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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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12 July 2014 ~ Third Update

Breaking News

Israeli air strikes kill over 150 - Almost all civilians - Hamas responds with rockets ~ link ~

Israel continues aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip, leaving more than 150 dead in the coastal enclave. At least 15 people were killed in the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza while Hamas resistance movement launched retaliatory attacks on Saturday.

Israeli warplanes targeted a number of locations in Gaza city along with the cities of Rafah, Beit Lahia, and Jabalia.Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip and Sheikh Radwan district were among Israel’s targets. A massive fire broke out at an industrial area of Gaza city following an airstrike.
In response, Palestinian resistance fired retaliatory rockets into the occupied territories. The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, launched at least 10 rockets against Tel Aviv and East al-Quds (Jerusalem). The town of Gan Yavne was also hit with two rockets after Hamas announced it would launch J-80 missiles against Israel.

UN Security Council unanimously calls for ceasefire in Gaza War ~ link ~

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously called for ceasefire and respect for "international humanitarian laws" in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The 15-member body released a press statement calling for de-escalation and restoration of calm between Israel and the besieged enclave.

The legally non-binding press release is the first response by the council after five days of deadly airstrikes by Tel Aviv against the coastal silver.
The world body voiced "serious concern" over the "protection and welfare of civilians" during the Israeli aggression.

IDF has begun dropping leaflets telling Gazans to leave their homes ~ link

The IDF has begun dropping leaflets on certain parts of Gaza, telling residents to leave their homes, reported Channel 2 Saturday night. The move is being interpreted as a preparation for a possible ground offensive by the IDF.

Channel 2 also reported that the IDF is carrying out a combined large-scale operation by fighter jets, attack helicopters and artillery in Gaza Saturday night. The artillery was being fired at open spaces that could serve as launch sites for rockets.

Ukraine Junta: 1,000 Pro-Russians killed ~ link ~ This will soon blow up big time!!!  Stirling   

Ukrainian military operations spokesman Andrey Lysenko said warplanes bombarded the pro-Russians’ positions near the restive eastern city of Donetsk, on Saturday.
“According to preliminary assessment, Ukrainian pilots ... killed about 500 (rebel) fighters and damaged two armored transporters,” Lysenko said.
During an earlier air strike on a base near Perevalsk, north of Donetsk, two tanks, 10 armored vehicles and "about 500" rebel fighters were destroyed, he added.

Moscow protests shooting at Russian border guards from Junta's side ~ link ~

Moscow strongly condemns Kiev forces shooting at Russian border guards and demands that such actions cease. Otherwise, Russia reserves the right to protect its territory and citizens, the Foreign Ministry has said.

At around 3 am on Saturday, a vehicle with a squad of Russian border guards, on duty at the frontier between Russia and Ukraine, came under fire from the Ukrainian side, the Russian Ministry said in a statement.

30 Civilians killed and orphanage destroyed as Junta forces hit town near Donetsk ~ link ~ Big brave men killing unarmed civilians and destoying an orphanage.  Some bastards need to hang for this!!!  Stirling   

MS-13 the violent Central American gang is using the Border Crisis as a Recruiting hub ~ link ~ The delightful bastards behind the Obama Administration, the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists, have created this Crisis to filter in large numbers of very dangerous gang members and to use the taxpayers money to settle them all across America.  The goal: To create total chaos and then Martial Law when the US Dollar tanks!!!  Stirling   

The Deteriorating Economic Outlook ~ link  

Brisbane Australia hits coldest temperature in 103 years ~ link ~ One of the signs of the End Times is very abnormal weather!!!  Stirling    

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded ~ link  

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