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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

3 July 2014 ~ Second Update

Breaking News

The news from the Ukraine War, from the Iraqi Conflict (and Syria), from the Israeli Gaza/West Bank front-line, is not only BAD, it's like the Gates of Hell are opening!!!  Stirling 

Saudi Arabia deploys 30,000 troops on border with Iraq ~ link ~ link ~ The early-stage General Middle East War continues to develop.  This threat of a Saudi invasion of Iraq is real.  Remember the Saudis, Qatar and the USA are funding/organizing/arming/leading the ISIS terrorists!!!  This is part of the demonic Netanyahu strategic plan to inflame all of the Middle East in war ... a war that the Globalists intend to see GO GLOBAL into WWIII. Remember that Israel has hundreds, if not thousands, of nuclear weapons, that Saudi Arabia has a limited number of same, and the Iranians, Syrians and Hezbollah have a hundred thousand plus rockets and missiles.  The Iranians also have a very developed Advanced Biowar capacity, and these weapons are likely to be/become available to the Syrians and Hezbollah and others if "the Shit really hits the fan"!!!  Stirling    

Saudi Arabia has deployed 30,000 troops to its 800km border with Iraq following an alleged withdrawal of Iraqi border guards amid the ongoing battles against Sunni Islamist militants. Baghdad denied pulling off the guards.

"This is false news aimed at affecting the morale of our people and the morale of our heroic fighters," the spokesman, Lieutenant General Qassim Atta, told reporters in Baghdad. He added that the frontier was "fully in the grip" of Iraqi border troops

Iraq denies any withdrawal of forces from Saudi border ~ link ~
Iraqi military officials have denied that troops have abandoned positions along the border with Saudi Arabia.
Interior ministry spokesman Brig Gen Saad Maan told the BBC that the border force was functioning normally.

"Saudi Arabia places 30,000 soldiers on its border IN THE WAKE OF ISIS THREAT" ~ link ~ This is a good example of just what the Globalist/Zionist mainstream news media really thinks of their readers ... that we are simply dumb Goy who they can lie to, no matter how bold and outrageous the lies are.  Saudi Arabia is a key partner in the funding/arming/etc. of ISIS and in effect, a Saudi prince is running ISIS.  Stirling  

Saudi Arabia has placed 30,000 soldiers on its northern border after 2,500 Iraqi soldiers reportedly quit their posts, leaving the country open to the threat of a lightning advance by ISIS militants.

King Abdullah ordered all necessary measures to protect the kingdom against potential 'terrorist threats' as the possibility of ISIS taking yet more territory in the Middle East appeared to increase.

ISIS: US game of geopolitical power ~ link ~ Go one step further: The USA is simply a puppet to the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists...anther step further...this is all a Satanic operation against God and his beautiful blue planet, Earth, and his children on Earth!!!   Stirling  

Washington seeks to set Muslims against one another as part of a game of geopolitical power, an analyst writes for Press TV.

Iranian policy towards other Muslim countries and other Muslim sects is, if anything, based on altruism and a genuine desire for regional harmony. Unfortunately, many of those other Muslim countries’ policies are instead being determined by puppetry and servile obedience to the United States, which has involved itself in a crusade against Islam itself. These states export confusion, extremism, instability and self-destruction among Muslims, and they set Muslims against one another as part of a selfish game of geopolitical power that ignores Islam and human rights, Harry J. Bentham wrote in a column for the Press TV website.

“A divided country… would be the ultimate degeneration into sectarianism in Iraq,” he was analyzing the massive offensive launched by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants across Iraq. 

The analyst said the West and its “regional puppets” are inflaming sectarianism in Iraq.
“There is no limit to their encouragement of sectarianism. In fact, sectarianism is their sole narrative in Iraq, and they use the language of sectarianism to inflame the conflict,” Bentham wrote.
He laid the blame on “Saudi-backed militants claiming to represent all Sunnis” for promoting the ideology of Takfirism in Iraq.

He said “leaderless terrorist creations” like the ISIL are nurturing Saudi “delusions” for influence in the region.

Israel moves IDF troops near to Gaza border as boy's funeral is delayed ~ link ~ It is looking more and more like the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens was a typical Israeli False Flag to provoke a war in Gaza and the West Bank in order to really inflame the Mideast to get a real major horrific conflagration going!!!  Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his fellow nuts are really going off the deep end now!!!  Stirling    

Israel has begun reinforcing its military forces on its border with the Gaza Strip amid heightened tensions with the Palestinians.

The murders of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank was followed by the murder of a Palestinian youth in Jerusalem.

Israel in bombing of Gaza Strip ~ link ~ Just warming up! Stirling  

Ukraine Junta's new Defense Minister promises Parliament to retake the Crimea from Russia  ~ link ~ WOW talk about shooting down the German/French efforts to establish a new ceasefire and end the war!!!  This is the answer to what is happening and to where the Ukraine War is going ... Right to Hell.  Stirling  

New Ukrainian Defence Minister Valeriy Heletey has promised that the army would retake Crimea, restoring the country's territorial integrity.

Addressing parliament in Kiev, he said: "There will be a victory parade... in Ukraine's Sevastopol."

Ukraine civilians bombed by Junta's air force and shelled by Junta's army  ~ link
The village of Kondrashovka in eastern Ukraine lies devastated after shelling by Kiev troops which killed seven people. Bodies torn to pieces are strewn across the settlement and those who survived are asking: why did Kiev kill their families?

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