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11 August 2014

Breaking News

Over 100 military aircraft and 8 warships ready for "Iraq" air campaign ~ link ~ Since ISIS is a creation of the West and select GCC states and headed by a Jewish Israeli actor who is a Mossad agent, that is a lot of firepower to kill those who you already control.  Perhaps this firepower and the additional firepower on the way is there for something bigger!!!  Stirling  

The U.S. has a massive force of ships and aircraft in the Persian Gulf for the air campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq.

The first airstrikes against the Islamic State were carried out by two aircraft from the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush, which is in the Persian Gulf along with the amphibious assault ship Bataan; the amphibious dock landing ship Gunston Hall; the cruiser Philippine Sea; and the destroyers Arleigh Burke, O’Kane and Roosevelt, according to the Defense Department.

US Naval Forces on-station in the Persian Gulf region ~ link ~ Lots of firepower with another assault carrier and another super-carrier battle group soon to arrive!   Stirling   

Also available are Marine forces from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), deployed aboard the amphibious ships Bataan and Gunston Hall. With the amphibious ship Mesa Verde, the group departed Norfolk in early February for a scheduled eight-month deployment. The MEU, composed of about 2,500 Marines, includes a Marine medium tiltrotor squadron flying MV-22 Ospreys, a battalion landing team, and a combat logistics squadron. The ships also carry Marine attack and transport helicopters.

Another amphibious ready group centered on the assault ship Makin Island deployed with the 22nd MEU from San Diego on July 25, and is scheduled to relieve the Bataan ARG. No other carrier strike groups are deployed at the moment, although the Carl Vinson is set to leave San Diego on a regularly scheduled deployment around the third week of August.

ISIS executes over 2 dozen in Syria ~ link ~ I suspect that all the horrific things that ISIS are doing is designed by their CIA/Mossad overlords as psyops to enable and empower a massive military effort against them.  A effort that will end up also killing, or at least trying to kill off, the Syrian government.  And engulfing the entire Mideast region in a massive war, Netanyahu's long-sought General Middle East War!!!   Stirling  

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday that members of the ISIL terrorist group beheaded five people in Syria's eastern Dayr al-Zawr province. According to the report, militants belonging to the Takfiri group beheaded two men from the al-Sheitaat tribe in the town of al-Shaafa on Sunday.

The report further said that 18 other men from the same tribe were shot dead and one more was beheaded by the Takfiri militants on the outskirts of Dayr al-Zawr city on Thursday.

Takfiri militants also beheaded two people in the town of al-Bulel, the UK-based group said. Elsewhere in the city of Mayadin, Takfiri militants, who have been confronted by local tribes in the region, crucified two more Syrian people. 

The War Cabal ~ link

With a series of air strikes beginning Friday and continuing through the weekend, the United States has gone to war again in Iraq. This new imperialist military adventure has been launched in defiance of overwhelming popular opposition and without a shred of legal or constitutional authority.

The decision to launch a new war was made by a handful of strategists of US imperialist policy within the military/intelligence apparatus, in league with the corporate and financial elite. It was made behind the backs of the American people, who have absolutely no say in the policies, including going to war, that impact their lives.


Putin Defies Western Warning - Will Send an 'Aid Convoy' to eastern Ukraine - Convoy to depart shortly without military escort  ~ link ~ Supposedly this convoy will be under the Red Cross and the Ukraine Junta will allow it.  However, the Zionist/Globalist Junta's sole strategic goal seems to be to ensnare Russia in the Ukraine War big time (in order to restrict Russian ability to interfere in the Mideast).  So expect things NOT to go smoothly.  Stirling   

Following days of loud warnings by the West that Putin should not take any moves to send "humanitarian" aid into East Ukraine, due to western fears that this would be merely a pretext for invasion, Putin said on Monday that Russia will go ahead and send an aid convoy to eastern Ukraine anyway.   
And yet, Russia appears set to enter east Ukraine despite NATO objections. It goes without saying that all it would take for a full blown escalation, one that not even the algo-driven market could ignore, would be a Russian casualty operating in Ukraine under a "humanitarian" umbrella, wether legitimate or due to a "false flag" attack, before the facade of artificial stability on Ukraine's east border crumbles and what was until now a civil war morps into a full-blown international conflict

Assault on Donetsk Risks A EUROPEAN WAR WITH RUSSIA ~ link ~ And World War III.  Stirling  

Ukrainian armed forces have encircled the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk in preparation for a bloody assault on the city’s population. Kiev is slowly tightening the noose around the pro-Russian separatist stronghold, threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in a city that claimed nearly one million inhabitants prior to the US- and German-backed onslaught

The Obama administration’s policy of escalating pressure on the Russian regime by backing the Kiev regime’s indiscriminate murder of civilians and destruction of infrastructure in east Ukraine is driving the situation towards war between nuclear-armed powers.

Tensions grow in Germany over the very real threat of War With Russia ~ link ~ Some powerful people are not so blinded by the Globalists and Zionists that they want to die in yet another World War that will destroy Europe and the entire planet!!!  Stirling 

A fierce dispute over German policy towards Russia has broken out between two leading German business newspapers, Handelsblatt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). While the FAZ calls for a robust confrontation with Russia, the Handelsblatt describes this as a “wrong track” leading directly to war. The conflict expresses sharp divisions within the ruling class over the future direction of German foreign policy. 


Anonymous said...

In view of the events in Ukraine, the government and many media have switched from level-headed to agitated. The spectrum of opinions has been narrowed to the width of a sniper scope. The politics of escalation does not have a realistic goal – and harms German interests. (....)

Please read to full article at the link. The article is by Gabor Steingart, Handelsblatt, Germany.

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

A reliably well-informed resident in the area that Obama’s Ukrainian regime is ethnically cleansing (i.e., exterminating and/or expelling) has informed this reporter (and all of this source’s previous reports to me have subsequently turned out to be true):

“Kiev is attempting to blow up a chemical plant that will destroy a 600 KM diameter/ 300KM radius of area — every living thing.

The largest battles of the war are starting today or tomorrow. I may not be able to update you. Lyashko wants to make our area bloody. He said it hasn’t been hit enough to feel it yet.”

The object of the Ukrainian Government’s campaign is to produce as many residents there fleeing into Russia as possible, so that the voting-base that had elected the pro-Russian Ukrainian President whom Obama overthrew in February, Viktor Yanukovych, will no longer be Ukrainian voters.(...)

If these thugs dare blowing up the chemical plant, we'll WW III !

Because this explosion and the following contamination would also hit Russia and her citizens.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany