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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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17 July 2014 ~ Second Post

Breaking News

Attempted Israeli Assassination Of President Putin

Based on the facts that we now know about the destruction of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, the airliner was shot down by a radar guided air-launched missile that was likely fired from a US-manufactured Israeli Air Force F-15 operating out of an air base in Azerbaijan.  Further, we know that the Malaysian plane was similar in size and coloration to the Russian Presidential State Aircraft that was flying President Putin back to Russia from his state visit to Latin America.  We know that the Russian State Aircraft and the Malaysian aircraft were only minutes apart and were on very similar routes/altitude.  

It is logical to conclude that there was a failed attempt to assassinate Putin and to blame same on the on-going Ukrainian War.

The two large jet aircraft involved, the Russian State Aircraft and Malaysian Flight MH17 were flying at 33,000.  No aircraft shot down over the Ukraine have ever been attacked at anywhere near this altitude.  Although many airlines have been avoiding flying over the Ukraine, many have continued to overfly the Ukraine and in fact, many such flights take place every single day without incident. That such an attack would take place, at the same location, within minutes of the Russian Presidential Jet is simply way too coincidental; it was an attempt on Putin's life.  An attempt that failed.  

Had it succeeded it may have triggered an outraged Russia to invade the Ukraine; or even to attack the ultimate source of the attack, Israel with nukes.

Having NOT succeeded, it will still be considered an ACT OF WAR by Israel against the Russian Federation.  While this may or may not be admitted by Russia publicly, there are apt to be VERY STRONG repercussions resulting from this.  Even very intelligent leaders, such as Putin, who are generally cool and collected 'chess players', are human beings and this was a personal attempt on his life and one that is apt to enrage him.


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