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16 August 2014

Breaking News

Junta's blocking of Russian Aid Convoy escalates the risk of all-out war ~ link ~ That is what it is suppose to do.  Stirling 

International tensions continued to mount throughout the day yesterday, as Ukrainian officials began inspecting a convoy of humanitarian aid that Russia hopes to send to the besieged city of Luhansk, which is held by pro-Russian separatists hostile to the pro-US regime in Kiev. The convoy of 280 trucks, which left for Ukraine on Tuesday, has been stalled at the Ukrainian border just outside the city of Izvaryne, as fighting intensifies across east Ukraine.

Russia agreed to allow a team of Ukrainian border guards to inspect the 2,000 tons of aid before passing across the border and on to Luhansk. US and NATO officials had made threatening statements earlier in the week that they would consider the passage of a Russian aid convoy into Ukraine without permission from Kiev to be an invasion.

Anti-Putin alliance is fraying: Germany, Greece, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are urging an end to Russian sanctions ~ link

Which means one thing: for Europe to resume the status quo, it needs to break away from the "western" alliance and the sanctions imposed upon the Kremlin which solely benefit the populist agenda of Washington, and certainly not Europe proper, which it is now quite clear, is far more reliant on Russia than vice versa. it is also something Putin apparently was aware of from the very beginning.

And now, that realization is starting to spread to Europe's own countries, which - while the new cold war was only one of rhetoric were perfectly happy to go for the ride - but now that trade war has finally broken out, suddenly increasingly more want out.

Radar Spoofing - Spooky Stuff ~ link ~ This is an interesting article that covers some of the ECM technology that I wrote of in my article The ECM Battle in the Sky Above Poland, Russia and the Ukraine That Saved Putin's Life but Downed MH17 ~ link ~ Do take a minute to read both articles.  Stirling 

Thus, the radar tracking from 9/11...faked...the SU25s tracking MH17....faked as well, wrong altitude, wrong planes, maybe not even Ukrainian or Russian at all.  An Israeli F15 taking off from Azerbaijan was "there."  Did it magically turn into two SU 25's?  We can prove it could have.  What Chip proves is that efforts to sell government conspiracy theories based on faked radar is going to have to come to an end.  We are busting them now... Gordon 

America is a Pariah State cursed by Decent Men of Good Will ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at he link.  Stirling  

The people who think they own the United States government are  dedicated to Pure Evil. David Rothkopf who worked with Henry Kissinger wrote Superclass in 2008. He said the entire world is run by Thirty Families and their 6,000 minions. A 2007 Swiss study at the Federal Institute of Technology revealed that 147 corporations controlled 20% of world trade. They shared Board of Director members or Minions. These 147 corporations included the Too Big To Jail Banks, the top insurance companies, the major oil companies, Monsanto, Big Pharma and the defense contractors. They also run the Bilderberg Society, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute on International Affairs. 

Proposed terms of Gaza Truce would open border and allow aid in but not touch on Hamas's seaport demands ~ link

Under the terms of the deal, Israel would end its attacks on the strip and promise no future attacks on Gaza citizens. The Palestinians would also agree to stop firing rockets at Israel, and not to build any tunnels into Israel.

The deal would also reopen the border crossings to allow the flow of aid from the West Bank into Gaza, increasing the fishing zone, and pushing the deployment of Palestinian Authority forces into Gaza.

Five hospital ships needed to save Gaza's injured children ~ link

Middle East analysts point out that it is difficult to recall a time in modern history when there has been so much sustained slaughter of this region’s civilian population, with more than two-thirds of the victims being women and children...

The horrors we have just witnessed, especially with respect to traumas inflicted on children, is producing, as should be the case, a major and rapidly growing international focus on salvaging young lives. Descriptions and evaluations of the consequences of Gaza wars are being published and urgently discussed. Some analysts and government officials, including Pentagon planners, are calling for a ‘Medical Marshall Plan,’ to save Gaza’s children. One proposed first step is the dispatching of a humanitarian support group of hospital ships that would sail to Gaza without further delay.

Nuclear Education from VT: Nukes in Iraq confirmation ~ link ~ A very interesting article with specific information about nukes used in Iraq and general information concerning nuclear usage in a WWIII level engagement.  Stirling  


Hospitals in America get ready for Ebola ~ link ~ The photo on this article shows a doctor "ready" to treat Ebola Red Death patients.  This doctor is NOT wearing a positive-pressure Level 4 bio-hazard suit and hence he would be at serious risk if in close proximity to a patient with Red Death/Ebola!  The fact is that neither America nor the rest of the world are ready for something so terrible as the genetically engineered Ebola virus!!!  Stirling    

WHO pushes mega-quarantine "condon sanitaire" to control Red Death ~ link

Lacking a medical solution to the worst Ebola outbreak in history, governments and organizations in West Africa are resorting to a medieval tactic that would radically affect the lives of more than 1 million people, according to the World Health Organization.

The method popularized in the era of the Black Death plague in the 14th century, the “cordon sanitaire,” draws a line around the geographic area where the infections are taking place, allowing no one to exit. It hasn’t been used since the end of World War I.

The Ebola Red Death Outbreak: A US Sponsored Bioterror?  ~ link ~ The virus was always a Advanced Biological Warfare genetically-engineered virus.  The latest version of it is a well-tweaked variant that is a damn near 'perfect' advanced biowar weapon.  Something that has a well developed PR cover story of being "naturally occurring", except for the fact that it is NOT a naturally occurring disease.  The Globalists want to eliminate most of us and I suspect that this will be one of their main weapons in the End Times.  The Book of Revelation (last book of the Christian Bible) says that a third of the population will die of "plague" and another third will die of "wormwood" (Chernobyl), that is nuclear war and radiation.  Stirling       

We can now be extraordinarily confident that the U.S. government is lying, in key material respects, about the latest Ebola outbreak—and not just because it lies about nearly everything of political consequence.  This article shows that there are compelling reasons to believe we are being told three big lies about Ebola.  It also offers a simple, rational, yet disturbing, explanation that very tidily accounts for all three lies.  The explanation supposes that the current Ebola outbreak consists in an act of U.S.-linked bioterror.

Nigeria fires 16,000 doctors on strike as Red Death Ebola death toll hits 1,145 in nearby nations ~ linkHell of a time for a fight over wages!!!  Stirling   
Nigeria defenseless- A death sentence? The growing spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria remains serious enough to keep the nation in an official state of emergency, with thousands concerned that the virus will spread like it has in other West African nations. In what many are calling a massive failure of optics, however, the Nigerian government has chosen to fire up to 16,000 doctors due to an unrelated medical employee strike. In a memorandum to the Nigerian Health Ministry, the Permanent Secretary for Federal Ministry of Health L.N. Awute announced that Nigeria would suspend its medical residency program and terminate the jobs of the resident doctors. The order, which cites President Goodluck Jonathan as its unilateral source, also “asked the management of all public hospitals to take necessary measures to restore full medical services in the hospitals, even without the resident doctors.” The termination follows a month of strikes by doctors of the Nigerian Medical Association, who began striking on July 1st, demanding better wages and hours. The number of doctors affected by President Jonathan’s directive, Sky News reports, is about 16,000. The Premium Times followed up the news with a response from the Nigerian government, which is currently facing significant outrage from citizens frightened of the potential of an Ebola epidemic striking a country that just lost thousands of its doctors. In a statement, the Ministry of Health noted, “For the whole of July 2014, these doctors did not work, yet government, owing to the emergency situation in our country, paid them the July salaries with allowances such as call duty allowance, teaching allowance, hazard allowance, etc., believing that this magnanimity of government would appeal to reason for NMA to call off the strike.”

Nigeria trains 800 volunteers in mad scramble to contain Red Death Ebola ~ linkHow about re-hiring the 16,000 physicians ... 'shit for brains' government jerks!  Stirling  

Nigeria on Saturday said it has trained 800 volunteers to fight Ebola as fears rose that the worst-ever outbreak of the deadly disease could spread across Africa's most populous nation.

Authorities in Nigeria's megacity Lagos last week appealed for volunteers to make up for a shortage of medical personnel because of a six-week doctors' strike over pay.

Gerald Celente: This Global Collapse Is Just Getting Started ~ link

Celente:  “Now Walmart sales are soft.  And you hear it from virtually every one of the major companies.  They are looking at either flat or declining store sales.  Why?  Because people have lousy jobs or no jobs at all.  And look at what’s going on in London, property demand and sales are falling sharply.  It’s one country after another.” 

State of Emergency and Curfew issued for Ferguson, MO ~ link ~ When the protests evolve into looting, that's when most Americans no longer support any legitimate views presented in the protests.  Stirling  

Ferguson, MO and the Israelization of American police forces ~ link

Ferguson, Mo is not about the militarization’s of America’s police force. It is and should be about the “Israelization” of America’s police force in equipment, tainting, ideology, perception and doctrine. The days of “to serve and protect” are long gone, given way to the new doctrine imported from Israel where “citizens” are the enemies, especially if they are Blacks, Hispanic, Muslims, Arabs or White Leftist and liberals. We have seen this transformation in the way the local police dealt with the “Occupy Wall Street” and how it dealt with the citizen’s protest in Ferguson, MO. 

We should not be surprised with this massive earth-shattering shift in attitude, philosophy and doctrine. Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security, the ADL and Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) made sure that law enforcement agencies in the United States view citizens, all citizens as “potential terrorists” and should be dealt with as “terrorists”.

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