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23 August 2014

Breaking News

Russian Aid Convoy leaves eastern Ukraine as Merkel visits Kiev ~ link ~

The convoy returned from the eastern city of Luhansk, which is held by pro-Russian separatists. Kiev and Western officials fear the trucks may have had military equipment to help the rebels. Russia said they had delivered generators, food and drink.

Russia and the Red Cross win the Aid Convoy 'battle' ~ link

Russia’s East Ukraine humanitarian aid convoy had to crash the border to get the badly needed supplies into Lugansk today

The security concerns for the Red Cross were the last hold up, and as expected, Kiev shelled the area overnight knowing that the Red Cross could not move under those conditions. Putin decided that the fooling around time was over and made the call to go in.

Aid Convoy mission completed - Trucks return to Russia ~ link ~

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed humanitarian aid has been delivered to the besieged city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile all trucks that delivered aid had returned to Russia. 

Merkel supports Ukraine power decentralization ~ link ~ If there is a shift towards Russia/China and the Brics by Germany this is reflective of it.  This is the only peaceful way to end the Ukraine War, the trouble is the Globalists and Zionists don't want it to end!!!   Stirling   

The Ukraine is simply a 'pretext' for USA to target Russia ~ link ~ Keep in mind that Americans want no more war, and certainly NOT a war with nuclear armed Russia.  But Americans no longer control America, in fact they have very little influence at all anymore.  It is the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists that control the American federal government through fear/blackmail and bribery and the control of the fraudulent computerized voting process and the mainstream news media.  Stirling 

Briton living in Sierra Leone has Ebola/Red Death ~ link
A British national living in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the Ebola virus, health chiefs have confirmed. It is the first confirmed case of a Briton contracting the deadly virus during the recent outbreak.

Red Death: Speed and extent of Ebola outbreak is 'unprecedented' ~ link ~  

THE World Health Organization has said the speed and extent of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is "unprecedented".

The WHO's Dr Keiji Fukuda expressed concern over so-called "shadow zones", areas which cannot be reached and where patients are not being detected.

WHO criticized for SLOW Red Death/Ebola response ~ link ~ WHO is controlled by the Globalists...need I say more?!!  Stirling  

Ivory Coast shuts its border over Ebola ~ link ~ Also see ~ link

Days after banning flights from three countries, it said land borders with Liberia and Guinea were being shut.

Gabon, Senegal, Cameroon and South Africa have taken similar measures. The World Health Organization says such restrictions are counterproductive.

Red Death: Underestimated Ebola outbreak spreads ~ link ~  

Ebola continues to spread in West Africa as Sierra Leone voted to pass a new amendment imposing jail time for anyone caught hiding an Ebola patient.
With 142 new cases recorded, the total number is now 2,615 with 1,427 deaths, the World Health Organization said Friday. The group added that the magnitude of the Ebola outbreak has been "underestimated."

UN warns of massacre possibility in northeastern Iraq by ISIS ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ If you want to do something, every time you talk about ISIS to someone be sure and say that an Israeli Jewish Mossad agent is the leader and that ISIS was created by the CIA and Mossad and trained in Jordan by the US Army!  That will help to derail this latest evil scam by the Zionists and Globalists to begin a General Middle East War and World War III.  Get the news out, the evil ones just hate the truth!!!   Stirling   

The situation in Amerli, where people are reportedly without electricity or drinking water and said to be running low on food, bears a striking similarity to what occurred at Mount Sinjar earlier this month: The U.S. conducted airdrops of humanitarian aid to the trapped Yazidis at Sinjar and airstrikes against the Islamic State fighters besieging the mountain.

UN: Urgent action needed to stop ISIS massacre ~ link

The head of the United Nations assistance mission in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov, is warning that thousands of Shi'ites in the town of Amerli are in imminent danger of being massacred by militants from Isis (now known as 'Islamic State') unless urgent action is taken.

In a statement Mladenov says: "The town is besieged by ISIL [Islamic State] and reports confirm that people are surviving in desperate conditions."  

Blasts in Iraq ~ link ~ link ~

Iraq has been hit by a wave of deadly explosions on the day the UN warned of a "possible massacre" in one town besieged by militants.

At least 30 people were killed in explosions in Baghdad and the northern city of Kirkuk, where three blasts went off in a crowded commercial area.

Fears of ISIS repeat of Sinjar massacre ~ link ~ When you know who is behind/controlling/funding/leading the ISIS, you understand this horrific blood lust.  It is the Zionists and Globalists, and they serve Satan!!!  Stirling  

Hardline Islamists are surrounding the town of Amerli – sparking concern for the safety of the 18,000 Shia Turkmen residents, and fears of a repeat of the Mount Sinjar massacre,

Bomb attacks leave over 40 killed across Iraq ~ link

On Saturday, three car bombs killed 21 people and wounded 118 others in the northern city of Kirkuk, situated 236 kilometers (147 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad.

Two of the bombs went off near buildings under construction that were used as observation positions by Kurdish security forces, while the third struck the entrance to a market.  Earlier in the day, a bomber blew his explosives-laden car outside an intelligence headquarters in Baghdad, killing at least 11 people.  

Axis of Evil created ISIS to help Israel expand ~ link ~  

A political analyst says an axis of evil comprising the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel is financing and arming ISIL Takfiri militants with the objective of shoring up the Zionist regime, Press TV reports.

In an interview with Press TV on Saturday, Rodney Shakespeare said Washington and its two allies created, armed and financed the Takfiri terrorist group against the Middle Eastern countries which oppose Israel’s expansionism.
“It is Zionist policy to divide Iraq…. It is Zionist policy to smash up any independent Middle East state which could provide an opposition to the expansion of Israel,” Shakespeare said, adding, “Israel wants to expand eventually into Iraq and down to the Nile. This splitting up the Middle East states is part of Zionist policy.”
Iraq has been fighting ISIL Takfiri terrorists since they took control of Mosul on June 10. The takeover was followed by the fall of the city of Tikrit, located 140 kilometers (87 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad. The control of Tikrit was later retaken by the Iraqi army.

ISIS is part of the US Neocon/Israeli agenda to reshape the Middle East  ~ link

The ISIL Takfiri terrorist group is part of a pre-planned US neoconservative and Western agenda in close alliance with Israel to redraw the map of the Middle East in favor of the Zionist regime, a political commentator in Los Angeles says.

The “failed” US invasion of Iraq in 2003 ultimately resulted in the creation of the ISIL terrorist group, which is a spinoff of al-Qaeda in Iraq, said James Morris, editor of, a blog charting the influence of the powerful Israeli lobby in America.

Prominent US neoconservatives and the pro-Israel lobby are taking advantage of the growing threat of ISIL, also known as ISIS or IS, to convince the Obama administration to attack the government of President Bashar al-Assad for Israel’s interest, Morris told Press TV on Saturday.

“What their trying to do as well, is get the US to go after ISIS in Syria next and then once ISIS is taken down in Syria through American airpower, then what they can argue and use the pro-Israel media here in America to make the argument to start attacking the ‘Assad regime’ and in the process give backing to the Free Syrian Army and other ‘moderate rebels’,” he noted.

UK rules out working with Assad against ISIS ~ link ~ Of course they do.  The British government is controlled by the City of London global banksters and Rothschild Zionists!!!  Stirling  

With pressure growing for action against the notorious terrorist group that beheaded a US journalist earlier this week, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond insisted on Friday that the only way to tackle the threat was by working with the Iraqi government which has troops on the ground and that dialogue with Assad would not advance the cause.
"We may very well find that on some occasions we are fighting the same people as he [Assad] is but that doesn't make us his ally and ... it wouldn't be practical, sensible or helpful to even think about going down that route," Hammond said in a interview with the state-run BBC Radio.
The development comes amid increasing calls by senior current and former British authorities that cooperating with Damascus is essential to defeat the notorious terrorist group.
I think whether it is above the counter or below the counter, a conversation has got to be held with [Assad] because, if there is any question of airstrikes over Syria, it has got to be with...Assad's...approval,” said UK’s former army chief Richard Dannatt on Friday.

ISIS: CIA/Mossad Proxy ~ link

Recent territorial gains in Iraq by the ISIL, the self-proclaimed Islamic State also known as ISIS or DAESH, allegedly without foreknowledge of the western powers, beg the question of who is behind the al-Qa’ida alumnus.

Pundits are quick to accuse Saudi Arabia, but other informed sources point to Qatar and Turkey as the main culprits behind the violent  Takfiri terrorist cum non-state actor. Still others claim that the ISIL is a U.S. and U.K. trained, CIA- Mossad proxy force led by a Jewish operative

But instead of transforming terrorists into political participants, the U.S., along with its Saudi, Qatari, Turkish and western allies, has created an out-of-control monster with upwards of 50,000 fighters controlling an area the size of Belgium.  “What began in Syria during the spring of 2011 as a simple uprising by a few so-called rebels has blossomed into a brazen and bloody movement led by the Salafi cabal, housed in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, to topple not just the Syrian regime, but also Iraq and Lebanon,” lamented Agha Shaukat Jafri.  

The ISIL may in fact be a CIA-Mossad proxy force. U.S. Senator John McCain has been photographed together with ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who, according to sources traceable to Edward Snowden as uncovered by Iran’s intelligence services, is really Simon Elliot, a Jewish agent for the Zionist intelligence agency Mossad.  The plan was to invade countries that constitute a threat to the Israeli entity in order to establish the biblical “Greater Israel.

In any event, AKP deputy chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin is correct that bombing will not fix the mess the U.S. and its misguided allies have created. To eradicate the malignancy of Takfiri terrorism in the Middle East, the U.S. must cut its support for the Zionist regime, renounce regime change in Syria, and align itself with the only regional power that can help, namely Iran.


Obama Administration moves closer to strikes on Syria as pressure grows on Obama to "act on ISIS" ~ link ~ Notice how the mainstream news media has fanned the flames of war and fear about ISIS and this linkage to Syria.  The Syrians have been defeating the foreign backed forces attacking them for the last several years, so the Globalists/Zionists decided to "Double Down": to create the Ukraine coup and war to try to sucker Putin into being tied down in a war so that he cannot continue to block a General Middle East War; and to create the new hyper-radical "Muslim" terror group, the ISIS, which is really led by a Jewish Israeli Mossad agent, trained by the US Army in Jordan, and controlled by the CIA and Mossad, and funded by Saudi Arabia and quatar oil money and supported by Turkey.  This is all about a Greater Israel and the Globalist desire for World War III to eliminate most "unnecessary eaters" (that would be us)!!!  Stirling  

Chilling ISIS taunts on American soil - FBI warns police - Sinister tweets claiming Chicago as a possible target ~ link ~ If anything happens just remember...and remind everyone you know...that the CIA and Mossad set up ISIS and an Israeli Jew Mossad agent is leading it...etc.  Also remember that the current Chicago Mayor is not only the former gay bath house buddy in Chicago of Obama but is a senior Mossad operative in America!!!  We should NOT allow these people to get by with another 9/11 False Flag Attack on America, especially one to begin WWIII that will kill most of us!!!   Stirling   

IDF missiles kill five in Gaza - with photos  ~ link ~  

Israel's latest round of attacks on Gaza entered its 47th day today, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to 'intensify' the air assault after an Israeli boy was killed yesterday in a mortar attack by Hamas militants.

Two Palestinian children were killed today, along with three adults from the same family. They join the more than 2,090 people killed in Gaza since attacks began in July. Close to 500 of those were children.

Holocaust survivors condemn Israel for Gaza Massacre and call for a boycott  ~ link ~ Good for them!!!  Stirling  

In response to Elie Wiesel advertisement comparing Hamas to Nazis, 327 Jewish Holocaust survivors and descendants publish New York Times ad accusing Israel of 'ongoing massacre of the Palestinian people.'



IDF bombs 12-story residential building ~ link 

Microsoft avoids $30 billion in US taxes by keeping $93 billion offshore ~ link ~ The tax laws are written for the .0001%.  Stirling  

Deaths from Police Shootings: Japan - UK - Germany - USA - chart ~ link 

NASA's options for a return to human launch capability ~ link  

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