: The Puppetmaster Behind The Syrian War." Bin Sultan was officially let go shortly after the 2013 campaign to replace Syria's leadership with a more "amenable" regime failed if not unofficially (see below), but Saudi ambitions over Syria remained. 

That much is revealed by the WSJ today in a piece exposing the backdoor dealings that the US conducted with Saudi Arabia to get the "green light" to launch its airstrikes against ISIS, or rather, parts of Iraq and Syria. And, not surprising, it is once again Assad whose fate was the bargaining chip to get the Saudis on the US' side, because in order to launch the incursion into Syrian sovereign territory "took months of behind-the-scenes work by the U.S. and Arab leaders, who agreed on the need to cooperate against Islamic State, but not how or when. The process gave the Saudis leverage to extract a fresh U.S. commitment to beef up training for rebels fighting Mr. Assad, whose demise the Saudis still see as a top priority."


Iran's Rauhani: Certain intelligence agencies are to blame for the rise of global extremism ~ link ~ YEP!

What Wall Street thinks about today's sell-off ~ link  

Curiosity finds a strange 'ball' on Mars - with photos ~ link ~ Also see this "traffic light" rock ~ linkThe sum total of what we don't know about Mars and our own solar system is vastly greater that what we do know!  Stirling     

There’s a perfect-looking sphere sitting proudly on a flat rock surface. It’s dusty, but under that dust it appears a little darker than the surrounding rock.

At first glance it looks like an old cannonball or possibly a dirty golf ball. But knowing that Mars is somewhat lacking in the 16th Century battleship and golf cart departments, there was likely another answer. Of course it’s nothing man (or alien)-made, despite what your brain might be telling you. It’s another fascinating rock. Yep, it’s a spherical Mars rock.

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