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Specail Report: A Hint of Panic from the Israeli Side


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16 July 2014 ~ Second Update

Breaking News

Special Report on The Gaza War:
A Hint Of Panic From the Israeli Side

After the 'PhonyTony' Blair "Egyptian Ceasefire Proposal", with Hamas rejecting an unbalanced proposal that it had no input into, the Israeli PsyWar was going good, almost overshadowing the continuing Israeli slaughter of civilian men, women and children in Gaza.  Then the Israeli Navy turned its high powered automatic canons on a "dangerous" group of four Palestinian small boys playing football on a peaceful beach.  Blew them apart!  Then some Israelis defended the action as necessary because Hamas was firing little more than bottle rockets into Israel out of desperation at the several year lock-down of the largest open air prison on Earth, the Gaza Strip.  

Then the people, at the top of the insanely evil and criminal Bibi 666 Netanyahu Government, realized that they had terrible PR (or war time PsyWar Ops) problem.  Immediately, the great humanitarians in the Netanyahu racist government tried a "Hail Mary Pass" and declared a "Humanitarian Ceasefire" (for five hours).  

The anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-anyone but out own tribe, racist nuts in Tel Aviv are getting very concerned.  The drive to a General Middle East War, intended to destroy all who oppose Israeli overlordship throughout the Mideast and much of North Africa, has always been balanced between the ability to paint it as "defensive" and the reality of its monstrous  and genocidal nature.  Blowing up four innocent kids, playing football on a peaceful beach, just because they can, is proving a bit too much for the European and North American audience looking at Israel's latest war of aggression.

The Zionists and their closely allied brethren in the Global Banking Cartel are very few.  Even among Jews, there is a growing distaste for the excesses of Zionism and the banksters (and a growing concern that the masses of the Jewish people will be blamed for the evil actions of a very powerful few).  Key players that control so much of the world, are numbered in the tens of thousands (and far fewer at the highest levels). Whereas the Human Race, that is now so-endangered by this mad dash to Armageddon/World War III, is over 7 Billion People!!! 

They can only control us if we are ignorant of them and their methods of operation; if we fail to see them as they really are.  This is a point of great weakness for them.  

Their "Humanitarian Ceasefire" is a panic response.  The strategy of getting Russia (which in the last year and a half has prevented an attack on Iran and one on Syria by America/UK/Israel/etc.) tied down in a war in the Ukraine has not yet succeeded.  Timing is sometimes everything, and it is taking a bit longer for them to get "all their ducks in a row".  They don't need events to awaken the masses of the sheeple before they can arrange their slaughters in a General Mideast War and the coming Third World War.  Hence the panic.  They know that their power in this world depends totally on the public remaining ignorant of their true actions and intent.  


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