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15 August 2014

Breaking News

Special Report: Developing Third World War Begins in the Ukraine 
BREAKING: Russia: No Russian troops crossed into the Ukraine ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ It is possible that the two London newspaper reporters made the story up about the Russian armored force.  However, I don't think so.  Russia has a history of denying events/things that it has PR or strategic reasons to disassociate itself from. The Ukraine War is becoming a "Train Wreck in Slow Motion" leading to all-out global war!!!  Stirling   
Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied Kiev’s report that it “destroyed the Russian military column” which allegedly crossed into Ukraine, saying that no such column ever existed. 
In an article published by The Guardian, reporter Shaun Walker said he “saw a column of 23 armored personnel carriers, supported by fuel trucks and other logistics vehicles with official Russian military plates, traveling [toward] the border near the Russian town of Donetsk.” Late on Thursday the convoy “crossed into Ukrainian territory,” he said. However, no photographic or video evidence of the incident was presented either in his article or in his Twitter feed. The photograph published with the text was taken on Russian territory. 

The Telegraph also reported that “at least 23” Russian vehicles had crossed into Ukraine. The report is accompanied by a video also filmed on Russian territory. 

Breaking: Russia denies Ukraine forces attacked Russian armored column within the Ukraine; Junta says that Russia is shelling its forces today ~ link

Ukraine said its artillery destroyed part of a Russian armoured column that entered its territory overnight and said its forces came under shellfire from Russia on Friday in what appeared to be a major military escalation between the ex-Soviet states

Russia's government denied its forces had crossed into Ukraine, calling the Ukrainian report "some kind of fantasy", and in turn raised its own serious concerns about activity by the U.S.-led NATO defense alliance near its borders.
Ukraine Junta claims to have partially destroyed Russian armored column ~ link ~ The Russians are NOT talking about this, so it may all be BS or they may have hit it hard.  Either way, it is a major provocation.  Putin is playing a waiting game, but the time is running out.  This could result in a major Russian thrust into eastern Ukraine, or a major Russian/Belorussian invasion of all of the Ukraine and a restoration of the legitimate elected President, and/or explode into a European-wide war and WWIII.  The latter is what the Globalists/Zionists WANT and that is so far beyond insane it can only be considered totally demonic in its very nature!!!  Stirling  
Mr Poroshenko said the information was "trustworthy and confirmed because the majority of the machines had been eliminated by the Ukrainian artillery at night". Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military, added: "Appropriate actions were undertaken and a part of it no longer exists."

The UK Foreign Office summoned Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko "to clarify reports of Russian military incursion". Meanwhile Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin sent out a tweet saying he would be meeting Russia's Sergei Lavrov in Berlin on Sunday, along with their French and German counterparts, adding: "We need to talk." 

Ukrainian Junta army in battle with Russian armored column - with photos (but not of combat)  ~ linkAlso see this article with extensive photos ~ link ~ Do keep in mind that this mainstream newspaper is very Globalist and Zionist in its news slant.  Stirling

A military spokesman said the army 'tracked and engaged' the military vehicles after they entered Ukraine last night, while nearby a convoy of 262 trucks carrying humanitarian aid waited by the border.

According to a statement from Ukraine's president, Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian artillery destroyed the majority of the vehicles which entered the country

Russia: Aid Convoy faces major disruptions and may be attacked ~ link ~  

Moscow has information that the convoy delivering humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine may be attacked by Kiev’s forces, with the “punitive” Aidar Battalion planning to mine the road that the vehicles will use, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.

On Friday, Moscow accused Ukraine of attempting to disrupt the humanitarian aid convoy now that the preparations for its delivery have reached their final stages and all key issues have been agreed upon. “We draw attention to the sharp intensification of military actions by Ukrainian forces with the obvious goal to block the route, agreed upon with Kiev, of the humanitarian convoy from the Russia-Ukraine border to Lugansk,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Ukraine Junta President (Porky) issues statement on the "elimination" of Russian armored convoy by Junta artillery ~ link

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation with Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron.

The parties coordinated their actions on the response to the information regarding the entry of Russian military machines to the territory of Ukraine that has been clearly witnessed by international journalists, particularly of "Guardian" newspaper. The President informed that the given information was trustworthy and confirmed because the majority of that machines had been eliminated by the Ukrainian artillery at night.

USA calls for restraint in Junta's actions after deadly Donetsk shelling ~ link ~  

The deputy spokesperson for the US Department of State Marie Harf has called restraint on the Ukrainian military’s actions in the east for the first time, following a major shelling of Donetsk that left at least 70 civilians dead. “We’ve stressed the importance of showing restraint to minimize casualties among the civilian – the local population,” Harf said.“We’ve called on the Ukrainians to take every step to avoid the local population as they try to free the city from the separatists,” she added. 

Ukrainian MP warns: 'Buy firewood and coal' after US and EU get access to natural gas pipelines ~ link ~ The Zionist/Globalist/Nazi Coup Junta is destroying the Ukraine.  It could be a very cold and hungry winter for the Ukrainian millions.  Remember what the Zionist-led Communists did under Stalin to the Ukraine...they killed millions by starvation (and that was in the most productive food production area in Europe)!!!  Stirling 

The decision by the Ukrainian parliament to allow companies from the US and EU to co-manage the country’s gas pipelines could lead to the country being left with no gas supplies in the coming winter, an MP has warned in an emotional online address.

Nikolay Rudkovsky, an independent MP in Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, believes the law allowing 49 percent of Ukraine’s national gas transportation system (GTS) to be managed by foreign companies is a big mistake. “People, my advice to you is: buy firewood and coal! After the Law on reforming the management system of the united gas transportation system of Ukraine (#4116) was passed today, our country has been left with almost no chances of staying with gas,” Rudkovsky said on Facebook, following the Rada session. Don’t the MPs understand that we are now guaranteed to have a winter with no heating? he asked.

'White Rain': Donetsk residents video record phosphorus shelling amounting to War Crimes - with video  ~ linkSee this RT video ~ link

Citizens of Donetsk have recorded multiple videos of white glowing particles raining on residential quarters. The locals allege that Ukraine's military has shelled their city with internationally prohibited phosphorus incendiaries.

On Thursday night, people in the Lenin district of the city of Donetsk saw a flow of white fire pouring down from the dark sky alongside the now-familiar sound of bombing, RIA Novosti reported. 

Last three days in Donetsk: 70+ civilians killed and over 100 civilians wounded ~ link ~ The Junta President and the Prime Minister and several other top officials (like regional governors) are dual nationals ... that is they are Israeli citizens and also Ukrainian citizens.  They are repeating the genocide horrors of the shelling and bombing of Gaza by the IDF!!!  Stirling   

On Wednesday, the UN Human Rights office issued a statement saying that number of casualties in eastern Ukraine has doubled over the last two weeks, reaching over 2,000 people according to “conservative estimates.” Almost 5,000 have been wounded. Over 60 people have been killed or wounded every day, UN human rights spokeswoman Cecile Pouilly added. 

Dmitry Kazadaev, a Lugansk resident, told RT that the Ukrainian forces are targeting mostly civilian locations – not the one where the self-defense forces are stationed

NATO warns Europe More Dangerous and has to be ready for 'Whatever the future holds' ~ link ~ The War Whores have gone off the deep end!!!  Stirling   

It Begins: Ukraine Junta troops destroy part of "Armed" Russian convoy - Stocks crash ~ link  ~ also see ~ link 
Khazars Re-Invade the Ukraine ~ link 
Junta regime blocks humanitarian aid as fighting spreads ~ link ~ Also see ~ link
The Ukrainian armed forces are also apparently making it difficult for civilians to flee. Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian defence ministry, stated on his Facebook page on Thursday that army posts surrounding the rebel areas had been equipped with video cameras in order to identify every single refugee. In addition, soldiers also had to record the number plate of each vehicle and the name of the driver in a database.

A spokeswoman for the separatists in Luhansk told Russian news agency Ria Novosti that Ukrainian snipers in the Izvarino border region were firing on vehicles with refugees driving towards Russia.

Poland holds biggest military parade in years ~ link ~

Poland put on its biggest military parade in years Friday to mark its annual armed forces holiday, with the president saying the violence in Ukraine shows that conflict is still a "brutal reality" in Eastern Europe and Poland must be able to defend itself.

Fighter jets and military helicopters flew over Warsaw as tanks rolled through the capital. More than 1,000 Polish soldiers marched, joined by dozens of U.S. and Canadian troops who are in Poland for NATO exercises.

Gaza, the Ukraine and American preparations for urban warfare ~ link ~ Sound like the End Times to me!!!  Stirling 

Images from both Gaza and Ukraine of the lifeless and maimed bodies of children, of older men and women weeping beside the ruins of homes and apartment blocks, and of innocent men and women cut down by shrapnel while leaving their homes or going to find food or water for their families, have shocked and appalled working people all over the globe.
Both of these conflicts provide real-life laboratories for what is increasingly a top priority of the Pentagon—the preparation of US forces for urban warfare.


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