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Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


 27 July 2014 ~ Second Update


Breaking News

As we near the 100th Anniversary of the beginning of the Great War (World War I), a rational analysis would find the World very close to Economic Collapse, High-Tech Police State fascism, and World War III.  Further, all rational professional analyses of the effects of 21st Century warfare on the human population, in a WWIII scenario,  are indicative of it being a Human Life Extinction Level Event!!!  Stirling    

Gaza War continues despite truce vows ~ link ~

Israel and Hamas have launched new attacks in the raging Gaza war, despite each side offering different truces to temporarily halt nearly three weeks of fighting ahead of a major Muslim holiday.

After initially rejecting an Israeli offer on Saturday for a 24-hour truce, Hamas said on Sunday it agreed to hold fire ahead of the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. But as Israel's Cabinet met to discuss the offer and the ongoing war, rockets rained down on southern Israel and Israeli strikes could be heard in Gaza.

Gaza War rages with Israel and Hamas trading fire despite truce pledges ~ link

Israel and Hamas launched new attacks Sunday in the raging Gaza war, despite going back and forth over proposals for a temporary halt to nearly three weeks of fighting ahead of a major Muslim holiday.

The failure to reach even a brief humanitarian lull in the fighting illustrated the difficulties in securing a more permanent truce as the sides remain far apart on their terms.

Ceasefire in Gaza stalls as War continues ~ link ~ Take a look at the Gaza map on this site.  Notice how the Israeli Buffer Zone has managed to take over a high percentage of the land in Gaza.  The Israelis intend to steal all the land possible from the Arabs, even if it leads to WWIII.  Stirling    

A 24-hour ceasefire announced by Hamas in Gaza appears to be stalling, with both Palestinian militants and Israel continuing their offensives. Hamas fired more rockets into Israel, accusing it of failing to abide by the ceasefire.  Israel rejected the truce, PM Benjamin Netanyahu saying: "Israel will do what it must do to defend its people". 

Ceasefire stalls as fighting continues ~ link

A 24-hour humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza has collapsed with both Palestinian militants and Israel continuing their offensives.

Efforts for a permanent ceasefire have also stalled, after the attempt on Friday by US secretary of state John Kerry, Israel rejected that plan, saying it was too soft on Hamas.

Multinational doctors group slams Israeli War on Gaza ~ link

According to the doctors, the Israeli war on Gaza terrifies people and wounds the soul, mind, and body of the young generation.The group also says that the Israelis are “demolishing their homes". 

They also condemned the Israeli siege on Gaza, saying it has added to the suffering of ordinary civilians who are living under dire circumstances without being able to receive external help. 

ISIS beheads 50 Syrian troops - Putting their heads on poles ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Video here ~ link ~              I suspect that the Syrians will respond by killing several times that number of ISIS western backed terrorists!  Stirling   

Newly-released video footage shows the ISIL Takfiri terrorists summarily executing at least 50 Syrian government soldiers in the troubled northern Syria. 

The decapitated heads of several soldiers are shown mounted on poles on top of a fence at an army base in the northern province of Raqqa, Daily Mail reported.

13 Dead in fierce fighting in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Russian troops are slowly massing at the Ukraine border.  If it appears that the major cities in the east will be overran by the Junta's forces, Putin will likely invade and will do so with considerable force.  He may go all the way and take Kiev and all of the Ukraine.  If this scenario plays out, then the next question becomes what happens next in the Ukraine ... will NATO get involved?  Also, will this free up Israel and America to begin Netanyahu's General Middle East War???   Stirling   

Dozens die, including 2 children, as Junta troops shell Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ If additional heavy weapons are not sufficient to aid the local defense forces, Putin may be forced to send in his air force and perhaps his army as well.  This could get real serious in the coming week or so!!!   Stirling    

At least 13 civilians and likely dozens more have been killed by continuing artillery barrages, as government troops close in on militia positions around the city of Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine.

A 1-year old - killed next to her parents - and a 5-year old are among the dead, according to information published by the Donetsk regional administration. Several local journalists on the ground have reported that as many as 30 have been killed, as fighting continues

Government troops reached the outskirts of the city of 250,000 people late on Thursday, and have pushed militants back into positions inside residential areas.

Ukraine War LIVE UPDATES from RT ~ link

Dutch Prime Minister rules out military mission to secure MH17 crash site ~ link ~ Not all European governments are so crazy as to want to provoke the Russian Bear into armed combat!  Stirling   

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says sending out an international military force to secure the site of the downed Malaysian Airlines plane in eastern Ukraine is "unrealistic".The site is currently controlled by pro-Russia rebels who have been accused of shooting down flight MH17.

All 298 people on board - most of them Dutch - died.

Fighting increases near Ukrainian MH17 crash site ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~
Ukrainian armed forces mounted a major onslaught against pro-Russian separatist fighters on Sunday in an attempt to gain control over the area where a Malaysia Airlines plane was downed earlier this month.

The U.S. State Department, meanwhile, released satellite images that it says back up its claims that rockets have been fired from Russia into eastern Ukraine and heavy artillery for separatists has also crossed the border. 

Fighting worsens near MH17 site ~ link

A representative of the separatist military command in Donetsk confirmed that there had been fighting in Horlivka, but said that rebel fighters were holding their positions.

Elsewhere, Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported Sunday that a column of Ukrainian armored personnel carriers, trucks and tanks had entered the town of Shakhtarsk, 10 miles west of the site of the Boeing 777 crash.

Clashes hinder Ukraine MH17 crash site recovery ~ link
Plans to retrieve the remaining bodies from the MH17 crash were scuppered as Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian separatists clashed in the area where the plane went down.

Dutch and Australian police officers who were due to visit the crash site in eastern Ukraine had to postpone their trip due to an escalation in violence.

Two large California wildfires threaten homes ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ California and parts of the US west are in a terrible drought.  The reason behind this is that American authorities are using HAARP to keep the normal Pacific storms off of the West Coast to keep the public from panicking at the high levels of radiation in the storms from the Fukushima disaster site.  The long term effects of turning the US west into a desert will be profound and will have a most serious effect on food production.  Stirling      

Two fast-moving wildfires in California are threatening homes and could result in the evacuation of hundreds of people, US officials say. In the Sacramento region, a fire has spread to cover an area of about 4,000 acres, while another blaze threatens homes around Yosemite National Park.

Months of drought have caused more fires in California this year - some 1,400, twice the usual number.

SNP: Scottish wealth per head higher than United Kingdom ~ link ~ It increasingly looks like Scotland is headed towards a pro-Independence vote in September!  Stirling   

The party said new analysis of figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) showed Scotland's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per head, including a geographic share of UK oil, is around £23,300 – around £2,300 higher than that of the UK’s.

It also said an independent Scotland would be the 14th richest country in the economic bloc, outstripping major economies such as France, Japan and Italy.

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Why do some men choose to disbelieve that Jesus died on the cross and was bodily resurrected from the grave? It is recorded in the only history book inspired by God, the BIBLE.

Men are very selective about which historical facts they conclude are reliable.

Men agree that Gaius Julius Caesar August was the first Roman emperor. Yet, no man alive witnessed that historical event. It is accepted by faith.

The world believes that Abraham Lincoln was president during the Civil War between the states, however, the only proof that Abraham Lincoln lived and there was a war; is recorded in history books written by men. It is accepted by faith.

Men are confident that Socrates, the Greek philosopher, lived and died. That is accept by faith.

Nobody doubts that George Washington was the first president of the United States. They believe it by faith.

The existence of the great military leader Alexander the Great is questioned by no man. Men believe that he existed by faith.

Men are confident that Napoleon Bonaparte lived and was a great, French, political and military leader. They accept it by faith.

There no living witnesses to confirm that these historical figures lived nor that the historical facts are true. It is all accepted by faith, as written in history books.

The fact that Jesus lived, died, performed miracles, and was resurrected from the dead was not only recorded in God's book, the BIBLE, but also was recorded in other books of history.