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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 

3 July 2014

Breaking News

Ukraine Junta agrees to Second "Ceasefire" as Fighting Worsens ~ link ~ Either there will be a real ceasefire in the Ukraine or it is likely to get so bad that Putin will have to invade.  That latter scenario is the goal of the Zionists and Globalists who want to tie down Russian forces in Europe as the Mideast erupts into a General Middle East War of unimaginable horror and destruction leading to the Third World War!!!  It may be, that elements in Germany and France are opposed to this demonic based insanity and are acting with Russia to derail WWIII, as the British House of Commons did a few months ago.  All of this reminds me of an ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times".  Stirling    

The agreement comes after five Ukrainian troops and hundreds of pro-Russian separatists were killed as government forces engaged in more than 100 clashes since late Monday night when Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ended a unilateral, 10-day cease-fire.

The four foreign ministers, in their statement, stressed "the necessity of a sustainable cease-fire, to be agreed upon swiftly."

Report claims that the Russian Army won't be ready to invade in the Ukraine before mid-July ~ link ~ I am far from sure that this is the case.  Russia could do a rolling invasion coupled with a call-up/deployment of additional forces.  The generals might like a week or two but there are strong reasons to hit hard in a surprise thrust using airborne and armored forces and a heavy use of air and rocket/missile assets.  Time will tell.  Stirling   

Cluster bomb from Junta forces found in Donetsk region unexploded ~ link ~ The Globalist/Zionist/Fascists forces know no moral boundaries it appears!  Stirling   

Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR) Aleksandr Boroday has claimed that the militia has found an unexploded cluster bomb near Donetsk.

An international convention forbids using cluster bombs. The militia has repeatedly claimed that Ukrainian forces use cluster bombs. "Ukrainian forces have used the BM-21 launch vehicles, uncontrolled missiles with cluster heads and other types of heavy armament," the Russian Investigative Committee says.

Putin: There is a focused effort to liquidate journalists in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Real journalist have a nasty tendency to tell the truth and actually report the news...something the Globalists/Zionists/Fascists cannot stand!!!  Stirling  

Ukraine Junta's forces resume heavy shelling of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region ~ link ~ When all of this is over, the criminals that comprise the Coup Junta should be properly tried for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, convicted and HUNG.  Stirling   

Heavy artillery fire once again rocked Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, late on Wednesday, a representative from people's militia told Tass, adding that Ukraine law enforcers were possibly using cluster ammunition, reports ITAR-TASS.

“Cluster ammunition is possibly used, one can hear powerful explosions followed by dozens of weaker booms,” he said, adding that the Stankostroy neighborhood was being targeted.

According to early reports, Grad multiple rocket launcher systems were used in the shelling of Kramatorsk that continued throughout last night. “Shells were literally ‘poured’ on the city. Powerful explosions were as frequent as when submachine guns are used,” the source said. After a lull, an active shelling of Kramatorsk resumed on June 30, at 22:30 local time exactly half an hour after the ceasefire between the Kiev regime and the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics ended. The centre of the city and a living quarter were pounded all night long overnight to Wednesday.

Netanyahu: The Global Conductor of Genocide ~ link ~ As I have been saying for many a year, dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is the most evil and dangerous man on Earth!!!  He is the one that will begin The Third World War/Armageddon/Apocalypse!!!  Stirling  

The world has been used by Netanyahu as his private chess game, to slaughter the Palestinians, as part of his personal indulgence in the global wars which Israel is incapable of physically becoming part of.

Why Israel is 'in love' with Kurdistan ~ link ~ Actually Kurdistan is part of the crazy mix in the Middle East that the Zionists and Globalists are stirring up to cause a truly massive explosion that will see Israel nuking its enemies and WWIII begin!!!   Stirling   

Iraqi Parliament session collapses amid a political standoff ~ link ~ One reason why the mess in Iraq is part of much more than simply a backdoor to Syria and a inter-Muslim battle is what Israel is doing in Palestine.  Adding a horrific war against the mostly Muslim Arabs of Palestine/Gaza at a time when the Iraq Conflict is going 
'so well' is an indication that the true goal is total regional chaos with nuclear armed Israel right in the center, with its nuclear armed American puppet right beside it.  Stirling    

Iraq's apparently irreconcilable politicians have failed to start a process to elect new leaders, lurching the country ever closer to partition and defying desperate calls for unity from regional and global powers.

The much-anticipated session of the country's parliament started on Tuesday with enough members in attendance to ensure the nomination of a speaker would go ahead. However, the meeting quickly descended into farce, with Sunnis and Kurds using an unscheduled recess to withdraw their legislators, ensuring the session collapsed.

Zionist US Sec. of State Kerry again threatens Iran with tightened sanctions ~ link ~ Do take a minute to read this one at the linkStirling   

Controversial US scientist creates deadly new flu strain 'for pandemic research' ~ link ~ There are three main forms of GLOBAL STRATEGIC WARFARE: Nuclear Warfare; Scalar Warfare; and Advanced Biological Warfare.  The Book of Revelation (last book of the Christian Bible) states that during Armageddon a third of the people will die of "wormwood" ... "Wormwood" is the Ukrainian language name of the City of Chernobyl ... hence a third will die of nuclear war and from nuclear contamination.  The Bible also says a third will die from "plague" ... which is Advanced Biological Warfare ... the use of advanced genetic engineering to create new and "improved" viruses to create super killing panedemics.  This evil nonsense is right out of Hell and is clearly an indication that we are in the Biblical 'End Times' NOW.  Stirling    

Hurricane Arthur's approach causes evacuation of Hatteras Island in North Carolina ~ link ~ The Outer Banks are a series of connected barrier islands in North Carolina.  Most buildings and houses are built on telephone poles to survive the tidal surges of hurricanes, but you do NOT want to be there when one hits.  Stirling 

US authorities announced the evacuation of residents of Hatteras Island in North Carolina because of the approaching tropical storm "Arthur." This was announced today that the regional emergency service. Start of the evacuation of residents and visitors of the island is scheduled for 5:00 Thursday local time (13:00 MSK). Gusts of wind, rough seas and flooding of the highway connecting the island to the mainland are expected in the region.

Earlier storm alert was issued in the state. According to experts from the National Centre for Monitoring hurricanes in Miami, "Arthur" continues to gain strength and will turn into a hurricane on Thursday. 


Gazprom to Purchase Wintershall's Argentina Assets ~ link ~
Russian energy giant Gazprom is expected to cut a deal to buy an Argentinian gas asset from Germany's Wintershall, sources close to the talks told Vedomosti on Tuesday.

The agreement could be signed when President Vladimir Putin visits Argentina from July 12 to 13 to discuss energy projects, but so far the Kremlin has declined to comment.

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