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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


 28 July 2014


Breaking News

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the Great War (World War I),
A rational analysis of today's political/economic/geo-strategic environment would find the World very close to Economic Collapse, High-Tech Police State fascism, and World War III.  Further, all rational professional analyses of the effects of 21st Century warfare on the human population, in a WWIII scenario,  are indicative of it being a Human Life Extinction Level Event!!!  Stirling    


I am having problems with my ISP, WOW. I am hoping that it is simply a matter of their usual screwed up way of doing business, not a deliberate effort to keep me off the air and to denude my efforts to keep this news blog published. Stirling  

100 Years Ago Today the First World War Began ~ link ~ The same forces that organized the groundwork, lit the fuse, and directed and profited greatly from the "War to End All Wars", created the Second World War, the Cold War, numerous smaller but still horrific wars, are now close to unleashing the full effects of the Third World War upon the Human Race.  21st Century weapons of mass destruction, that will be used in a new global war, are (by every professional rational conservative analysis) so lethal that they will create a LIFE EXTINCTION EVENT FOR THE HUMAN RACE.  Yet this has not slowed the Globalist/Zionist drive towards WWIII one bit.  Such a drive is not rational, is not logical, and can only be described as totally demonic in nature.  Stirling     

Computer models: Even a SMALL NUCLEAR WAR would cause GLOBAL FAMINE and WIPE OUT BILLIONS OF PEOPLE ~ link ~ Yet the political "leaders" are still stuck on sucking up to Israel and to the global banking elite!!!  Stirling   

Washington's Second Front in the Information War against Russia ~ link ~ The Globalists and Zionists are going ALL OUT to jump start WWIII.  Our bought-and-paid-for/compromised political class in the West is, at least in most places, doing NOTHING to stop this mad drive towards the destruction of this planet!!!  The mainstream news media, totally under the ownership and control of the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists is functioning as a all-out propaganda mouthpiece for war.  The world's people are now beginning to pay a horrific price for allowing a tiny criminal global bankster cartel and the Zionist element to control the politics and news media and finances/economies of their nations.  If the masses do not rise to the critical needs of this time, and force an end to the drive towards WWIII, we will face a near-term future that will see several billion people die!!!  Stirling    

Having lost the propaganda battle over the doomed airliner, Washington seems intent on opening up a second front in the information war, alleging cross-border shelling by Russian forces.

But such is American arrogance and deceit, this information war runs a very real risk of inciting a full-on shooting war between world powers.


Economy Will Collapse, World War III Coming reports Gerald Celente ~ link ~

Renowned trend researcher, Gerald Celente, said at the beginning of 2014 that the economy would tank and war is on its way.  It looks like his predictions are coming true.  On the economy, Celente contends, “This whole so-called recovery has been built up on unprecedented levels of cheap money.  They keep dumping it into the market.  They keep pushing it out there, and it’s not only in the United States.  You have, over in Europe, you have negative interest rates.  You now have, coming out of China, their debt to GDP ratio is over 250%.  You are going to see default coming about in Argentinian bonds.  You are looking at one crisis adding up after another.  You heard Janet Yellen, the Fed Chief, come out a week ago warning there is trouble in the so-called housing recovery in the United States. . . . So, what is going to happen?  When interest rates go up, the economy is going to crash down. . . . They have built up an even bigger bubble.”

On the possible wars, we start with the Ukraine crisis.  Celente contends, “I remember when Flight 800 went down off the coast of Long Island in the late 1990’s.  People said they saw missiles shooting up at it.  What did they tell us?  Don’t rush to judgment.  We’re going to get to the bottom of this.  It went on for months, if not years.  Within minutes after that Malaysian airline went down, the rush to judgment already began.  A plane was shot out of the air and it looks like Russian separatists did it, and they couldn’t do it on their own, and they needed help from Russia.”  Celente says there is little proof Russia did anything, and he thinks much of the mainstream media coverage is simply “propaganda.”  Celente explains, “They keep putting out the propaganda that instills fear and hysteria within the people that encourages them to go to war.”  When asked if war in Ukraine was coming and that it might turn into a global war, Celente said, without hesitation, “Yes, absolutely.”

Netanyahu: Prepare for a long war in Gaza ~ link ~ I really do believe that he is the most evil man alive!!!  Stirling   

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