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12 August 2014

Breaking News

Special Report: Ukraine War

Ukraine Junta likely to block Russian humanitarian aid convoy ~ link ~ The Zionist/Globalist puppet coup junta in Kiev seems to have one strategic goal with Russia and that is to get it directly involved in a war over the Ukraine so that Israel and America will have a free hand to begin a General Middle East War!!!  Stirling  

Almost 300 lorries of humanitarian aid left the Moscow area bound for Luhansk on Tuesday morning

Russian TV showed the cargo, said to include hundreds of tonnes of grain, baby food and medicine, which will go to civilians trapped by fighting in the area held by pro-Russia rebels

Ukraine Coup Junta says it WILL DENY ENTRY to Russian Aid Convoy ~ link ~ If Russia has to fight in the Ukraine, I suspect that they will do a coup d'main and drop paratroopers and special forces on Kiev and seize the coup leaders while sending a armored force into eastern Ukraine.  It will be bloody but not last over a week and then the Russians will reinstall the coup ousted legitimate elected President.  If NATO military force enter the battle then all-out World War III will have begun!!!  Stirling  

"We will not consider the possibility of any movement of the Russian column on the territory of Ukraine," said Valeriy Chaly, deputy head of Ukraine's Presidential Administration, on Tuesday. He also said any consignment should be loaded onto transport provided by the Red Cross and that Russian personnel would not be permitted to escort it.

Russian media say some 2,000 tons of aid, from baby food to sleeping bags, was en route to east Ukraine, where some 1,300 people have been killed in fighting between pro-Russia forces and government forces. On Monday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow and Kiev had agreed on a humanitarian mission under the authority of the Red Cross.

Russia launches another 'war game' on the northeast: 30 airplanes and helicopters and 3,000 paratroopers ~ link ~ Good training for a coup d'main in a out-of-the-way place!!!  Stirling  

We were about 12 hours early, because later that same day, Itar-Tass reported that some 3,000 paratroopers will be airlifted in two districts of Russia’s north-western Pskov region as part of command and staff exercises of the 76th air assault division starting on Monday, Airborne Force spokeswoman, Major Irina Kruglova said. As a reminder, Pskov is located right next to the Baltics, bordering Estonia and Latvia, both of which have been on a rather belligerent diplomatic track with the Kremlin, and thus will likely result in a substantial escalation in Russia-Baltic tensions, not to mention Ukraine as well, now that Putin is no longer counter-un-de-escalating, again. But back to the latest, greatest, and certainly not last drill, “over 3,000 personnel will be airlifted by 15 Il-76 planes,” the spokeswoman said. 

The punchline: The mass landing of paratroopers in an unknown terrain will be held for the first time in military drills of this level, the spokeswoman said.  As long as the surprise terrain is not "Kiev"...


Ukraine Junta blocks Russian humanitarian convoy and accuses Kremlin of sending "disquised military gear" ~ link ~ linkYou know everything coming from the Zionists and Globalists is a lie, they lie all the time about everything.  That strongly reflects their satanic nature.  The convoy has not yet made it to the Ukraine border, therefor they have NOT examined it and cannot say what is in all these trucks.  However, as the Red Cross is involved it is highly unlikely that there are any weapons in these trucks!  Just more lying bullcrap from the monsters who are driving the entire world to Armageddon!!!  Stirling    

However, with the trucks currently in transit from a point southwest of Moscow and set to enter Ukrainian territory through a customs checkpoint in the Kharkiv region, according to former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, a snag has appeared: Ukraine, which previously blessed the Russian convoy's entry into the country has had a change of heart and has announced it would not allow the convoy in its current state.  

Donetsk says its ready for urban warfare with Coup Junta forces ~ link ~ Europe has not seen anything like this since 1945!!!   Stirling   

Ukraine’s eastern city of Donetsk is under heavy bombardment of government forces as Ukrainian troops tighten their grip on the strongholds of pro-Russian fighters.

The newly-elected Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Alexander Zakharchenko, on Saturday called for a ceasefire with Kiev to prevent a possible “humanitarian catastrophe” but added that if the Ukrainian army moves into Donetsk the pro-Russians will hold their ground.

"We are ready to have a ceasefire to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe, but will not surrender under any circumstances," said Zakharchenko in a written statement.
"The fight will be for every street, for every house, for every meter of our land," he added.
He warned that such circumstance would turn the city into a new "Stalingrad," a reference to the Soviet Union's refusal to surrender the city of Stalingrad to the Nazis during World War II.

Russia dispatches large humanitarian aid convoy to the Ukraine ~ link

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry dispatched on Tuesday some 300 trucks carrying over 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid toward the border with Ukraine, the Russian official sources say.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, that Russia, in cooperation with representatives of the Red Cross, is sending a humanitarian convoy to Ukraine.

The European Commission has warned Russia against any unilateral actions in Ukraine “under any pretext, including humanitarian.

Moscow has been urging Kiev to give permission for the shipment of humanitarian aid to the residents of the eastern regions of Ukraine, but the government in Kiev supported by the West has rejected the calls.

Three nations are at grave risk if Junta shelling leads to Gorlovka chemical leaks say experts ~ link

Millions of people will be affected if shelling of the village of Gorlovka by the Ukrainian army leads to leaks at local chemical plants, experts warn, adding that the toxic clouds are also capable of spreading around the world.

A spokesman for Ukraine’s largest chemical plant, Stirol, made headlines on Monday after releasing a video appeal, in which he said that “irresponsible actions” by the military, who are fighting the anti-Kiev rebels in the area, may cause a massive ecological disaster.  

Ron Paul slams mainstream news media's MH17 'war propaganda' and claims US government "knows a lot more than it's telling us" ~ link ~ Yep. 

Edgar Cayce on Russia, WWIII, etc.  ~ link

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