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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.


The entire world is in the grip of a Globalist/Zionist Luciferian Death Cult intent on killing off most of the Human Race!


Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.

In America, there are 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations, 1,500 newspapers, 1,100 magazines and 2,400 publishers owned by only 6 Globalist/Zionist controlled corporations. This news blog is NOT one of them!   


22 September 2014


Remember that the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is really NOT a radical Muslim but a 'good Jewish boy' Shimon Elliot (an Israeli actor), who is a well trained Israeli Mossad agent.  Remember also that ISIS is a creation of the Mossad and CIA, is funded by them and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, supplied through Turkey (with its consent), and that the ISIS radical troops were trained last year in Jordan by the US Army and CIA!

Breaking News

Ukraine: Junta to pull back artillery in the east ~ link ~ link ~ Let's hope that the war there is finally a thing of the past.  However, only time will tell.  Pray for peace ... God does hear our prayers, you know.  Stirling  

Ukraine is preparing to withdraw heavy weaponry away from separatist rebel lines in the east, the military says.The two sides agreed on Saturday to set up a buffer zone in eastern Ukraine, more than a fortnight after a shaky ceasefire came into force.

Although the truce is still in place, clashes have continued around the cities of Donetsk and Mariupol.

Moscow warns "circles in Washington" over hindering the peace process in the Ukraine ~ link ~ A warning directed at the Zionists and Globalists!!!  Stirling   

Moscow is bewildered by Washington’s warmongering rhetoric, which accompanied President Petro Poroshenko’s visit to the US. Russia has also noted all the Russia-unfriendly opinions voiced recently by hawkish American politicians. “We’ll keep in mind all signals, including those unfriendly towards Russia, that were heard during the visit of the Ukrainian president to Washington,” commented Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. “We do regret that there are quite influential circles [within the American establishment] that are unambiguously working against the emerging stabilization [in Ukraine],” Ryabkov said. 

In short, US senators urged to supply Ukraine with arms to fight against Russia and President Putin. 

FM Salmond: Scots were tricked into voting NO ~ link ~ Want to do something about it Alex, see my article/Open Letter from yesterday on this blog!!!  Stirling  

London politicians gulled Scottish voters out of independence by making a false “vow” to grant Glasgow extra powers, First Minister Alex Salmond has said. He also raised the prospect of another referendum, saying the break-up is inevitable.

Alex Salmond, leader of the 'Yes' campaign and the outgoing head of the Scottish National Party (SNP), told the BBC's Sunday Politics program that the UK government won last Thursday's referendum vote by 55-45 percent by deceiving the people ahead the referendum and promising to rapidly expand Scottish autonomy. "I think the vow was something cooked up in desperation for the last few days of the campaign and I think everyone in Scotland now realizes that," said Salmond. "It is the people who were persuaded to vote no, who were misled, who were gulled, who were tricked effectively," he added. "They are the ones who are really angry."

USA to spend $1 Trillion to revitalize its aging nuclear arsenal ~ link ~ about spending some money to rebuild our industrial base and putting people back to work???  Stirling  

The Obama administration has dedicated a “sprawling new plant” in Kansas City, Mo.--bigger than the Pentagon-- to modernize “the aging weapons that the United States can fire from missiles, bombers and submarines,” The New York Times reports.

The Kansas City National Security Campus is part of a “wave of atomic revitalization that includes plans for a new generation of weapon carriers,” the report said.

What Iraq thinks: 'It's obvious to everyone that ISIS is a creation of America and Israel' ~ link

Ever since the stunningly rapid arrival of ISIS on the global scene, there has been speculation that this spin-off of Al-Qaeda, itself a "terrorist" organization if not created by the CIA then certainly funded by Langley courtesy of Operation Cyclone in its "freedom fighter" stage, has had the implicit or explicit backing of either the US or Israel intelligence service. Nowhere is such speculation more vocal than in the one country that has suffered the most from ISIS: Iraq, or rather what is left of the country now that it is split into southern Iraq, the Islamic State, and a Kurdish region that quietly sells crude to unknown buyers at blue light special prices. To the Iraq locals there is no mystery: “It is obvious to everyone that the Islamic State is a creation of the United States and Israel” says Omar al-Jabouri, 31, a Sunni Muslim from a predominantly Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad. His view echoes what a vast number of his peers think. 

Middle East tensions manufactured by American and Israeli Zionists ~ link

The US designedly engenders political-diplomatic conflict wherever it goes and whenever it can, not because it is integrally infantile or churlish, but because its geopolitical strategy of divide-and-conquer is integral to its ambition for unilateral global hegemony. Even divide-and-conquer is mere surface, the instrumental framework within which to realize an ideological deeply-ingrained counterrevolutionary ethos and world posture, the half-century thread of anticommunism never lost and recently transmuted into a doctrine of permanent war tightly attached to counterterrorism. 

First German and now France folds on doing Syrian airstrikes ~ link ~ It appears, at least for now, that the great ISIS Scam to begin a general Mideast war may NOT be working out for the Netanyahu Zionists!!!  Trouble is, they don't stop trying new ideas!!!  Stirling  

In yet another rather embarrassing event for The White House, just days after President Obama praised the French for helping in the fight against ISIS, and General martin Dempsey noted "the French were our very first ally and they're with us again now," French officials have, according to Reuters, ruled out participation in airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria. With the fall of France (and Germany already saying "nein"), it appears the broad coalition is now a "coalition of none," as Obama has stated the US would not go it alone... 

US Chimps Go After ISIS Chimps to Retake Bananas ~ link ~ Good One.  Stirling  

The USA is now involved in 134 wars ~ linkTake the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling  

Five Deadliest Pandemics of All Time ~ link ~ Now we have the technology to create pandemics via genetic engineering.  Trouble is we don't have the morality to control our technologies and those who would use them to kill millions and even billions!!!  Stirling  

Red Death: The Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola ~ link ~ Yep ... do take a minute to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling   

The American Middle Class has not gotten a raise in 15 years ~ link ~ You can bet that almost everything has risen in price during those 15 years!  Stirling  

In 1988, the typical American adult was 40 years old, white and married, with a high school diploma. If he was a man, he probably worked full time. If she was a woman, she probably didn’t.

Twenty-five years later, Americans are older, more diverse and more educated. We are less likely to be married and more likely to live alone. Work is divided more evenly between the sexes. One thing that hasn’t changed? The income of the median U.S. household is still just under $52,000.

Scam Alert: Hospitals all over America are wildly inflating medical bills ~ link ~ America has gone to hell morally and politically and economically.  This is one example of it!!!  Stirling  

The next time you visit a hospital, it is your wallet that may end up hurting the most.  All over the United States, it has become common practice for hospitals to wildly inflate medical bills.  For example, it has been reported that some hospitals are charging up to 30 dollars for a single aspirin pill.  And as you will see below, some victims report being billed tens of thousands of dollars for a non-surgical hospital visit that lasts only a few hours.  When something is seriously wrong with us, most of us never stop to ask our health professionals how much it will cost to actually treat us.  In that moment, we are desperate and we just want someone to help us.  Many doctors and hospitals take full advantage of this by billing their "customers" as much as they feel they can possible get away with.  It is a legal scam that is bilking ordinary Americans out of billions of dollars every single year. 

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