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17 August 2014

Breaking News

Kurdish forces in northern Iraq break ISIS hold on Mosul Dam ~ link ~ link ~ Good!

Kurdish forces in northern Iraq are in near complete control of Iraq's largest dam after ousting Islamic State (IS) militants, Kurdish officials say.

Ground forces supported by US air strikes launched the operation to take Mosul dam on Sunday morning.

Junta's army captures police station in Lugansk ~ link

Andriy Lysenko said on Sunday that the Ukrainian army forces had taken the state building after entering the key eastern city held by pro-Russia forces.

Lugansk, located near the Russian border, has been under the control of pro-Russia forces since April. The Ukrainian forces are tightening the noose around the militia positions in the east.

Ukraine separatists shoot down MiG fighter ~ link

Separatist rebels have shot down a Ukrainian fighter jet amid fighting between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces in the eastern part of the country, a Ukrainian military spokesman said today.

The attack comes as reports emerged that fresh Russian military equipment - including surface-to-air rocket launchers - has been seen coming into the country from Russia in the past 24 hours.

French, German, Russian and Ukraine Foreign Ministers to meet on the Ukraine War today ~ link

The four-sided negotiations are scheduled to be held in Berlin on Sunday in a bid to find a way to calm the situation in Ukraine’s eastern regions where government troops have been engaged in bloody clashes with pro-Russia forces.

On Saturday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko held phone talks with US Vice President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the crisis.  

Ukraine Junta government officially recognizes Russian Aid Convoy as humanitarian ~ link ~ Of course, the convoy is STILL NOT MOVING!  Stirling  

Obama's Nazis ~ linkCheck this one out at the link. Stirling   

Alexey Mozgovoy: The peaceful population is being eliminated using missiles. These actions make the civilian population leave their homes. So, generally speaking, Kiev does not need the population; it is irrelevant in the area where they plan to conduct fracking.

There’s already a drilling rig in Slavyansk and it’s starting its work. The equipment for building the rigs has already been delivered to a little settlement near Slavyansk. So what use is there for the population? It’s not needed there. The complete elimination of the population is being covered up by the so-called ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation -- the 'terrorists' are the local residents there].
Ebola Red Death Nightmare: Protesters attack and loot Liberia quarantine center ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ These "protesters" - looters are not too bright.  They exposed themselves to a very dangerous Advanced Biological Weapon, which means that they are almost certain to die!   Stirling    

A quarantine centre for suspected Ebola patients in the Liberian capital Monrovia has been attacked and looted by protesters, police say.

At least 20 patients who were being monitored for signs of the illness have left the centre. Officials said blood-stained bedding looted from the centre posed a serious infection risk.

Spain and India are testing suspected Ebola Red Death patients ~ link

And speaking of spreading, what many have feared may have come to pass after Spain announced it was investigating a suspected case of Ebola after a Nigerian man presented symptoms of the virus at a hospital in Alicante several days after flying in from the West African country.

But even that is nothing compared to what may transpire if what the Times of India reported moments ago, turns out to be accurate: three persons from Ebola-affected Nigeria, who arrived here Saturday morning, have been admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital for screening and treatment if required. The three Nigerians, aged 79, 37 and 4 years had fever and their tests were being done at the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Delhi, an official release said here.


Peace talks over latest Gaza War resume in Cairo ~ link ~  
As the negotiating teams gathered for indirect talks in Cairo, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would make no concessions on security. 

Hamas, which controls Gaza, is demanding an end to the Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the territory.

The Third Temple and the Plans for a Greater Israel ~ link ~ You really need to take a minute and read this one in full at the link!!!  Stirling  

International lawyer: Netanyahu posses a real threat to Israeli survival ~ link ~ I have been saying this for years!  Stirling   

A Canadian international lawyer says the war crimes committed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Gaza civilians are posing "the greatest threat to Israel's survival."

The Sunday remarks by William Schabas come days after he was elected to head the UN Human Rights Council commission investigating Israel's war on the besieged Gaza Strip. 

The UN Human Rights Council has recently condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza as disproportionate and indiscriminate. The council says it has launched an international inquiry into Israel’s violations of human rights in its month-long war on the Palestinian territory.
Thousands of Israelis have also held a rally in Tel Aviv to protest the war-mongering policies of Premier Netanyahu. 

They also called for Netanyahu’s resignation, accusing him of being incapable of maintaining security in Israel and establishing peace with Palestinians.

Analysts say Israeli crimes against Gazans have isolated and defamed Israel across the globe.  

Schabas also says there are still legal channels for Palestinians to prosecute Netanyahu for his war crimes in Gaza at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

US labor activists will not allow a Israeli cargo ship to dock ~ link

Dock workers in the International Longshore Warehouse Union (ILWU) announced that they will join with community members and pro-Palestinian activists to blockade the Israeli cargo vessel called "the Zim" anywhere it attempts to dock in the US or Canada. 

The ILWU is a labor union which primarily represents dock workers on the West Coast of the United States. Organizers alleged that Zim has a history of supporting Israel’s brutal policies.

India's new indigenous-built high-tech destroyer 'sends message to world' ~ link ~ also see ~ link ~ This is a well-designed and well-build ship.  I see elements of British/American and Russian technology.  Stirling   

One shot and in critical condition after new Ferguson rioting - Another curfew tonight ~ link ~ Also see this with extensive photos ~ link

As we warned yesterday, all that is needed for the racial divide in this country to reach levels (of violence) not seen in generations, is for one or more people to die, whether in Ferguson or elsewhere, while protesting along racial lines. We can only hope that the person in critical condition makes a recovery or else this may well be just the beginning of what we have warned for years will happen when a record wealth/class/religious/ethnic divide, largely aided and abetted by the administration, finally spills out on the streets and the people demand a reversion to the mean: something which for those who follow history happens with clockwork regularity when the divide between the haves and the have nots reaches record levels.

Conversation recorded by a bystander in Brown shooting casts doubts on claims that Brown surrendered and indicates he was running at the police officer ~ linkYou should read this one.  I suspect that Brown was NOT innocent and that the officer may have been in fear of his life (but I have been wrong before). However, this is the opposite view - video ~ linkStirling  

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