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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.
21 August 2014 ~ Second Update 

Breaking News

Gaza War: IDF kills three top Hamas commanders ~ link ~
An Israeli air strike on a house in Gaza has killed three senior Hamas military commanders, militants say.
Mohammed Abu Shamala, Mohammed Barhoum and Raed al-Attar died in the attack near the southern town of Rafah, which Gaza officials said killed at least 10.

Junta's customs starts checks on Russian Aid Convoy ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~
The Red Cross says Ukrainian customs checks have begun on Russian lorries carrying aid for civilians in eastern Ukraine, which are still at the border.

Red Cross official Laurent Corbaz said the aid delivery "could start soon... hopefully tomorrow".

McDonald's: Russia widens probe into food chain ~ link ~ link ~ Yes this is all tied into a Russian response to the West's sanctions, however, McDonald's and the rest of the fast food chains should be probed for safety and quality.  I don't eat at these places anymore.  Their food is trash.  Hamburgers at many fast food chains have only 5% muscle meat in them, the rest of the 'pink slime' has assorted beef parts that you don't want to know about, plus increasingly wood fiber.  If you value your health stay away from most fast food joints!!!  Stirling   

Russia's consumer watchdog has announced unscheduled checks on McDonald's restaurants across Russia as part of a probe into food standards.

The move comes after watchdog Rospotrebnadzor temporarily shut four McDonald's restaurants in Moscow.

President Hollande admits France recently armed Syria's Takfiris ~ link ~ Hollande is a die hard Zionist and Rothschild puppet.  France suffered through the Rothschild planned/controlled French Revolution and the bloody persecution of everyone in power and the Church.  They then supported the rise of Napoleon and the Napoleonic War (a forerunner to the concept of world wars).  When France was used up as a superpower, the Rothschilds turned their demonic attention to the United Kingdom, helping to create the British Empire (remember the old saying "the Sun never sets on the British Empire).  They also funded the rise of the German Empire and the first and second world wars.  After the British Empire was done for after these two wars, along with Germany and several other empires, they arranged for America to be the western dominate bully boy and the Soviet Union (they and their ilk in the Global Banking Cartel funded the Russian Revolution and the communists) served as the eastern dominate bully boy for their interests.  Now America is being bled dry in their End Game Strategy to bring about a global political and economic New World Order.  One that will never really fully happen because the Third World War they intend to spring on us will be 'one world war too many' and will become the Armageddon of the Bible, leading to the return of Jesus Christ Himself and a totally different New Earth free of demonic control.  Lucifer no doubt knows where this is heading, but his time on this earth is about over and he intends to get in one final massive global blood orgy/WWIII before he goes.  That he is deceiving his minions, well that is what he does best!!!  Stirling    

France President Francois Hollande says his country has recently supplied weapons to the foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants operating against the Syrian government.

The French leader said on Thursday that Paris delivered weapons to the Takfiri terrorists in Syria “a few months ago,” stressing, “We should not stop” supporting the anti-Damascus militants.

Pentagon admits that Iran's military doctrine is defensive in nature ~ link

A Pentagon assessment says Iran’s military achievements pursue defensive purposes, putting the seal of approval on Iran’s military doctrine. 

“Iran’s military doctrine is defensive. It is designed to deter an attack, survive an initial strike, retaliate against an aggressor, and force a diplomatic solution to hostilities,” the executive summary of the “unclassified” report said.

The Pentagon report dismisses allegations raised mainly in the Israeli media about the aggressive nature of the Islamic Republic’s military program. 

The report said Iran has been making progress in “ballistic missile” development, adding that Tehran has a “substantial inventory of missiles capable of reaching targets throughout the region.”
“Iran has publicly stated it may launch a space launch vehicle by 2015 that could be capable of intercontinental ballistic missile ranges if configured as a ballistic missile,” said the report.
It also cited “advanced naval mines, small but capable submarines, coastal defense cruise missile batteries, attack craft, and anti-ship ballistic missiles” as other military achievements by the Islamic Republic.

China stops GMO food production ~ link ~ The difference between China and the West is that China is not allowing the Globalists to slowly kill off their population with GMO and other 'population reduction programs'!!!  Stirling  

"We believe that loopholes in assessing and monitoring [GMO] research, as well as the public concern around safety issues are the most important reasons that the certifications have not been renewed," Wang Jing, a Greenpeace official based in Beijing, wrote in an email to ScienceInsider. 

According to the South China Morning Post, state television commissioned tests on five packets of rice, which were picked at random, and found three contained genetically-modified rice. It is illegal to sell or commercially grow GM rice in mainland China. The safety certificates issued in 2009 only allowed the rice to be planted for research purposes, but never for sale on the open market.

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