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18 August 2014 ~ First Update

Breaking News

Special Report: The Ferguson Riots

I have been limited in what I have said about the developing Ferguson Riots.  Since there is so much conflicting information about Michael Brown and what happened when he was shot (at least six times the autopsy reports), I have held back. Also I know that I have conflicting 'inclinations' pulling at me.  

As someone who writes a news blog read by thousands around the world and someone who is on the Nutrimedical Report Show and listened to several times a week by millions, I read a great deal (4 to 10 hours per day reading news articles from all over the world).  I know that all news sources have their own agenda, belief and value systems, and put their spin on stories.  

I also know that there has been a growing militarization of America's civilian police forces in recent years and that this has resulted in an increasing number of civilian deaths, injuries and complaints of unconstitutional and illegal police actions.  

I also know that, due largely to successful social engineering of the most negative kind by the globalist forces within America, we have an element in the poorer black, and white, and Latino communities that is violent, children of unmarried children for several generations, without much hope for a good job or economic future, 'into' drugs for fun (and profit in some cases).  Increasingly we are seeing the influence and rise of MS13 and other violent criminal/social-political gangs. We are seeing the spread of "the ghetto", be it black, white or Latino or some combination thereof, increasingly all over America.

I also have read and studied articles that present the viewpoint that, as part of the Globalist drive to their long-sought demonic New World Order, they will institute race riots in America, in addition to various other 'happenings', such as a massive economic crash, going from the "Great Recession" to the "Greatest Depression"; a growing set of "natural" disasters, such as the death of the Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima nightmare, and the weird global weather changes; and of course a pandemic or series of pandemics that will kill billions; and one last 'little' thing, World War III.

Since so very much is now happening and developing along the above lines, if you want to see what the Ferguson Riots are really all about, one needs to step back from the trees and look at the forest and the patterns in the forest.

If you step back, it really is not so important if the white cop was at fault or the black teenager.  The event in question is simply a trigger event, perhaps arranged in advance, or more likely just one of many such events that happen all the time, but this time it becomes so large that the entire world begins to take notice of it.

We are being played, once again, by those master puppeteers, the hidden Globalist and Zionist forces that control America and much of the world.

This event is an American early 21st Century version of the Soviet 'Show Trials' of the Stalin Era.  "They" are driving home some changes and establishing some good Hegelian Dialectic scenarios that will keep the sheeple occupied while they are being eliminated. In other words, once again, we are being played by demonic forces, who are giving America its version of the Color Revolutions, the Arab Spring, the Ukraine revolution, etc.  

Tim Earl of Stirling  

Links to breaking news from the Ferguson Riots:

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