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Special Post: Look at the Global Strategic Forest Not Just the Trees


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  5 August 2014 ~ Second Update 

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If World War III is to be avoided the influence of the Global Banking Cartel and of the Zionists on the Western nations must be brought to a finish! 

Look at the Global Strategic 'Forest' Not Just the 'Trees'

All eyes should be looking at what is happening in the Ukraine now.  This is directly related to the Gaza War, the ISIS war on Syria and Iraq, and to the coming General Middle East War.  

Russia, about two years ago, stopped Israel and the United States from attacking Iran.  About a year and a half ago, Russia sent a large naval war fleet to offshore of Syria to prevent an US/UK/Israeli invasion of Syria over the bogus issue of Syria using chemical warfare. 

It was after these two incidents that the coup in the Ukraine was cooked up by the Globalists, the Israel Mossad, the CIA and key NATO/EU nations.  The elected Ukraine government was overthrown and Israeli sniper teams played a key row in events on the streets of Kiev.  The Junta President and just resigned Prime Minister, and his replacement as acting PM, and several regional governors are dual Israel-Ukraine citizens.

Every effort for several months to get Russia to invade the Ukraine has been made but so far Putin has been able to avoid the trap designed to tie down Russia and prevent its interference in Mideast events.  

The downing of the Malaysian Flight MH17 was likely an attempt to shoot down Putin's state aircraft returning to Russia from the BRICS conference in Brazil; an attempt that was spoofed by Russian ECM aircraft which electronically painted the ID code of the Russian state aircraft on MH17.  The aircraft that fired the air-to-air missile was most likely an Israeli F-15I Strike Eagle, operating out of a foreign base in that general area.  

That was at the same time that the ground operations began in Gaza.  Events did not go as planned, so we now have a 'humanitarian' ceasefire in Gaza, while perhaps a million Russian-speaking Ukrainians are surrounded by a very blood-thirsty Junta army.  

As of yesterday, several mechanized Russian Army divisions are conducting 'war games' right on the border of the Ukraine and over a 100 of the best Russian Air Force fighters and fighter-bombers are also involved in 'war games' of their own right next to the border.  This is within a few days of large numbers of deadly multiple rocket launchers and ballistic missiles having been moved into eastern Ukraine by the Junta.  

The Globalist/Zionist Junta government may have finally arranged things so that Putin can no longer avoid a war in the Ukraine.  Large elements of NATO states want to follow the globalist/Zionist marching orders and plan to intervene in the event of a Russian invasion; other elements and nations in NATO are quietly but strongly opposed to doing anything that might trigger WWIII and yet another European-wide nightmare/war.  

The bloody Israeli forces are now regrouping while Russia is 'taken out of the Mideast picture' by a all-out war in the Ukraine.  ISIS has been shown to be headed not by a radical Muslim Arab, but by a Israeli actor, born of two Jewish parents, and trained by the Mossad, in other words ISIS is led by an Israeli Jew Mossad agent!  

ISIS has created new nightmares in both Syria and Iraq.  The goal is to create a regional General Middle East War involving most Mideast nations with Israel planning on destroying/nuking many of its enemies and establishing a Greater Israel.  

The Global Banking Cartel families plan on using this regional war to trigger the Third World War during which they intend to reduce the human population by well over 6 billion people and to usher in their long-sought demonic New World Order!  Tim Earl of Stirling   

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