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  2 August 2014

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Weekend Special Report on the Isreali Genocide in Gaza:

Israel carries out fresh strikes after ceasefire ~ link

Israel has carried out fresh attacks on Gaza today and Hamas launched more rockets into Israel as a hunt continues for a missing Israeli soldier.

Palestinian officials said 47 people died overnight in Israeli strikes, most of them in Rafah, where the soldier, Hadar Goldin, went missing. A series of rocket attacks into Israel were reported today morning. At least 1,600 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 63 Israelis, mainly soldiers, have died in the conflict

Death toll rises as Israel pulls out of Egyptian ceasefire talks ~ link ~ As I have said before, old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is 'just getting warmed up'.  He will continue until he gets his General Middle East War, so that he can kill millions instead of thousands.  Only the West can stop him and that will happen only if the public puts enough pressure on the bought-and-paid-for political class!   Stirling   

It is now being reported that Israel will not send a delegation to Cairo-hosted negotiations for a new truce, which a Palestinian delegation including Hamas officials was also due to attend.

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi had announced a ceasefire proposal on Saturday he believed would provide "a real chance to find a real solution to the crisis taking place in the Gaza Strip".

Netanyahu warns the US: Don't 'ever second guess me again' on Hamas ~ link ~ We should have long ago told him and his kind to settle the border, start treating their neighbors like human beings, quit stealing the Arabs land, etc., or face the consequences.  Instead we continue to have a government and a mainstream news media that are owned by Israel and its Zionists supporters!!!  Stirling     

US Congress back Israel with another $225 million in emergency aid ~ link ~ Sucking up to Israel and the global banksters is what American congressmen and senators do well.  Stirling   

 Israel pummels Gaza killing dozens more civilians after claiming Hamas captured a soldier ~ link ~ "Claiming" is a good word here.  We have nothing to go on but their word, and the Israeli track record is filled with lies and false flag events.  If it had not been this soldier gone missing, it would have been something else.  They do NOT want to stop the killing of Palestinian children and civilians!!!   Stirling  

At least 35 Palestinians were killed in the bombardment and shelling in and around the city of Rafah early today, said Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra, adding that the area's main hospital was evacuated because of the strikes, which killed dozens of people on Friday.

Elsewhere in Gaza, Palestinian officials reported more than 150 airstrikes including one against the Hamas-linked Islamic University in Gaza City. Heavy shelling continued along the border areas.

Israel lashing out like a cornered rat ~ link

The Israeli regime has become like a “cornered rat” because its massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is speeding up its own annihilation, a political analyst writes for Press TV.

Israel is not behaving like a confidently powerful regime, Kevin Barrett wrote in an article for the Press TV website, adding, “Instead, it is desperately lashing out like a cornered rat in the final throes of rabies.”
He said Tel Aviv has been trying to show itself as a powerful regime that can drop nuclear bombs on the European capitals and the Middle East, but these are just an “illusion.”

The analyst said Israel’s plan to carry out the current aerial and ground offensive in Gaza has backfired, as on one hand, it sparked a “seismic shift in world public opinion,” and on the other, it has “attained none of its announced strategic objectives,” including destroying Hamas and stopping rocket fire.

“Netanyahu had apparently hoped that when Israel slaughtered Palestinian children, the Palestinians would blame Hamas. Instead, the Palestinians (and the world) blame Israel.... Every last bit of Zionist-inflicted suffering elicits more strength and determination to resist Zionism by any means necessary, and to support whoever promises to fight the Zionists the hardest. And that goes for people all over the world, not just in Palestine,” Barrett pointed out.
He cited reports indicating that Israel will not exist in near future, as the US, its lone supporter on the world stage, will soon “turn against the Zionist entity” over its genocide in Gaza.
“Israel's leaders know that time, history, and demographics are working against them. They know that apartheid South Africa, a racist regime that was not nearly as vicious or genocidal as Israel, was erased from the pages of time by a changing current of global public opinion very similar to today's rising tide of anti-Zionism,” he added.
So far, more than 1,700 people have been killed and over 9,000 injured since Israel began its offensive against the coastal silver on July 8.

Sickening scenes from Gaza as Netanyahu's Genocide continues - with extensive photos ~ link

New photos from Gaza show bloodied bodies piled high in a walk-in vegetable fridge as a fresh wave of violence engulfs the region, where Israel and Hamas have traded furious accusations over who is to blame.

Message To UN Secretary-General: Stop the GENOCIDE in Gaza ~ link ~ Most of the world's political classes are too scared of the Zionists, and/or too compromised to speak out against even this level of Genocide!!!  Stirling  

Over 350 Gazan children killed in Israel's latest genocidal war ~ linkThere is a very dark spiritual side to what Israel and Netanyahu are doing.  The outright murder of so many children is nothing but a demonic blood orgy sacrifice to Satan!!!   Stirling    

Latest figures show the ongoing Israeli air and ground strikes have claimed the lives of more than 350 children across the besieged Gaza Strip over the past weeks.

Palestinian Health Ministry sources say the children were killed since the beginning of the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian coastal enclave on July 8. Children also make up one third of over 9,000 wounded Palestinians.

The developments come as Israel continues with its relentless onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu: Operation will continue even after the tunnels are razed ~ link ~ Of course it will, there are still vast numbers of little children that can be killed and maimed to please Lucifer and think of the vast blood orgy that a General Middle East War will bring and the Third World War ... We are NOT dealing here with a normal person, but one that is totally demonically evil to the core!!!  Stirling  

Hamas: Israel in partial withdrawal from Gaza ~ link

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says Israeli forces have partially withdrawn from the war-stricken Gaza Strip. 

In a statement on Saturday, Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, however, said Israeli withdrawal would not "commit" the movement to anything, stressing that the resistance movement will take proper action.

Abu Zuhri also rejected the accusations that Hamas is responsible for the collapse of the 72-hour truce which started on Friday morning, accusing Israel of breaking the ceasefire. 

He said a shootout took place inside the Gaza Strip after Israeli forces violated the truce and entered the territory, adding that Hamas responded in self-defense. 

The spokesman added that Israel tried to use the ceasefire to further infiltrate into Gaza and that the resistance fighters only tried to defend their land.
Israel’s aggression against civilians in the Gaza Strip shows it has been defeated in its war against Palestinians, Abu Zuhri stressed.  

Netanyahu: Gaza "operation" to go on ~ link ~ Netanyahu: A blood dripping monster from the bowels of Hell itself!!!  He is literally the Antichrist of the Bible!!!  Stirling   

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said the operation in Gaza will continue according to Israel's security needs, even after Hamas tunnels are destroyed.

America in race to divert Israel from all-out war on Gaza  link 


US media works 24 hours a day for Israel ~ link ~ There are now only 6 globalist/Zionist owned and Jewish ran companies that control over 95% of the mainstream news media in America!!!  That is outrageous and no free nation can be free under such oppression of truth!!!  Stirling   

"Persecution" gives Zionists Moral Impunity ~ linkGood one Henry!  Stirling   

Blog article advocating 'Gaza Genocide' is removed from the 'Times of Israel' website - Article was named "When Genocide Is Permissible" ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~Too much bad publicity so they yanked the article!  Still it is very telling about how many Zionists really feel!!!  Stirling    

The Times Of Israel has removed a provocatively-titled blog post after huge blowback, denunciations, and ridicule across social media. The post - "When Genocide Is Permissible" (in full below) - concludes, "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly stated at the outset of this incursion that his objective is to restore a sustainable quiet for the citizens of Israel. We have already established that it is the responsibility of every government to ensure the safety and security of its people. If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?" Removal or not, we are sure this will do nothing to endear Israel to the world

Massacre "Justification" ~ link ~ The Genocide by Israel in Gaza and the support given to it by the political class in the West and by the mainstream news media is waking a lot of people up to the evils of Israel and to their criminal power over the political class and to their dominance of the so-called 'free press'.  Stilring   

There is a concerted media ploy to change the narrative on the massacre of hundreds of women and children in Gaza, on the grounds that it is Hamas’ fault for breaking the ceasefire. The Israeli account of the ceasefire breakdown is parroted relentlessly.

A Nail in Zionism's Coffin ~ link ~ More and more people in the West are waking up to the evil that Zionism and Netanyahu represent.  Abe Lincoln said it best: "You can fool all of the people some of the time; and some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time!".  Stirling   

President of Nicaragua: Pope Francis should cast out the demons possessing Netanyahu ~ link ~ Can even the Pope change the Antichrist???   Stirling   

Israeli PM is apparently possessed by the devil, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said, urging Pope Francis to cast out his demons. Ortega also called on the international community to impose sanctions on Israel for the military action in Gaza.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to be possessed by the devil, he needs Pope Francis to exorcise it, to become appeased,” Ortega was quoted by Globovision as saying. 

"Why doesn't anyone condemn or sanction the state of Israel?" wondered the president of Nicaragua. In his opinion, Palestine is the victim of "madness" on the part of the Israeli leader, who seeks to “annihilate the Palestinian people.”

Live from Gaza - Web cams ~ link  

Why American supports the Gaza Slaughter ~ link 

Israel war machinery kills at least 1,654 Gazans ~ link ~ Mostly civilians!!!  Stirling  

Latest figures show the Palestinian death toll from Israel’s aerial and ground offensives against the blockaded Gaza Strip has risen to at least 1,654.

This comes as Palestinian officials reported more than 150 airstrikes, including one against the Islamic University of Gaza. 

Several Palestinians died in the latest attacks in central and southern Gaza on Saturday. At least 19 bodies have been recovered from the ruins of homes in the eastern areas of Rafah. 

Initial reports say more than 150 Palestinians were killed over the past 24 hours in Israel’s heavy bombardment of the besieged Palestinian coastal enclave. 

The fresh attacks were launched after it was reported that an Israeli soldier had been captured by Palestinian resistance fighters.

The main hospitals across Gaza have been evacuated because of the Israeli strikes. Israel's warplanes and tanks have bombed several hospitals across the besieged region over the past few days.

Palestinian Health Ministry sources say at least 1,654 Palestinians have been killed and 9,000 others injured in 26 days of Israel’s assaults on Gaza. Most of the casualties are civilians including women and children.
A large number of children have been killed in Israel’s merciless onslaught on the Gaza Strip, but the international community has been mostly silent.
The UN says over 80 percent of the killed Palestinians have been civilians, including more than 300 children.

The Moral Universe Will Swing Palestine's Way ~ link ~ Netanyahu does NOT work for the people of Israel ... he works for Satan!!!  Stirling    

Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t the brightest bulb on the Hanukkah bush, but that doesn’t explain why he concluded that he could benefit himself and Israel by launching another assault on Gaza, the third in six years.

From any remotely plausible point of view, this was a colossal mistake.  

Israeli Cabinet Minister admits defeat in Gaza War ~ link

Speaking at a Friday TV interview, the Israeli minister said despite Tel Aviv’s massive military operations in Gaza, the regime has not achieved any of its objectives and failed to prevent the Palestinians’ missile attacks into the depth of the occupied territories.  

Landau, who is a member of Yisrael Beiteinu party headed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, lashed out at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies.
He expressed shock over the magnitude of the losses that Hamas resistance movement has inflicted upon Israel which even brought Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport to a partial halt.

Child killing sociopaths of Israel ~ link ~ Terrible but very real graphic photos!  Only people with evil in their hearts would want this killing of children!!!  Stirling  

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