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Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


 28 July 2014 ~ Second Update


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Today is the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the Great War (World War I). A rational analysis of today's political/economic/geo-strategic environment would find the World very close to Economic Collapse, High-Tech Police State fascism, and World War III.  Further, all rational professional analyses of the effects of 21st Century warfare on the human population, in a WWIII scenario,  are indicative of it being a Human Life Extinction Level Event!!!  Stirling    


Netanyahu calls for continuation of Gaza aggression ~ link ~ He just can't help himself, he is the Antichrist!!!  Stirling 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the continuation of aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip despite international calls for the termination of Israeli "massacre" in the blockaded enclave.

"We must be prepared for a lengthy campaign" in Gaza, said the Israeli prime minister on Monday.
Netanyahu further described Palestinian resistance fighters as a “cruel enemy”.
The Israeli premier also criticized a call by the United Nations Security Council for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza. 

US Senator Harry Reid: Israel in urgent need of more US money for Gaza War ~ link ~ This evil jerk, almost 100 million Americans out of work and he wants us to send billions more to his lords and masters in Israel.  We need to kick bastards like him out of office, he does NOT serve the people of American but instead does the bidding of his paymasters the Zionists.  Stirling  

On Monday afternoon, Reid, a member of the Democratic Party, warned that the Obama administration’s $225 million request to aid Israel during its current war may not be enough, as the Zionist regime continues to massacre Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel has been relentlessly pounding the besieged territory for 21 days. More than 1,050 Palestinians have been killed and thousands wounded, including women and children. In retaliation, Palestinian resistance fighters have fired rockets into Israel.

The Israeli military is now threatening to escalate its war on the coastal enclave by warning Palestinians in areas around the Gaza City to leave their homes.

Last week, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel sent a letter to congressional leadership requesting $225 million in additional US funding for Israel’s Iron Dome, which is a short-range rocket defense system designed to intercept rockets and artillery shells fired from a range of between four and 70 kilometers.

The money would be in addition to the $351 million that’s already under discussion for Iron Dome in fiscal 2015. It would bring total funding to $576 million, compared with the $176 million requested by the Pentagon for the year that begins on October 1.

But Reid said Tel Aviv will need even more money from Washington if the war continues.

“We should not give the Israeli people the minimum amount of aid and then cross our fingers and hope it all works out in the future,” Reid said. “We can do better and need to go further in protecting Israel.”

On Thursday, US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans plan to introduce their own legislation that would provide additional funding for the Iron Dome.

“Republicans are united in support of our ally Israel. We have legislation that would allow Congress to meet the [Defense] Secretary’s request” for $225 million, said McConnell. “We hope our friends on the other side will join us in coming to a sensible, bipartisan solution that can be passed quickly.”

Ten IDF solders killed east of Shujaiyya ~ link

At least 10 Israeli soldiers have been killed in a fighting with Palestinian resistance fighters as the Israeli onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip lingers on.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said in a statement which was issued on Monday that Palestinian resistance fighters killed the Israeli soldiers east of Shujaiyya. The military wing of Hamas further noted that its fighters infiltrated "behind enemy lines" and killed the soldiers.

Israel warns Gazans around Gaza City to leave ~ link

The Israeli army has warned thousands of Palestinians living near Gaza City to leave their homes, as Tel Aviv threatens to escalate its war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

A statement from the army said on Monday that phone calls were made and text messages were sent out to the people of “Shejaiya, Zeitun and eastern Jabaliya calling them to evacuate immediately towards central Gaza City.” The areas are located in the north, south and east of the city.

The warning came after at least 10 people, mostly children, were killed and more than 40 others wounded in an Israeli strike on Shati refugee camp in Gaza.
The assault on the refugee camp took place a few minutes after al-Shifa Hospital’s outpatient clinic was struck, leaving several people wounded

In a text message, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri denounced the attack on the refugee camp as a “massacre.” 

American regime wants WWIII because Big Banks are insolvent ~ link

Dean Henderson with the Veterans Today made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Monday as he commented on recent remarks made by White House Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes who said “stronger” European sanctions “are on the table” against Russia.
“That is just more aggression from the United States and from Anglo-Israeli-US bankers alliance which seems to be just trying every angle to provoke Russians to the World War III because all the big banks are insolvent,” Henderson told Press TV.

Meanwhile, the United States claims at least part of the blame for the downing of a Malaysian passenger plane in Ukraine, which left all 298 people onboard dead, lies with Russia. Henderson says these accusations are just “a pretext” for the US to save its insolvent bankers by going to war as Washington “has done this before in World War II.”

Russia raps Junta's military ops near MH17 crash site ~ link ~
On Monday, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said that Ukraine’s military is still operating inside the 40-kilometer radius of the MH17 crash site, which is in violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2166.

Ukraine War death toll: 1,100 dead and over 3,500 wounded says UN ~ link ~  

The report also states that these are the minimum casualty toll estimates by the UN monitoring mission and WHO. 

The report says that the cause of the rising death toll is intensified artillery shelling of the civilian residential areas and the so-called “collateral damage” of the armed actions in the heavily-populated areas. 

Also, 100,000 people were forcibly displaced in eastern Ukraine. 

Russia rebuffs as fakes US sat image claims ~ link ~ The Obama Administration lie ... really what a shocker ... NOT.  The bastards don't know how to tell the truth!!!  Stirling   

The Shocking Reason Putin Isn't Worried About The $50 Billion Yukos Ruling ~ link ~  

But perhaps this explains why Putin is not coming out swinging, as The FT concludes,
One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.

“There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”

Mass Incarceration: 21 Amazing facts about American's obsession with prison ~ link

Nobody in the world loves locking people behind bars as much as Americans do.  We have more people in prison than any other nation on the planet.  We also have a higher percentage of our population locked up than anyone else does by a very large margin.  But has all of this imprisonment actually made us safer?  Well, the last time I checked, crime was still wildly out of control in America and for the most recent year that we have numbers for violent crime was up 15 percent.  The number of people that we have locked up has quadrupled since 1980, but this is not solving any of our problems.  Clearly, what we are doing is not working. 

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