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Pray for Scotland

I am writing this letter because as an Overseas Scot I care about the land and people of my ancestors, and as someone who has claimed the old honours of my clan I feel a special need to be involved.
I have had a significant number of emails from average people in Scotland asking me for help.  They know that the London political establishment cheated them on the Referendum for Scots Independence.  That there was documented vote rigging and the shameful last minute scam by the Prime Minister, Depute Prime Minister, and Leader of the Loyal Opposition, making promises that are already being 'backtracked' on. 
Eventually, my 'Open Letter To The Scottish Parliament' and my article 'Special Report: Scots Referendum Vote WAS RIGGED: A Way Out' has been passed around on the Scots social networking sites.  So now people are writing me to ask what to do now, can I help them.  

Here is what I recommend:  If you feel, as I do, that the Westminster Government acted inappropriately to influence the election by issuing last minute scam promises, when no time was available to debate them, and if you feel, as I do, that there was vote rigging then by all means email every SNP MSP and ask them to IMMEDIATELY begin hearings in the Scottish Parliament on the matter.  I believe that tens and even hundreds of thousands of email messages will have a profound effect.  There is no reason that the corrupt London political class should be given a free pass on this!

Tell the SNP MSPs that if they find, that there was inappropriate actions by the London political establishment and also vote rigging, then they should declare the Referendum vote to be compermised and to further recall the ancient and fully sovereign Scots Parliament, the Three Estates back into session.  The Three Estates did NOT go out of existence in 1707, it went into adjournment (adjournment sine die).  The existing Scottish National Parliament can summon this sovereign parliament as a court of last resort, which was the intention of it merely going into adjournment not being abolished when the Treaty of Union went into effect.  
The Three Estates consisted of the elected representatives of the burghs, the elected representatives of the shires, and the Peers of the Kingdom of Scotland (created before 1707).  The existing regional Scottish National Parliament is derived from the authority granted to it by the UK Parliament, however, the MSPs are clearly the elected representatives of the burghs and the elected representatives of the shires.  They only have to ask the Scots Peers to join them to reconstitute and recall the FULLY SOVEREIGN ancient Scots Parliament (the Three Estates).
That sovereign parliament can confirm, if it wishes, the findings of the regional parliament, and being sovereign act on these findings.  This can include declaring the Referendum vote compromised by vote rigging and inappropriate last minute political interference by the Westminster Government and hence to be null and void and in light of this further, if they so wish, declare that Scotland is henceforth a free and independent nation effective immediately.
God Bless Scotland!
Tim Earl of Stirling   

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Anonymous said...

I hope Scots will not take this vote rigging and stay silent. They are a courageous people who are just fed up and should be.

God bless the Scots and their land!