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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Pray for Peace

On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


9 August 2014 ~ Second Update 

Breaking News

If World War III is to be avoided the influence of the Global Banking Cartel and of the Zionists on the Western nations must be brought to a finish!

Russia is Placing Nuclear Missiles (ICBMs/etc.) in Stratigic Positions to Survive First Strike from USA  - video ~ link ~ This coupled with recent reports that Russia has reconstituted the Dead Man Switch Policy (launching their ICBMs and SLBMs ON WARNING that an attack on Russia is underway, even if the Russian Command Authority is already taken out) IS VERY SCARY AND VERY BAD NEWS for this Earth!!!  We are now moving closer to Armageddon/WWIII than ever before in Human History!!!  You can thank the satanic Global Banking Cartel jerks and the Netanyahu Zionist demons for this!!!  Stirling  

Russia is busy surrounding the Ukraine and Positioning itself around the World in anticipation for a U S First Strike. They have been testing the U S Militarily for months and have recently begun to take the U S seriously. They are positioning themselves for a Counter Attack for what they believe will be America’s First Strike Nuclear attempt on them.

Russian Navy forces USN nuclear submarine out of arctic boundary ~ link

A supposed US submarine was detected and “forced out” by the Russian anti-sub forces after it violated the country’s boundary waters in the Arctic, a high-ranked source within the Russian Navy’s headquarters said. “On August 7, a foreign submarine, presumably belonging to the US Navy’s Virginia class, was detected in the Barents Sea by the alert forces of the Northern Fleet,” the source told Russian media.

According to the source, a group of anti-submarine vessels and an anti-submarine Il-38 aircraft were sent into the area on a search and trace mission. “The vigorous action of the anti-submarine forces of the Northern Fleet resulted in the submarine being forced out of the boundary waters of the Russian Federation,” the source said. “Contact with the submarine lasted for about 27 minutes and then the American sub left the area,” he added.

 Ukraine War: Junta's army closes in on City of Donetsk ~ link ~ It is highly unlikely that Putin will allow a genocide of a million Russians to take place.  If he does not allow this to happen, the Globalists and Zionists will begin the Third World War over his steps to save his people!!!  Stirling  
Ukrainian government forces are poised to take a key town in the east, which would divide the last two major pro-Russian rebel groups, reports say.

A rebel commander was quoted as saying Krasnyi Luch, a town between the two rebel strongholds of Luhansk and Donetsk, had been captured by the army.

US and UK governments say Russian aid mission in the Ukraine is illegal ~ link ~ What a load of crap!!!!  The US and its EU/NATO allies and Israel created the illegal coup and the war that followed, and now they complain that Russian aid is illegal.  This earns Obama and Cameron the 'dreaded' Five BS Flag Award!  Stirling

Ebola Crisis: Guinea shuts Liberia and Sierra Leone border ~ link ~ Actually most experts say that the true death rate is three to four times that which is officially reported.  Stirling   

Guinea has closed its borders with Liberia and Sierra Leone to contain the spread of Ebola, which has killed 959 people in the three countries.

The latest outbreak is thought to have begun in Guinea, but Liberia and Sierra Leone are currently facing the highest frequency of new cases.

Gaza air strikes kill five civilians ~ link ~ It is looking like the war may soon spread to the West Bank!  Stirling   \

Tensions have also been growing in the West Bank where protesters have clashed with Israeli troops. Reports say two Palestinians have been shot dead, one on Friday and one on Saturday

Netanyahu fears War Crimes charges ~ link ~ He really has earned a criminal indictment, trial, conviction and proper hanging!!!  Stirling   

UN calls for end to Israeli blockade of Gaza ~ link ~ That the Israelis have made Gaza into the largest open air concentration camp on Earth for seven years is horrific and shows the true nature of that criminal state!!!  Stirling    

The United Nations has called on Israel to lift its seven-year blockade on the Gaza Strip and end the ongoing deadly attacks against the Palestinian enclave.

On Saturday, Chris Gunness, the spokesman for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, said the blockade must end to allow the reconstruction of the Palestinian coastal territory.

Why aren't ISIS and Al-Qaeda attacking Israel???  ~ link ~ Because ISIS is led by a Jewish Israeli Mossad agent and both ISIS and Al-Qaeda are nothing but CIA/Mossad fronts!!!  Stirling   

But while Israel does not respond with its usual apoplectic frothing of victimhood and danger regarding these terrorist groups that have now so infested the Middle East as to make the entire region a general war zone, it is important to point out that these same terrorist groups do not launch coordinated military attacks in Tel Aviv, they launch them in Damascus and Mosul – cities belonging to secular nations seen by Israel as the enemy.

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