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15 July 2014 ~ Fourth Update

Breaking News

Back to War in Gaza; No cease-fire!

Israel to intensify Gaza air strikes as truce falters ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~

Palestinian officials say Israeli raids have killed 194 people. Israel on Tuesday reported its first fatality.

Ceasefire plans were backed by Tony Blair ~ link ~ It figures, nothing good every came from that jerk!  Stirling  
Middle East envoy Tony Blair played a role in ceasefire negotiations, but Hamas are said not to trust the former UK Prime Minister

Tony Blair's involvement in the Middle East peace process came under scrutiny today as a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza collapsed, while the first Israeli death in a week of fighting has been confirmed.
Israel warns Hamas "will pay price" ~ link ~ Actually, based on the facts of this war and previous wars in Gaza (the largest open air prison on Earth), the children and other civilians are the ones "who will pay the price"!!!  Stirling  
Once Again, Israel is Defeated ~ link ~ While I see the writers points, I think that this mess is just getting underway.  Stirling   
Hamas’ strategy in the last week has displayed a rare genius in the method it used to capitalise on Israel’s superior technology and the Iron Dome in particular.  What could be smarter or more ethical than putting Israel under a constant barrage of rockets, delivering your essential message with missiles, yet knowing that no one will be hurt?

In the past week Hamas has managed to utilise Israeli technology and to integrate Israeli engineering into its operational tactics. This is a unique significant tactical achievement that proves that the Palestinian leadership in Gaza is significantly more sophisticated than their counterparts in Jerusalem

This is a repetition of a familiar Jewish historical and cultural pattern.  By the time the Jewish elite is convinced that its domination is established, a disaster is immanent. As Israel came to believe that it had bought itself the final and ultimate technological answer to Palestinian ballistic resistance, it has been devastated to discover that it has lost the war on every possible front: militarily, technologically, politically and ethically.
Netanyahu: Israel will intensify offensive against Gaza ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will intensify its offensive against Hamas in Gaza after a truce plan failed to end eight days of cross-border fire.
Ukraine War: Junta's warplanes bomb town of Snizhne ~ link
A warplane has attacked a rebel-held town with rockets in eastern Ukraine, shattering homes and killing 11 people.

Rockets struck the town of Snizhne in Donetsk region around 07:00 (04:00 GMT), hitting a block of flats and a tax office 
Junta aircraft fire missiles at apartment block in eastern Ukraine: 4 Civilians Dead ~ link ~ War Crime!  Stirling    
Kiev’s Air Force fired three missiles to destroy a multifamily apartment building in the city of Snezhnoe, eastern Donetsk Region. At least four civilians have been pronounced dead as rescue teams continue to clear out debris of the collapsed building.

Assault aircraft fired four missiles at approximately 6:27am, when most of the citizens of Snezhnoe were fast asleep. One of the missiles hit the local tax administration building, which was empty at that early hour. The other three hit a five-story residential building at the 14 Lenin Street, reports RIA Novosti. 

China Warns USA to Stay Out of the South China Sea Dispute ~ link ~ Setting the stage for the China War Theater to the coming Third World War!!!  Stirling   

A week ago, China made it very clear to the US that while it is happy to preserve cordial relations and smile on photo ops, it had no problems with taking the US to task, and even the battlefield, financial or conventional, should the US - having lost most of its credibility in recent years - dare to interfere. It said it so clearly only an idiot could have misread it: "A conflict between China and United States will definitely be a disaster for the two countries and the world,” Xi said. “As long as we uphold mutual respect, maintain strategic patience and remain unperturbed by individual incidents and comments, we’ll be able to keep relations on a firm footing despite ups and downs that may come our way.” 

Sadly, since these days US foreign policy indeed appears to be run by idiots, instead of staying out of China's way, the US responded by kicking the tiger in the teeth and escalated even further when it was reported that the US was unleashing even more military forces in China's back yard, and is developing new military tactics to deter China’s slow but steady territorial advances in the South China Sea, including more aggressive use of surveillance aircraft and naval operations near contested areas
Iraq: Parliament breaks deadlock and elects new Speaker ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~
Iraq's parliament has elected Salim al-Jabouri as speaker, breaking weeks of political deadlock amid a jihadist-led Sunni rebellion in the north and west.

The main Sunni Arab bloc in the Council of Representatives had nominated the moderate Islamist for the position.

Iran: Foreign Minister floats nuclear talks extension ~ link ~ I suspect that the western demands are by design too extreme and that is the "problem".  Stirling  

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has suggested that talks on Iran's nuclear programme could be extended beyond a 20 July deadline.

After two days of talks in Vienna, he said progress had been made and "more time may help".

Iran says 'NO' to a partial removal of sanctions ~ link ~ The Globalist/Zionist 'west' wants a tough agreement AND to keep a large part of the sanctions against Iran.  Typical!!! Of course, the western mainstream news media will not tell you this!  Stirling  

Murrieta Mutiny ~ link ~ Wow ... you need to read this one in full at the link. The Border Patrol agents threatened to Stand Down!  Stirling   

According to the whistleblower, who has thus far remained anonymous for fear of reprisal, the Department of Homeland Security on orders from the White House was preparing to disperse the protesters with physical force if necessary. Federal riot police were being mobilized, complete with riot gear, body armor and armored personnel carriers.

When local law enforcement and border patrol agents, many of whom live in Murrieta, got wind of the plot they reportedly pushed back against the Federal government and themselves protested behind closed doors.

Nebraska Governor (and Chair of National Governor's Conference): Feds Conducting Secret Operation placing illegal immigrants in states without officials knowledge ~ link ~
The government estimates that 90,000 children, primarily from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, could make the journey alone by this fall, and that as many as 145,000 of them could arrive next year.

Last week Heineman expressed outrage that federal officials had refused to share the information.

Resting Obama's Amnesty Rush ~ link ~ Everything about this Border Crisis is designed by the Obama Administration to damage America!  This should result in an Impeachment of Obama.  Where are the Republicans in the House of Representatives???  They could render a Bill of Impeachment to the Senate on this and the hearings could include other things like his background, citizenship, etc.   Stirling  


Brics nations to create $100 Billion Development Bank ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~
The leaders of the so-called BRICS countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - sign a deal to create a new $100bn development bank and emergency reserve fund.

The capital for the bank will be split equally among the five participating countries. The bank will have a headquarters in Shanghai, China and the first president for the bank will come from India.

Report: Bank of England Gold Vaults Are Empty ~ link ~ Yes but I bet the chopping blocks in the Tower of London are still in good order!!!  Stirling   

Death toll from Ebola 'outbreak' rises to 603 says WHO ~ linkI believe that Ebola was a man-engineered disease and that from time to time it is brought out in a "natural outbreak" to keep it before the public and to test out slightly new variants.  It may will be used in North America and perhaps Europe to usher in Martial Law and a high-tech RFID chip based police state in the future.  Stirling  
The UN health agency said on Tuesday that officials recorded 85 new cases, including 68 fatal, from July 8-12. 

Some 52 fatalities were reported in Sierra Leone, 13 in Liberia and three in Guinea, the international body also said, adding that the overall number of laboratory-confirmed, probable or suspected cases of the illness in the region has jumped to 964.

WHO: Admits it fears Ebola could GO GLOBAL ~ link 

With an incubation time of between 2 and 21 days , though most commonly 4-9 days, the disease could be in any community on the planet for a considerable time before anyone realizes it’s there.  Although widely said not to be airborne at this point airborne spread did occur in 1992: - See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/world-health-organization-admits-it-fears-ebola-could-go-global_072014#sthash.DMfAaAxs.dpu

California's Drought: Greatest Water Loss Ever Seen ~ linkWe have been using HAARP to keep the radiation from Fukushima out of America by blocking the normal Pacific storms coming onshore.  This is the reason for the horrific drought.   Stirling  

California is one of the U.S.'s biggest food producers — responsible for almost half the country's produce and nuts and 25% of our milk and cream. Eighty percent of the world's almonds come from the state, and they take an extraordinary amount of water to produce — 1.1 gallons per almond. 

But this food-rich state is in its third year of drought. In May, 100% of the state was in drought and the 
food-producing Central Valley was in an "exceptional drought." 

Millions of Americans are installing "perfect spying device" in their own living rooms ~ Apple Fire TV monitors and records your conversations ~ link ~ You need to read this one in full at the link!  Stirling  


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Ukraine conflict could cause war in the EU

(...) "The Polish government fears already that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict could soon reach the borders of Poland ', which is actually not excluded," the expert said in the video conference "war in the heart of Europe: How the road to peace in Ukraine is found? View from Moscow and Berlin. "

Ukraine conflict can provoke war in EU

"If the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine until the end does not pass into the stage of peaceful negotiations, it could trigger a brother war 'in the European Union in three to five years," said the Ukrainian political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko. "If the stage of the political settlement of the conflict does not begin in January next year, we will be in three to five years to discuss at this table, whether Russia should intervene to stop the fratricide in the European Union," he said. (...)


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