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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.

6 JULY 2014 ~ First Update

Breaking News

Pro-Russian separatist forces flee Slavyansk after Massive Shelling - Demand Russia's help to AVOID GENOCIDE ~ link ~ The pressure on Putin to invade is now rising to maximum!  If he allows the mass slaughter of Russians in Eastern Ukraine he will not survive as President but a few days, the knives will be out (civilian as well as military).  The Ukrainians are using the Stalin era system of truly massive artillery (including 'tubeless artillery - rockets) bombardments designed to kill and destroy everything in their target zone.  The leaked Rand document has advised the Ukraine coup junta to kill all civilians in eastern Ukraine who oppose them in any way and to place the rest of the population in massive concentration camps.  The Russian generals and population WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.  Hence we are very close to Europe erupting into a real nightmare as the political puppets of the Globalists and Zionists will direct NATO to "help" the coup junta forces when Russia acts to prevent genocide!!!  While this is ongoing, the Mideast will fully plunge into Netanyahu's long sought General Middle East War.  Look for Chinese forces to be tied down in events that will soon happen in Asia.  Stirling     
Pro-Russian separatist forces have been forced to retreat from their stronghold in Slavyansk following "massive shelling" in the early morning from Ukraine's 'anti-terrorist' forces. Armored vehicles entered the city and the rebels, according to RT, decided to move back to their headquarters in Kramatorsk to 'prepare' in advance for further offensives. Just days after the cease-fire was lifted, newly-appointed Defense Minister Valery Heletey commented the "order to free Slaviansk from the (separatist) fighters has been carried out," but pro-Russian supporters are not done yet and exclaimed: "Pass on these words to Putin: the people of the Donbass believed him for some reason when he said he would help. But now they (government forces) are killing peaceful civilians and if that is not genocide I would like to know what is."

US Think Tank - the Rand Corporation - advised the Ukraine Coup Junta to LAUNCH AN ALL-OUT WAR against protesters in east ~ link ~ The Rand Corporation has a long-time very high level association with the US Department of Defense, especially the USAF.  It appears that the Globalist/Zionist/Fascist Junta is following this strategy at the present time!!!  I would say that the strategy is designed to force Putin's hand, that or to result in a coup against him that can be more easily demonized by the western mainstream news media. The descendents of the same forces that gave us the concentration camps of the Communist Soviet Union and those of Nazi Germany are at work here.  All Hell is about to break lose in Europe, the Middle East and globally!!!  Stirling   

A leaked memo has revealed that a US government-funded think tank has advised the Ukrainian government to engage in an all-out war in the east, including placing citizens in internment camps and killing all who resist government actions.

The memo is attributed to the RAND Corporation, the think tank that offers research and analysis to the US armed forces. In a shocking letter, RAND outlined a brutal, step-by-step guide for dealing with pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine.  


130 Troops of Ukraine Junta's army killed in Lugansk ~ link ~
Militiamen have left Slavyansk besieged by the Ukrainian army, fighting their way to Kramatorsk and Artyomovsk.
The troops of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) have taken positions along reserve defence lines. Militiamen from other cities of the Donetsk Region are moving toward the regional capital. The Ukrainian army is sustaining heavy losses in Lugansk: about 130 of them have died there over the past 24 hours. Militia’s headquarters moves from Slavyansk to Kramatorsk.

Militiamen left Slavyansk last night, moving their headquarters to Kramatorsk. Slavyansk is almost completely deserted. It was bombed again during the night, forcing people to flee en masse. Two ambulances that were transporting injured people also came under attack even though the Ukrainian authorities had promised to open a humanitarian corridor for those wishing to leave the city.

Big Central Bankers: The Root of Pure Evil - The Major Source of Instability Around the World ~ link ~ If you read nothing else today, read this one in full at the link!!! Stirling  

The good news is the bankers are being exposed. They no longer have the luxury hiding behind  their puppet leaders calling the shots in the shadows. The curtain has been pulled back. The controlled media they own are imploding losing their audience. The print media like the New York Times no longer controls the narrative. The new independant citizen journalist media has taken over agenda.  Their fiat money is coming to an end. They are desperate trying to start wars, trying to destabilize the country because the world is waking up to their schemes.

Now we know the source that is the root of all evil. It is the bankers. It is time we shake off the shackles of debt slavery like the early Americans did breaking away from the Bank of England who was the cause of much trouble in the world back then.


Taliban sets 400 NATO-supplying oil tankers ablaze in Afghanistan ~ link ~ That is one hell of a lot of gasoline and aviation fuel tankers blazing at the same time!  I wonder how many unemployed people, in Europe and North America, the money that paid for all this fuel could have given jobs to??? Stirling   
With the "Islamic State" grabbing all the headlines, it appears the Taliban have had enough. As Reuters reports, Taliban insurgents set fire on Saturday to about 400 oil tanker trucks supplying fuel for NATO forces in an attack just outside the Afghan capital Kabul, police said. It was unclear how the fire was started. Some Afghan media reported that insurgents had fired rockets at the tankers late on Friday. The attack precedes Monday's preliminary announcement of Afghanistan's presidential election winner - in which both sides have accused the other of mass fraud. The Taliban had vowed to disrupt the process.  

UK's largest trade union resolves to boycott Israel ~ link ~ The "dumb goy" are waking up!  Stirling 

Britain’s biggest trade union, Unite, has resolved to campaign for the boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, which it slammed as “guilty of the crime of apartheid”, the Middle East Monitor reports.

In a rare move from a Western public body, Unite also acknowledged the futility of the US-backed “peace” process, which has delivered nothing but more Israeli land grabs and squatter colonies.

New US Superbomb ~ link ~ Nuclear bomb development did NOT stop with the end of World War II or the end of the Cold War!!!  Do read all of this article at the link!  Stirling   

The United States possesses and may well have used a devastating weapon designed to emulate terror attacks and even natural disasters. 
The “thermo-metric bomb”, a combination of illegal enhanced or “salted” radiation or “neutron bomb” and infrared/thermal booster, weighing in at 10,000 pounds, is controlled by a “shadow” parallel command structure at one time under the direct control of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Today, no one knows who controls these weapons, deployed on the B2 bomber on specially modified bays or any place a storage container or delivery truck can be left uninspected.  
We do know this, they have been deployed, they have been used and “they work really well.” 

A description of the weapon, designed for clandestine nuclear warfare:
“It is called a "Nuclear Thermobaric bomb".  This is what the 10,000lb bomb is that the B-2 was modified for. It uses a 1 kiloton primary surrounded by over 5,000 lbs. of iron oxide in powdered form. The devices are placed into a thick steel case, similar in looks to the Fat Man Bomb used on Hiroshima in 1945. The iron oxide or thermite is used as a secondary to make a very large heat wave blast.

It converts neutrons into infrared thermal heat energy, reducing fallout. It is an “infrared neutron bomb". If you place several tons of iron oxide around a small nuke it will turn it into a massive enhanced radiation weapon. The neutron bomb is not the only enhanced weapon. There is an entire series of these devices such as the X-ray bomb and the EMP bomb. All primaries are nuclear. The secondaries vary depending on need or use.”


Productivity can return if the Central Banks would give it a chance ~ link ~ THEY DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT A CHANCE.  We are in a Global Depression and headed to a total global financial collapse because THEY WANT THAT TO HAPPEN as a key part of their End Game Strategy for the implementation of their demonic New World Order!!!  Stirling 

Commodity-king Andy Lees (ex-UBS and current manager of ALM Macro) explains that today's declining global productivity is and was always a consequence of government policy of taxing productivity in favor of social transfers. The gradual dumbing down of capitalism and move towards social democracy over the last 50 years relied on building a Ponzi scheme of financial innovation to keep the illusion alive. But, he offers hopefully, system dynamics of the natural environment (how land that was once lost to the desert by over taxing it can be returned to a productive use) offer hope that this ponzi trend can be broken.  

ISIS exposed 100% as CIA Operative: "The Next Bin Laden is Here" - Don't be FOOLED - video ~ link ~ Just as everything about linking Bil Laden to 9/11 was pure bullshit, ISIS is also pure bullshit.  All a Globalist/Zionist scam!!!  Stirling   

Video reveals thousands - tens of thousands - of illegal immigrants arriving at US border - getting free bus tickets into America - video ~ link ~ One more attack on America that the Globalist/Zionist owned political class is supporting against the will of the American people!!!  Stirling  

Washington's PR Nightmare Continues In Murrieta, California As Residents Turn Back The DHS Buses Again ~ link ~ It appears that the local police are NOT on board the Federal scam and are acting fairly to the residents opposing the masses of illegals being given free passes into America!  Stirling  

At least 40 UK politicians believed to be complicit in alleged Westminster pedophile ring says report ~ link ~ Also see this article ~ link ~ And this article ~ link ~ And this video report ~ link ~ There is a hidden but very sick element in British politics!!!  Having talked to and corresponded with and known many people at all levels of the British Government, I can say that most are not sick, but there is a significient minority that just 'don't seem right'.  I think that this is partially due to young boys going to boarding schools and being molested but I also suspect that it is due to the fact that the UK/British Empire was the primary military/geopolitical  agent of the Rothschild-headed Global Banking Cartel before the USA took over that role in the mid-20th Century.  This is the hidden Spiritual Aspect to what is happening, to strong demonic forces acting in the background of politics and high finance.  Stirling

A whistleblower who kicked off UK police pedophile probe Operation Fernbridge believes as many as 40 British MPs and peers were involved in or turned a blind eye to child abuse.

American citizen dissatisfaction with everything is reaching HISTORIC LEVELS ~ link ~ Why Not ... the country is going to hell in a handbasket more and more every day.  Stirling 

Joan Rivers makes a Bombshell statement that Barack Obama is Gay and Michelle Obama is a male transvestite ~ link ~ link ~ It has long been known that Obama was raised by a male transvestite and, along with his long time friend the current Mayor of Chicago, was a active member of the largest gay bath house in Chicago.  It has been suggested that Michelle Obama is a transsexual or a transvestite based on several male physical characteristics such as her index fingers being as long as her ring fingers.  Obama is such an intelligence agency/Zionist Front Man that the public does NOT know his real name, his real mother, his real father, his real place of birth, his real nationality, and all of his published photos from childhood to law school have been Photoshopped. The issue of Michelle Obama is open to debate.  Joan Rivers is an old time Jewish Hollywood insider, who is over 80 and getting careless with what she says.  Sometimes the truth slips out, sometimes not.   Stirling   

Michelle Obama is a Man - video ~ link ~ Is this true?  I do not know.  I know someone who knows Michelle Obama's cousin, and he says she is a she, but who knows.  The video above makes a good case for she being a he.  Stirling   

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