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10 JULY 2014 ~ Second Update  

Breaking News


IDF orders 100,000 Gaza civilians to move back from the Israeli border - A sign of impending ground invasion ~ link ~
Thursday afternoon, July 10, the IDF advised 100,000 Palestinian civilians to leave their homes in the northern Gaza villages of Beit Lahiya, Beit Hanoun, Greater Ibsen and Smaller Ibsen and head west to the coast or south to remove themselves from danger. This order, issued shortly after a special Israeli cabinet meeting, suggested that an Israel military incursion is impending. During the day, Hamas kept up its barrage. By firing 100 rockets, the Islamists demonstrated that their rocket capability had not been impaired by three days of massive Israeli air strikes.

The War on Gaza: Mass Targeted Assassinations ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his ilk are showing themselves to be nothing but Eastern European Yiddish Ghetto Mobsters armed with very expensive high-tech weapons paid for by the American taxpayers!!!  Stirling  

Hamas’s crime is not its so called “rockets”, but its refusal to recognize Israel with open borders and legitimize its military and settler’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. When in fact NO Israeli government or political parties past or present ever recognized the State of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza, always denying the longest military and settlers occupation in modern times.

The Israel relentless attack on Gaza is at best, premeditated with intent to kill, murder and destroy whatever there is of Hamas and to abort what is called “ Palestinian Unity Government” which in fact is in name only and never went into effect on the ground.

EU 'DEPLORES' the Israeli killing of civilians ~ link ~ Contrast this with the Obama Administration, which supports it!  Stirling   

EU countries have urged Palestinian militants to stop firing at Israel, while “deploring” Israel’s killing of civilians.

They said in a statement on Tuesday (8 July) the EU “strongly condemns the indiscriminate fire into Israel” from the Gaza strip, while adding it “deplores the growing number of civilian casualties, reportedly among them children, caused by Israeli retaliatory fire”.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pleas for ceasefire in Gaza ~ link ~ Also see this ~ link ~ Good idea, but don't hold your breath!!!  Stirling   

Gaza death toll nears 90 ~ 185 rockets fired into Israel ~ link  

Zio-Nazis run wild in Occupied Palestine ~ linkWhen a large percentage of your people believe that only persons born of a Jewish mother are human beings, that all others are but two-legged animals, then such a hyper-racist attitude means that killing non-Jews is NOT murder.  That type of attitude is sick, totally evil and has no place in this world!!!   Stirling   

We recently learned that three Israeli suspects have confessed to burning to death Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdair. The killers even re-enacted their grisly deed for police.
The Western media is treating this incident as an isolated outrage. It is not. During the past 14 years, Israelis have murdered one Palestinian child every four days, on average.  During the second half of June, while the Zionist-dominated global media relentlessly hyped the “three kidnapped Israeli teens” story, several Palestinians were shot to death by the IDF, including 15-year-old Mohammed Dudin, who was murdered in Dura on June 20th. Corporate media coverage of the killing of Mohammed Dudin was negligible. To the mainstream media, the lives of Israeli Jews are priceless, while those of Palestinians are worth little or nothing.

Israelis hint at Gaza invasion ~ link ~ linkOf course, that way they can kill lots more Arab men, women and children!!! Stirling  

At least 78 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed in Israel's Gaza offensive, Palestinian officials said on Thursday as militants in the enclave kept up rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities.

As Israeli officials seemed to hint at a possible invasion by ground forces, eight members of one family, including five children, were killed in an early morning air strike that levelled two homes at Khan Younis in the south of the Gaza Strip near the Egyptian border, the Palestinian Health ministry said.

RT LIVE UPDATES on War in Gaza ~ link 

Kidnapped Israeli teenagers were shot 10 times with silenced gun say American investigators ~ link ~ The Zionists have a long history of sacrificing some of their own to trigger events or shape public perceptions.  The evil and nutty government of Netanyahu wanted another war and this gave it to them.  Sadly it is likely that this was an Israeli False Flag used to start the war!!!  Stirling   

Airstrike toll reaches 85 in Gaza - extensive photos ~ link 

Hamas believed to have several hundred Syrian-made M-302 rockets ~ link

Russia, Syria and Iran are coming to the aid of Iraq ~ link ~ The Global Bankster/Zionist ran Obama Administration stuck a knife in the Back of Iraq and now the Iraqi Government has turned to the enemies of the Banksters and Zionists for support.  Stirling  

USA insincere in claims of 'fighting terrorism' ~ link ~  
In an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, John Parker from the International Action Center (IAC) said the US provides arms to the ISIL terrorists through its regional allies such as Saudi Arabia in an attempt to destabilize Iraq and Syria.
The United States has “no problems with weapons of mass destruction as long as they’re used by those who would destroy the sovereignty of countries where the resources are desired by multinational corporations of the United States,” said the analyst.
In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on July 8, Iraq’s Ambassador to the UN Mohamed Ali Alhakim warned that the ISIL Takfiri terrorists had taken control of a huge former chemical weapons facility northwest of the capital, Baghdad.  The Iraqi official also said in the letter that remnants of 2,500 chemical rockets filled with the deadly nerve agent sarin are kept along with other chemical warfare agents in the facility. Parker added that the international community must adopt measures to deal with the raging violence plaguing Iraq, stressing, however, that Washington “should not be a player in that decision” as it has a “history of repeatedly making situations worse and more dangerous.”

ISIS takes over nuclear materials in northern Iraq ~ link ~

Iraq says “terrorist groups” have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country's north. Iraq's UN envoy has appealed for help to "stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad."

According to Iraq's UN ambassador, Mohamed Ali Alhakim, about 40 kilograms of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University. He added that such materials "can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction."

Kiev Junta official: War's death toll is 478 civilians which outnumbers Junta's army losses ~ link ~ If Putin allows a massive genocide to happen, his political lifespan and likely his actual lifespan will become very short as his own will turn on him!!!  Stirling   

Russian inaction leads to division among eastern Ukraine "rebels" ~ link
Deep strains emerged Thursday in the ranks of Ukraine’s pro-Russia insurgents, as dozens of militiamen turned in their weapons in disgust at Russian inaction and bickering broke out between rebel factions.
In the past two weeks, Ukrainian government troops have halved the amount of territory held by the rebels and grow better equipped and more confident by the day. Once fearful of losing further sections of Ukraine to neighboring Russia, they have shifted their strategy to containing the insurgents, whose pleas to join Russia have been ignored by President Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine: Long lines for cash and train tickets as locals flee Donetsk - video ~ link 

Clashes in Ukraine continue ~ link ~  
The clashes between militia forces and Ukrainian troops continued last night in different districts of Donetsk Region, representatives of the independence supporters told RIA Novosti Thursday.

“To put it in a few words, our situation can be described as the following: the enemy continues to bring troops to Donetsk, we are trying to prevent that. Our forces remain in control of Seversk on the outskirts of Slaviansk, around which we need to avoid the enemy closing up the circle of Lisichansk and Rubezhniy in Luhansk Region. In turn, we besieged a large group in the south of the region, near the Saur-Mogila,” the representative of militia headquarters said, adding that the Ukrainian Army continues to shell the city of Slaviansk and the village of Karlovka, with heavy artillery.

150 Heavy vehicles of Junta's army moving towards Lugansk ~ link ~  A spokesperson for the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) said on Wednesday that Ukrainian army forces are moving towards Lugansk. "The enemy has continued pulling its equipment and personnel in the northern direction, in particular, 150 armored vehicles, including APCs (armored personnel carriers), tanks and self-propelled launchers, as well as six Grad rocket launchers went through the town of Schastye [Happiness] towards Lugansk," the LPR said on its official website.
US boosting military presence in China's 'back yard' ~ link ~ If your going to have a new global world war, you have to stir up one hell of a lot of trouble!!!  Stirling   

Just when we thought US foreign policy couldn't sink to new lows, it does just that.  Recall yesterday's less than veiled threat by China president Xi Jinping Xi called for greater military communication with the U.S., adding that "A conflict between China and United States will definitely be a disaster for the two countries and the world. As long as we uphold mutual respect, maintain strategic patience and remain unperturbed by individual incidents and comments, we’ll be able to keep relations on a firm footing despite ups and downs that may come our way.” So what does the US do? Nothing short of taking a machete and poking the Dragon in the mouth. 

According to the FT, the US is developing new military tactics to deter China’s slow but steady territorial advances in the South China Sea, including more aggressive use of surveillance aircraft and naval operations near contested areas. “Our efforts to deter China [in the South China Sea] have clearly not worked,” said a senior US official. 

CDC and HHS ARE PLANNING for Mass Casualties in America ~ link 

USA Out of Germany ~ link ~
The U.S. war machine does not, in fact, benefit the nations it occupies or the nation in whose name it occupies.  It endangers both, strips away the rights of both, damages the natural environment of both, impoverishes both, and devotes the energies of both to destructive enterprises or mutual disagreements that distract from the necessary work of actual defense from actual dangers, such as the industrial destruction of our air, land, and oceans.

Pulling U.S. troops out of Germany would be the clearest signal that the United States, which has engaged in 200 military actions during the “post-war period,” is ready at long last to actually end the war.

Italian EU Presidency backs 'South Stream' Russian pipeline project ~ link ~ Interesting ... I always say, "follow the money"!   Stirling   

The Italian EU presidency is in favour of a controversial Russian pipeline, South Stream, which would circumvent Ukraine to bring gas to south-east Europe. 

"We think South Stream should go ahead, as it would improve the diversification of gas routes to Europe," Italy's state secretary for EU affairs Sandro Gozi said on Thursday (10 July) during a press event in Brussels. He echoed statements made by Italian foreign minister Federica Mogherini who visited Moscow on Wednesday and met with her Russian counterpart.

Spain seeks to Criminalize Political Protests ~ link ~ The Globalist lords and masters cannot stand dissent!  Stirling  

UK to pass "emergency" data laws ~ link ~ As usual the British Political Class is acting as the enforcers for the Global Banking Cartel and Zionist fascists...Shameful.  Stirling   

British parliament is to pass emergency phone and internet data laws, despite privacy invasion warnings by civil liberties campaigners.   
British Prime Minister David Cameron made the announcement on Thursday following a European Court of Justice (ECJ) legal ruling rendering current laws invalid. The new legislation which is set to go before parliament next week, will require phone companies to retain data related to telephone conversations, internet use and text messages for 12 months.

Ingredients banned in Europe are common in US foods ~ link ~ Stay the hell away from US fast food restaurants  and from processed food in the grocery market, if you want to live a good healthy life!!!  Stirling   

US Western Drought: Hoover Dam reservoir dropping to lowest level since it was created almost 80 years ago ~ link ~ The drought is the direct result of the Federal Government using HAARP to divert Pacific based storms from coming on-shore.  The reason for this is that the level of radiation is very high and they don't want a public panic, at least not yet!  Stirling    

Enormous shoal of anchovies on US Pacific Coast ~ link ~ The Pacific is dying from the Fukushima radiation and there has been a host of strange sea-life events on the American Pacific Coast, which the mainstream news media just "can't understand".  Stirling


Anonymous said...

Kiev is preparing a military operation in the Crimea before, the newspaper "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" writes on Friday.

In adjacent to the Crimea Kherson region, which is the most important bridgehead for use on the peninsula, the total mobilization of all men was proclaimed to 35 years. At the same time large troops are pulled together before the Crimean isthmus, which represent the Ukrainian media as "reinforcing the temporary border to the peninsula".

According to sources in the Russian Defense Kiev wants but "unleash an armed conflict on the peninsula, without waiting for the results of the fighting in the south-east of Ukraine." In this conflict "civilians and Crimean Tatars are involved" could, BelTA learned from the Russian military circles.

From an impending "victory parade in the Ukrainian Sevastopol" known to be the new Ukrainian Defense Minister Valeri Geletej had already spoken. Some experts thought his words for swagger that has nothing to do with the real situation. However, it looks like that President Pyotr Poroshenko actually soon will begin a military campaign in the Crimea.

This included also the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is not enough. On a reporter's question about a possible attack on the Ukrainian Crimea, he recently said: "I would recommend anyone that. We have our doctrine of National Security, in which our actions are clearly described in such a case. "Authorities in Kiev, however, seem to have no fear of such warnings have.

According to recent media reports, Ukrainian "Grad" multiple rocket launchers are stationed on the Spit Arbatskaya Strelka near the Russian border. "This is no coincidence, because in the Crimea, on a sand ceremony near the village Strelkowoje, there are gas reserves, and there is a gas distribution station," said military expert General retired lieutenant Yuri Nektatschew. "In the case of damage to this station, it may be shortages in energy supply of the peninsula." He also did not rule out an environmental disaster. It was also informed by his words convened for 45 days Ukrainian reservists that they will then pull in the direction of Crimea.

The fact that it inhabitants of the territory of Kherson will take part in the possible hostilities in the Crimea, according to Netkatschew is obvious. In this context he referred to the recent statement of the leader of the Crimean Tatars, Mustafa Dschemilew that the Ukrainian government is currently working on a plan to "Connecting the Kherson region of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea within Ukraine". The capital of the new authority should the city be Genichesk. This status, they will have "until the liberation of the Crimea by the foreign occupation," said Dschemilew.

In Genichesk an external meeting of the Majlis (Tatar Crimean parliament) took place a few days ago, was dedicated to "the new policy for the Tatar people situation in the Crimea and the implementation of his right to a national-territorial autonomy". This right was taken the Tatars in their opinion. On July 7, it was decided to retrieve the Tatar representatives of the executive authorities of the Crimea.

The Acting Head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, said that the Majlis chairman Refat Tschubarow and Mustafa Dschemilew show that they are "totally subordinated to the Western and especially American intelligence." Given the entry was forbidden to the Crimea two. But they will not give up their goals clearly, and it could benefit Poroshenko.

I have used google translator to translate the text from German into English.
There are certainly mistakes in the translation.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine reinforcing its positions on border with Russia’s Crimea

Ukrainian army keeps reinforcing its positions on the Crimean section of the state border with Russia, CrimeaInform reported from the Isthmus of Chongar which connects Crimea and the mainland.

“Operations are in full swing, Ukrainian military forces are digging trenches quickly. If separate firing points slightly deepened in the ground and imbedded with bags of sand were located at these places earlier, now these are full-scale trenches stretching in long lines at 100-200 metres one after another,” CrimeaInform reported.

No less than four lines of trenches are seen from Chongar deeply in Ukrainian territory, he said.

“On their positions around five veiled infantry armoured vehicles, armoured assault vehicles and no less than two tanks T-64 are noticed. This is seen on a narrow neck of land running deep from checkpoint Chongar in the direction of railway stations Sivash and Novoalekseevka. Meanwhile, the very railway station Sivash was turned in a stronghold, its building was reinforced with bags of sand, the adjacent territory is also prepared for defense,” CrimeaInform reported.