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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.
21 August 2014 

Breaking News

UN begins massive aid air drop in Iraq to victims of western backed ISIS ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ ISIS: Trained by USA in Jordan; created by US CIA and Israeli Mossad; led by a Jewish Israeli who is a Mossad agent; funded by America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar; serving the interests of the Globalists and Zionist in doing the work of Satan.  Taking barbarous behavior to new lows!  Designed to rack up the disgust against all things Muslim and Arab to enable more wars!  Stirling  

The UN has begun what is says is its largest aid operation for a decade as it attempts to reach more than 500,000 people in northern Iraq.

A jet carrying 100 tonnes of tents and cooking equipment arrived in Irbil, with more flights expected.
There are now more than 1.2 million internally displaced people across Iraq, the UN says.

Obama: ISIS is a cancer ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Obama has reached a new low in his constant lying, a low that is "lower than whale shit".  He knows damn good and well that America and Israel founded ISIS and American troops trained them last year in Jordan.  This earns the 'teleprompter reader-in-chief' the "dreaded" Five BS Flag Award!!!  Stirling

Ukraine War: Russian Aid Convoy is in Custom's Border Zone ~ linkThe Junta is doing all it can to slow things down without actually preventing the delivery of much needed food, water and medicine.  They would stop it all from passing customs if the PR effect would not be so bad!  Stirling  

Four lorries from a 280-strong Russian aid convoy have moved into the customs zone near Ukraine's border, a Ukrainian security official has said. 

But Andriy Lysenko said cargo checks by Ukrainian border guards would not start until Thursday because Russia had not provided all the necessary papers. 

Russian troops test fire S-400 and S-300 advanced air defense missiles in latest war games ~ link ~ Do NOT underestimate Russian military technology.  America and the West have become so corrupt that the key decisions on military technology are now made on the basis of "influence" not the technology itself!!!  That tends not to be the case in Russia!  Stirling 

Red Death Ebola Nightmare: Liberian troops impose slum quarantine ~ link ~ Red Death, already in your world and coming to you sooner rather than later!!! Stirling 

Security forces in Liberia's capital Monrovia have deployed to enforce a quarantine in a large slum area in order to contain the spread of Ebola.

The move set off protests from angry residents in West Point and people gathered at roadblocks to complain.

Patient at Sacramento California hospital may have Ebola Red Death ~ link ~  

Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center said in a release the patient is isolated. 

The hospital's Dr. Stephen Parodi said in the release 'We are working with the Sacramento County Division of Public Health regarding a patient admitted to the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center who may have been exposed to the Ebola virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be testing blood samples to rule out the presence of the virus.


Israel steps up raids as Gaza buries its dead civilians ~ link ~ More GENOCIDE from Bibi 666 Netanyahu!!!  Stirling   

So far, 20 Gazans have been killed since Palestinian militants launched a barrage of rockets on southern Israel on Tuesday and F16 fighter jets carried out retaliatory air strikes, Palestinian medics say. The bloodshed pushed to 2,038 the number of Gazans killed in six weeks of the most violent confrontation between Israel and Hamas militants since the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising (2000-2005).

Another 67 people have died on the Israeli side. The UN says around three-quarters of the victims in Gaza are civilians. Sixty-four of the Israeli dead were soldiers.

Israeli jets continue to pound Gaza ~ link ~ Lieberman, a former nightclub bouncer, is actually a bigger jerk than Netanyahu, but not nearly as slick.  Stirling  

Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman agreed that Hamas was dictating the pace of the conflict, calling for military action to overpower the movement.

"This policy of 'quiet for quiet' effectively means that Hamas is the initiator and the one deciding when, where and how to shoot at Israeli citizens," he wrote on his Facebook page.

Hamas warns airlines against flying into Tel Aviv ~ link

"We are warning international airlines and press them to stop flying into Ben Gurion airport from 6 am (0300 GMT)," the spokesman of the Hamas armed wing, Abu Obeida, said in a televised speech.

Last month, many international airlines briefly suspended flights into Tel Aviv after a Hamas rocket struck close to the airport.

Gaza War: Live Updates from RT ~ link 

Eric Holder arrives in Ferguson ~ link ~ The most corrupt Attorney General in American history is now on the scene.  Don't expect things to get better!  Stirling  
Ferguson has seen 10 nights of often violent clashes between police and demonstrators since the shooting of Michael Brown, who was unarmed.

Police arrested 47 people on Tuesday night but said that the violence had largely abated.

Ferguson policeman beaten by Brown and had his eye socket fractured ~ link ~ The Globalists and Zionists are just "playing" us, once again.  Creating a story when none exists, in order to create a race war in the future to usher in Martial Law and try again to take out guns away from us!!!  Stirling   

The Ferguson cop who shot dead Michael Brown was badly beaten by the teenager before he opened fire, a police source said today.

Darren Wilson, 28, was left with serious facial injuries following the fatal shooting in the St Louis suburb, including an eye socket fracture. The officer was almost knocked unconscious by Brown's blows, according to the source.

Missouri Governor criticized for calling for a 'vigorous prosecution' of police officer who shot Brown - The Grand Jury won't even make a decision until October ~ link ~   

His deputy, Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, told Fox: 'It's really heartbreaking to see a man elected to an office that high in our state government ... come out with a statement like that, that does prejudge the case. 'It would be wrong for a prosecutor to say what the governor has said here tonight and it's wrong for the governor of Missouri to have said it.

Bottles of urine thrown at police as 47 are arrested in Ferguson in violence last night ~ link

Protests in Ferguson were significantly calmer on Tuesday but the peaceful atmosphere disintegrated after dark into a series of clashes that led to 47 arrests, with police claiming they were pelted with bottles containing urine.

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