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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.

5 July 2014

Breaking News


Special Coverage: Ukrainian War and Black Sea War Games

Events in the Ukraine and just offshore in the Black Sea are reaching a dangerous new level.  Ukrainian Coup Junta, the western backed Globalist/Zionist/Fascist war party in power in Kiev, have taken the large city of Slavyansk and are expected to inflict terrible retribution on the civilians there and in nearby areas. 

It is clear that the "rebel" militia is outgunned and out numbered.  As Russian-speaking civilians are now at grave risk, the internal pressures on President Putin to invade are growing stronger by the hour.  

Putin knows that events in the Ukraine are totally tied to events in the Mideast.  That invading the Ukraine is a quicksand trap to tie down Russian forces to prevent the past interference in Globalist/Zionist plans to foment a General Middle East Regional War in order to destroy Iran and Syria, to break up Iraq, to seize much land in Lebanon/etc.  At least twice in the last year and a half, Russia was able to prevent such a Mideast war. 

The world is being driven to the utter destruction of a new global war with 21st Century weapons-of-mass-destruction by the totally demonic Global Banking Cartel families and the Bibi 666 Netanyahu led war party in Israel!  Pray, get ready for it and the global economic collapse and global pandemics that will arrive with it.  Stirling    

Ukraine Junta's forces take 'rebel' stronghold of Slovyansk ~ link ~ This means that they are one step closer to forcing Putin's hand and tying down Russian forces in the Ukraine War (in order to keep them out of the developing General Middle East War).  Stirling  

Ukraine's forces have claimed a significant success against pro-Russian insurgents, chasing them from one of their strongholds in the embattled east.

Rebels fleeing from the city of Slovyansk vowed to regroup elsewhere and fight on.

Ukraine Junta regains control over City of Slavyansk ~ link ~

Meanwhile, opposition leader, Andrei Purgin, said fighters only left the city in order to protect the civilian population.

The taking of Slavyansk marks a symbolic turning point that suggests government forces are now in control of much of the eastern regions. Kiev has embarked on a campaign to attack pro-Russian positions and clear over a dozen towns and villages in the area.

Ukraine coup junta's army regains control of Slavyansk - Porky orders Ukrainian flag to fly over city ~ link

The city, which houses one of Ukraine's largest weapons storage facilities, fell to the insurgents on 6 April and had become a stronghold for pro-Russian separatists.

Donetsk militia confirms leaving stronghold City of Slavyansk ~ link
After the militia were forced to leave their positions in the northern part of the front, they moved to reserve positions that had been prepared in advance, Itar-Tass news agency reported, citing Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Aleksandr Boroday, as saying.

“Our troops have consolidated at the reserve lines of defense, in an organized way and having kept their weaponry. We were prepared for this option, as we have to face tens of thousands of Kiev's military men and hundreds of armored weaponry units – which means almost all the battle-ready Ukrainian army,” Boroday said. "Taking into account the ‘scorched earth’ tactics employed by Kiev's punitive forces, and the strategy of genocide toward the Donbass population, we declare that every hour of military action claims civilians’ lives,” Boroday said. In connection with this, he appealed to the international community, calling on them to “influence the Ukrainian authorities and stop the killings of civilians.”


Junta's forces take Slavyansk and nearby Kramatorsk ~ link
A source close to the rebels told Reuters the rebels had been outnumbered by 50 to one and that Government forces had more powerful artillery and weapons.

Aleksandr Borodai, leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, told the Interfax news agency: “The punitive forces of Ukraine ... moved into a large-scale offensive.

Coup Junta claims victory in Slavyansk ~ link
Ukraine claimed a major victory over pro-Russian separatists on Saturday as the top rebel military commander and a large number of his troops abandoned their most important stronghold in the Donetsk region. 
Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian president, used his Twitter account to show that troops had raised the Ukrainian flag over Slavyansk, which had been held by the rebels for nearly three months, on Saturday morning. 

Ukrainian flag raised in 'rebel' stronghold ~ link
The town in eastern Ukraine has been at the centre of the fighting between Kiev's troops and the separatists. 

Andrei Purgin, of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic, told the AP news agency that rebels were evacuating, but claimed the army's campaign had left the city "in ruins".


Russia launches large-scale naval 'drill' in the Black Sea same day as NATO - with photos and video ~ link ~ Just offshore of the Ukrainian War!!!  We continue to head towards a new global war, the Third World War/Armageddon/Apocalypse ... pray for peace!!!  Stirling  

Some 20 warships, over 20 airplanes and helicopters, as well as the marines and coast artillery are taking part in the Black Sea Fleet exercise, Russian Defense Ministry reported. The war games launched the same day as NATO's military drill in the area. Starting from July 4, the scheduled training maneuvers are conducted in the whole of the Black Sea, the Ministry told journalists on Friday, adding the drill is being carried out according to international standards. "The exercise plan involves performance of a number of combat training missions, including destruction of enemy naval forces at sea and organizing naval and coastal air defense," the Ministry explained

All units, warship and plane crews act in situations that are very close to real war actions, Itar Tass agency reported. "Senior officers improve decision-making skills in fast-changing environment, designed by the exercise scenario," said the agency source. As part of the training on July 4, five Moskit and Malakhit cruise missiles were launched, all of which reached their targets with direct hits, according to the data. SU-24 aircrafts attacked targets at sea.

On July 4 NATO’s annual Sea Breeze military drills kicked off in the Black Sea. Warships from several countries, including Turkey and the US participated in the exercise, which has been called a "direct threat" to Russia’s national security by a Russian military expert. NATO’s naval war games in the western part of the Black Sea will be held through July 13


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