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Holy Shroud of Turin

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

4th of July 2014 

Breaking News

Happy Fourth of July 

Dr. Bill Deagle, Chris Harris and Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) on the Nutrimedical Report Show ~ link ~ Click on July 03 2014 Hour 3

Vidrebel July 4 - A Warning To The Nations ~ linkDo take the time to read this one at the link!  Stirling   

People in foreign countries cannot imagine how far and how fast America has fallen. I seriously question whether or not America will celebrate Independence Day next year and again in 2016. We all know the Bilderberg Society would love us to celebrate Interdependence Day in 2016 or 2017 after we have merged with the European Union and with Canada and Mexico. No freedom for anyone. Just mindless rules and constant surveillance. And the rich will continue to rob the poor.

The latest news is that some state security service has loaded a Stuxnet like virus into the computers that control the power grid of the European Union and America. The Central Banks of Europe, the UK, Canada and America have all agreed that in case the banks fail that the bankers should just take their depositors money. A billionaire recently warned the elite that people with pitch forks were coming for them. The only reason for the power grids of the EU and North America to come down would be so that the banks could have an explanation for their depositors as to why their money just went poof. The lapdog press has implied that the Russians are behind this computer virus. But we all know the Stuxnet virus was created by the CIA and Israel. The Russians would not profit from Bank Holidays and the Disappearance of trillions of dollars, euros and pounds. But the Bankers and the Bilderbergers would.

You might consider how much money could be stolen from you and not just from your bank accounts. Your bonds and your stocks are ripe for the picking if the power grid goes down. Please consider this.

92 Million Americans Unemployed As Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Heading For US Border ~ link ~ America is being deliberately destroyed by the Globalists and Zionists ... the question for all Americans today, the Fourth of July, is what are YOU going to do about it?!!  Stirling    

The US Elite run a Ukrainian Genocide while the American Public are Ignorant Of It ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one in full at the link.  Stirling    

On Wednesday, July 2nd, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko resumed unlimited war against the residents of southeastern Ukraine, whom he calls “terrorists” for their wanting not to be killed by his troops. European leaders (especially Merkel of Germany, Hollande of France, and Putin of Russia) urged him not to resume his bombing campaign against the southeast, but the U.S. (specifically President Obama) supports the bombings, and that’s enough for Poroshenko; so, he did it. As the U.S. State Department said, “he has a right to defend his country.” Reuters reports that Poroshenko gave as his reason for the resumption, “to rid Ukraine of ‘parasites’.”  Adolf Hitler had given the same reason for ethnically cleansing his country.

Here are videos and photos of the Obama Administration’s sponsored ethnic cleansing to reduce the population in the areas of Ukraine that had voted overwhelmingly “the wrong way” in Ukraine’s final nationwide election, in 2010:  the areas of Ukraine that overwhelmingly chose as Ukraine’s President the man whom Obama’s coup overthrew in February 2014. After this ethnic cleansing, maybe Ukraine can have another nationwide election, which will produce the type of outcome that the U.S. Government likes. But on 25 May 2014, we held in Ukraine an election where people voted only in the pro-American portion of Ukraine, and only leaders who were acceptable to the U.S. White House were allowed onto the ballot.

America’s “news” media are not reporting on America’s ethnic-cleansing program in Ukraine. It’s happening in the dark, as far as the American public are concerned: they don’t know about it. But, here it is: this, is what they are hiding from you.

Paul Craig Roberts (Ex-Assistant US Sec. of the Treasury): US presidents worst enemies of the nation ~ link ~ We have had a long series of 'Front Men' who are the servants of the most evil people on the planet and they are leading America and the entire World into the Third World War and the destruction of all.  Stirling   

Roberts added that the civil liberties are “sacrificed” in the United States under the pretext of fighting al-Qaeda.
“The executive declares a state of war, even a war that is not conducted against another country or countries but a vague, undefined or ill-defined war against a vague stateless enemy such as ‘al-Qaeda’, with which the US is currently allied against Syria,” the analyst wrote.

He said the office of the president’s “illegitimate power” poses a threat not only to “every American but also to every living being on Planet Earth.”

Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul: Celebrate Independence Day By Opposing Government Tyranny ~ link In other words, get off your asses, turn off the boob tube, and raise hell about the crooks who are destroying our nation and world.  WE ARE MANY - THEY ARE FEW ... we CAN kick their rotten butts but we have to make the effort!!!  Stirling  

This week Americans will enjoy Independence Day with family cookouts and fireworks. Flags will be displayed in abundance. Sadly, however, what should be a celebration of the courage of those who risked so much to oppose tyranny will instead be turned into a celebration of government, not liberty. The mainstream media and opportunistic politicians have turned Independence Day into the opposite of what was intended.

The idea of opposing — by force if necessary — a tyrannical government has been turned into a celebration of tyrannical government itself!

The evidence is all around us.

How would the signers of the Declaration of Independence have viewed, for example, the Obama Administration’s “drone memo,” finally released last week, which claims to justify the president’s killing American citizens without charge, judge, jury, or oversight? Is this not a tyranny similar to that which our Founders opposed? And was such power concentrated in one branch of government not what inspired the rebellion against the English king in the first place?

America: Remembering God's Country ~ link ~ Oh Yes, do take the time to view this article at the link!  Stirling  
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We have De Facto Communism ~ link ~ Rule by and for the Globalists and Zionists!!!  Stirling    

US Veteran died at Veterans Administration hospital after waiting 30 minutes for ambulance to take him to the emergency room ... at the SAME HOSPITAL ~ link ~ You simply cannot make something like this up.  What brain dead administrators came up with this rule???  Way beyond shameful!!!   Stirling   

A veteran who collapsed in an Albuquerque Veteran Affairs hospital cafeteria, 500 yards from the emergency room, died after waiting 30 minutes for an ambulance to transport him there, officials confirmed on Thursday.

Instead of being taken immediately to the ER, the man, who has not been named, had to wait for an ambulance, as per hospital policy.

The US South is becoming a Solid Band of Poverty - One in Three persons live in poor neighborhoods ~ link ~ This is what happens when a nation allows the worst scum on Earth to rule over them!!!  Stirling   

A grim new report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows a solid band of high poverty neighborhoods - running from Arizona east to North Carolina. Only Florida and Virginia are spared from the trend. 

The data show that poverty in the United States isn't just growing, it's becoming more concentrated - which can exacerbate social problems and lower the chances of social mobility.

Texas Authorities: Obama's 'Executive Actions' are making the Immigration Crisis MUCH WORSE ~ link ~ By design!  We have to get past this attitude that so much of the Obama's Administration's polities are simply STUPID ... they are NOT STUPID ... THEY ARE DESIGNED TO DESTROY AMERICA!!!   Stirling   

Independence Day: What do Americans think of the USA? ~ link ~  
It turns out most people in the US would say they are often proud of being Americans, according to data collected by the Pew Research Center.

But this pride often falls along generational lines, and many Americans still wonder if the country's best years are in the past.

In Memorial: July 4, 1776 ~ link ~ Good One.
What once was the example that the world looked to for guidance has become one of the most feared entities among the nations…. feared both from the outside and from within.
We have watched with great pain the withering away of constitutional rights guaranteed to its citizens. We have watched with the same pain its citizens stripped of health care and education so billions can be spent on illegal wars and support to illegal nations.
What happened to the America that we all once loved and admired?

Congress should scale back the War Budget ~ link ~ A key question that Americans, this Fourth of July, should be asking themselves about "their" Congressmen and Senators is: "At what point does being a blackmailed - bought-and-paid-for political whore become treason?!!"  Stirling 

End SWAT Team Terror In America ~ link ~ The militarization of America's police forces is strongly anti-American in nature as it violates all that America stands for and has stood for since 1776!!!  Stirling 
There are an estimated 45,000 SWAT raids every year. That means this sort of violent, paramilitary raid is happening in about 124 homes every day—or more likely every night—not in an overseas combat zone, but here in American neighborhoods.

The police, who are supposed to serve and protect communities, are instead waging war on the people who live in them.

Independence Day: What The Hell Happened To America? ~ link ~ Some interesting comments.  Stirling  

Washington murders countries, the US Constitution, and the Presstitute Media makes Americans COMPLICIT ~ link ~ The do-nothing attitude of many Americans makes us complicit.  Stirling  

Having Murdered Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the US Constitution, Washington is now Murdering Ukraine.

Independence Day: Should we celebrate the Resounding Failure of This Government to Represent our Founders Principals? ~ link ~  
Look around you … No I mean REALLY look around you, and you will see the collapse of a Republic via the mechanisms of a representative government wrought with corruption, cronyism, greed, complicity and (theatrical) infighting. This is resulting in the slow but inevitable awakening of We The People, regardless of our political affiliation or mindset, to this painful reality.

A historically large majority of Americans today no longer trust any of the triad of governance we depend on to lead this country (see attached article below). And this is not a Democrat or Republican issue as this fall from grace has been long in coming. To blame one or the other merely plays into the hands of those who wish us distracted and divided. But to not see the marked acceleration of this process since the dawn of the twenty-first century and the shift into overdrive in the last six years is to pose a blind eye to absolute reality.

Fourth of July 2014: The Erosion of Civil Liberties in America ~ link ~ Still more to wake up, but one needs to remember that the American Revolution was fought by a minority of the population ... and they WON!!!  Stirling  

We have long discussed the erosion of civil liberties in the United States, including the attacks on privacy and other rights by the Obama Administration. It appears that we are not alone in those concerns. A new Gallup poll shows a record drop in the satisfaction of Americans over their freedoms. The massive drop is matched in such countries as Egypt, Pakistan, and Venezuela.
 Seventy-nine percent of US residents are satisfied with their level of freedom. That is down from 91 percent in 2006 — a 12 point drop. We were once the highest country in the world on such polls. We have now dropped to 36th place.

Major General Lord Stirling of the American Revolution Army ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ This is a kinsman of mine (not a direct ancestor).  He played a vital role in the establishment of the United States of America.  He was a great man and I am proud to claim him as an Alexander kinsman.  He followed in the footsteps of the first Earl of Stirling, who founded English-speaking Canada in the early 17th Century and played a key role in the development of what became America also.   Stirling 


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