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 20 July 2014 ~ Third Update


Breaking News


Bloody Sunday as 99 Gazans and 13 Israeli soldiers killed ~ link ~ The Israeli genocide continues and expands as the world does nothing!!!  Stirling  

Gaza War: 13 Israeli troops and 87 Gazans (almost all civilians including children) killed ~ link ~ Actually these numbers are low, as they still can't get into the worst bombed/shelled areas in Gaza. Bodies are lying in the street, bodies of children, women and men.  This is typical way-over-the-top Israeli hateful demonic hyper-racist GENOCIDE!!!  Stirling  

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the deaths in the Shejaiya district east of Gaza City were a "massacre".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue operations in Gaza "as much as we need to" despite the casualties.

90 Gazans Killed on Sunday ~ link

A fresh series of Israeli aerial and ground attacks have claimed the lives of at least 90 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip over the past few hours.

This comes as Israeli tanks and artillery continue to shell northern and eastern Gaza, while fighter jets keep pounding other civilian targets in the densely-populated region.

Gaza Bloody Sunday ~ link

The Israeli army said that 13 soldiers from the same brigade had been killed in a series of attacks inside Gaza on the third day of a major ground operation. 

As regional leaders met in Doha for urgent talks on a ceasefire, the Gaza Palestinian death toll soared to 425, with a spokesman for the emergency services saying more than a third of the victims were women and children

Gaza - Very Graphic - Dozens of children killed in fresh attacks ~ link ~ If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes you need your head and your soul examined.  Contrast this short video to the article immediately below.  Stirling  

Israelis rejoice as IDF bombs Gaza civilians ~ link ~ This shows the true hyper-racist nature of Israeli society.  Beyond shameful.  Stirling   

Israelis continue to shamelessly gather on hillsides for cheering as the Tel Aviv regime’s military drops bombs on innocent Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Groups of Israelis gather each evening on hilltops overlooking Gaza to watch, whoop and whistle as missiles are fire at the oppressed Gazans a few miles away, British daily the Guardian reported on Sunday.
Sitting on upturned crates, garden chairs and battered car seats, most of the spectators hold up smartphones to take selfies against backdrops of black smoke in Gaza.

The flash of explosions is greeted with exclamations of approval by the Israelis, with one of the spectator describing a shellfire as "What a beauty."
"We come to look at the bombing," said Shimrit Peretz, an Israeli citizen, adding, "It's interesting". Peretz said she doesn't worry about the Palestinian civilians.
The report was released a few days after the American news network CNN removed its correspondent Diana Magnay from covering Israel’s deadly offensive against Palestinians after she reported Israelis’ cheering of the bombing of Gaza last week.

Raw: Al-Shajaiyah Massacre - videos ~ link 

Deadly Sunday In Gaza ~ link

Harry Fear, an RT contributor who is in Gaza summed up the scene this afternoon. “For approximately one hour this afternoon, Israel held fire on the Shejaia neighborhood in east Gaza. Just over the last few minutes, Israel has continued to fire on this neighborhood, which has been heavily pounded this morning and last night,” he said.

The death toll was condemned by the Arab League who described Israeli attacks on Gaza on Sunday as a “war crime” against Palestinian civilians.  

RT LIVE UPDATES from Gaza War ~ link  

China calls for Gaza ceasefire ~ link

China's special envoy on Middle East Affairs Wu Sike on Sunday called on Israel to immediately stop the military operations against the Gaza Strip and put an end to the blockage it imposes on the coastal enclave.

"We condemn the killing and the targeting of innocent civilians and we urge Israel and all parties involved to immediately cease fire," he told reporters.

Israel and Palestine: The Maps Tell The True Story ~ link 

Israeli Intelligence Minister vows reoccupation of the Gaza Strip amid international outcry ~ link ~  

The senior official says Israeli forces will reoccupy the besieged coastal enclave despite the international outcry to end the bloodshed there.
"There is a significant likelihood that the current ground operation will end with Israel retaking full control over Gaza," media outlets quoted Steinitz as saying.
Steinitz's remarks come after the Israeli diplomatic-security cabinet unanimously approved an expansion of ground invasion in the impoverished region....

According to Zoabi, Israelis cannot tolerate living in shelters for long. She added that Israelis are arrogant and believe that their military forces can easily finish the war, so they do not want the conflict to spoil their summer vacations and foreign travels.

Bloody Sunday ~ link

At least 97 Palestinians and 13 soldiers were killed Sunday as Israel ramped up a major military offensive in the bloodiest single day in Gaza in five years.

Exit FM Hague still making excuses for Israel ~ link ~ The Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists basically own most of the political class in the United Kingdom, America, France, Germany, and much of the western world.  Why, well they control a almost unlimited flow of money and they make sure that they can bribe or blackmail almost everyone of importance.  That is a stranglehold that needs to be broken if the Human Race is to survive!!!  Stirling    

Germany endorses Israel's invasion of Gaza ~ link ~ Shameful...bought-and-paid-for political whores!!!  Stirling   

Media Blackout: Major Military Operation in eastern Ukraine - 496 Civilians and 1600 Soldiers Killed ~ link ~  This is figures for the entire 'military operation' of the Junta.  Stirling  

The vast majority of Sunday's dead were in Shejaiya between Gaza City and the Israeli border, with at least 62 people killed there in a blistering bombardment which began overnight, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.
At least 250 were wounded, raising the overall injury toll during the 13 days of violence to well above 3,000, he said.
- See more at:
The vast majority of Sunday's dead were in Shejaiya between Gaza City and the Israeli border, with at least 62 people killed there in a blistering bombardment which began overnight, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.
At least 250 were wounded, raising the overall injury toll during the 13 days of violence to well above 3,000, he said.
- See more at:

Putin Escapes Assassination Attempt - ECM Battle Over Poland Saved Putin's Life And Downed MH17 ~ link ~ I am more convinced than ever that this is what happened.  Stirling  

Ukrainian Pearl Harbor and World War III ~ link
No less surprising though, was Hilary Clinton’s attempt to blame on Russia the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, a passenger plane with nearly 300 people on board all blown to pieces over the Ukraine. Her speech reminded me the 9/11 tragedy when within minutes the mainstream media begun to blame Osama bin Laden for carrying out the attacks. In both cases, strong accusations went ahead of facts. For any thinking person an idea that the Russians had shot down the plane would seem extremely stupid, knowing that they would be the first to get the blame. To figure that one out, one doesn’t need to have degree in geopolitics — a simple use of logic is enough. Whoever benefits from this attack, it wouldn’t be the Russians who are already demonized and suffer sanctions.

I wonder what the western powers are thinking when pushing for war with nuclear Russia. It sounds suicidal and insane.

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