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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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8 JULY 2014 

Breaking News


Porky approves war plan to capture Donetsk ~ link ~
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko replaced the head of the military operation in the east of the country. The new official in charge of the punitive operation is Vasily Gritsak, a former deputy from the Party of Regions, RIA Novosti reports. In addition, Poroshenko approved the plan of taking Donetsk and Luhansk after a meeting with defense officials.

Reportedly, the plan does not stipulate for the storm of Donetsk and Luhansk, but it does include a set of measures to "liberate" the cities from militias. In case of strong resistance, the cities will be blockaded, to force militias to surrender.

Pravda.ru: NATO ships will sink in ten minutes should they attack Russia ~ link ~ The US Navy is still the most powerful navy on Earth.  However, in any naval encounter there are a number of factors that will determine the life or death of a battle fleet.  In the case of the current NATO war fleet in the Black Sea, there are too few anti-missile platforms with too few rounds (both anti-missile missiles and point-defense artillery) to defend against the likely mass of advanced anti-shipping missiles.  So, at the present, the limited number of NATO war ships in the Black Sea even including the USN guided missile cruiser the USS Vella Gulf, would be in grave danger in any military engagement.  However, this places events on a 'hair trigger' as the USN/NATO would have to act fast to be able to utilize the offensive missile power on the USS Vella Gulf before its destuction.  'Hair triggers' are a very dangerous thing because they can be triggered by lower ranking officers in the heat of battle/near battle and can effectively take over the strategic direction of a conflict or near conflict in opposition to the intentions of national command authority.  Stirling  

The number of NATO ships in the waters of the Black Sea today is larger than it was during the days of the Soviet Union. Even during the war with Georgia in 2008, the Alliance and the U.S. did not send so many cruisers, frigates, patrol and reconnaissance vessels to the Black Sea. Today, there are nine of them, but Russian defense officials say that there is nothing to fear. In case of aggression against the Russian Federation, nine NATO ships will be able to stay afloat for a few minutes only.

"In the Black Sea basin, there is Vella Gulf cruiser of the U.S. Navy, French frigate Surcouf, two reconnaissance boats of France and Italy, Dupuy de Lome, and reconnaissance boat of the Italian Navy Elettra," a source said. In addition, an Italian patrol ship, Italian and Turkish minesweepers and a British anti-mine defense ship take part in NATO exercises as well.

Is Putin willing and able to confront the West? - video ~ link ~ If Putin allows the Russian population of the eastern Ukraine to be subject to genocide and the like from the Globalist/Zionist/Fascist coup junta, I believe that the 'knives will come out' against him, that his own people will turn on him and his time will become very short.  I suspect that he will not allow that to happen. Which means that he will act relatively soon in the Ukraine.  Then the next question will be 'what will NATO do'?  So many of the political leaders of NATO nations are so compromised by the Globalists and Zionists that they will have to support a totally insane war option of intervention in the Ukraine in the event of a Russian intervention.  Stirling  

Obama justifies killing civilians, including children, in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ Obama is simply an evil morally compromised Front Man for some of the most evil people in history.  Stirling     

Israel calling up 40,000 reserve troops as IDF shoots down rocket over Tel Aviv - Operation 'Solid Rock' begins with 50 strikes ~ link All hell is breaking loose in the Middle East.  In the case of the War on Palestine, I suspect that this will be much worse than Operation Lead Cast and will quickly spread to Lebanon and Syria! The General Middle East War that Bibi 666 Netanyahu has wanted for so long is developing NOW!!!   Stirling  

Over 80 rockets in steady stream from Gaza ~ link ~ This nightmare is just beginning!!!  Stirling 

Israel launches Operation 'Protective Edge' against Gaza ~ link ~ The fuse has been lit ... now the question is 'how big of a blast will this ignite?'  Stirling  

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Anonymous said...

"Is Putin willing and able to confront the West"?

Well, we are still watching the Soccer World Championship, but it will be over in a few day's time.

After that, hell will break loose.

Further, a reader asks:

"Why in all these years is nobody giving the Palestinians anti-air weaponry? Why"

Well, nearly the whole planet Earth is controlled by Jewish/Zionist Bankers.

They play the goy-card, which means: Let the goys all over the world fight against each other, kill each other and rape each other.
The main point is:

How can the Jew prevail?

The rest is unimportant.

Well, in a few year's time, ISIS will have conquered huge parts of Europe and eastern Europe, these countries will find themselves in complete chaos.
And the Jew, who is responsible for this quackmire, the eternal Jew, will have prevailed.
If he cannot prevail, he will make use of the Samson Option.

Check it out, folks.