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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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 25 July 2014


Breaking News

As Death Toll nears 850, mostly civilians, Israel rejects international proposals for ceasefire ~ link ~ Bibi 666 Netanyahu's thirst for blood has a long way to go!!!  Stirling  

The Israeli source, who declined to be named, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet had turned down the plan because it did not let Israel carry on hunting down Hamas's tunnel network that criss-crosses the Gaza border.

Netanyahu: Israel will continue latest Gaza War with 'Full Force' ~ link ~

Death tolls in the Gaza Strip have continued to soar, and Israel is facing growing criticism for the massive percentage of civilians killed, and large number of hospitals and schools they’ve hit in the offensive.

But exactly what is being accomplished in the war is totally unclear. Hamas is believed to be running low on rockets, but that is more a function of them having a finite amount of ammunition in a long, drawn out war.

Gaza War: Israel rejects truce - with photos ~ link

Israel's security cabinet has rejected a Gaza ceasefire proposal put forward by US Secretary of State John Kerry "as it stands".

Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said ground operations in Gaza could soon be broadened "significantly". 

Palestine woman risks life to rescue injured youth in Gaza - video ~ link ~ You should watch this video, it gives a good look at what the streets are really like in Gaza!!!   Stirling  

Gaza War: Netanyahu says Hamas using rising death toll to make Israel look bad ~ link ~ You can't make this stuff up.  This is something only a very sick and totally evil  narcissistic psychopathic would say!!!  Stirling      

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed criticism of spiraling Palestinian civilian fatalities in Gaza, saying Israel tries to avoid them but that Hamas seeks to use “telegenically dead Palestinians” for its cause. 

Ancient Palestine Orthodox church provides shelter for Muslims fleeing Israeli strikes ~ link

According to Reuters, the church has been attacked by IDF aircraft and shortly after the initial Palestinian families trickled in, "Israeli aircraft bombed a nearby field, spraying shrapnel on the church and damaging graves."

"We have opened the church in order to help people. This is the duty of the church and we are doing all we can to help them," Archbishop Alexios told Reuters.
In addition to shelter, St. Porphyrius has provided families with mattresses, chairs, food, blankets and toys.

"At the beginning there were 600 people and today they became a thousand - mostly children and women. Some of those children are a week old," he added.

Pentagon: Russian transfer of rocket system to the Ukraine 'rebels' imminent ~ link ~ Perhaps, and perhaps the systems are there in case Putin decides to send his troops in to protect the Russian speaking population.  Stirling   

The Pentagon said on Friday the transfer of heavy-caliber multiple-launch rocket systems from Russia to Ukrainian separatists appeared to be imminent with the arms close enough to the border they could be handed over "potentially today."

"We have indications that the Russians intend to supply heavier and more sophisticated multiple-launch rocket systems in the very near future," said Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, adding that the weapons were in the over-200mm range.

Russia: Obama Administration in a smear campaign ~ link ~ The Australian government wants an armed military force at the crash site, within the area controlled by pro-Russian forces.  That may well be seen as 'getting the camel's nose under the tent' (beginning a western military force within the Ukraine) and is both unnecessary and provocative!!!  Stirling  

The Dutch and Australian foreign ministers are negotiating with Ukrainian officials in Kiev to send police to the crash site, which is controlled by the rebels

Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian Crisis to War with Russia ~ link ~ The bought-and-paid for globalist/Zionist owned political whores have made careers out of selling out America and Americans, but now they are so totally evil and corrupt that they are heading America and the ENTIRE WORLD to AN EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT ... WWIII.   Stirling  

Despite the conclusion by US intelligence that there is no evidence of Russian involvement in the destruction of the Malaysian airliner and all lives onboard, Washington is escalating the crisis and shepherding it toward war.

Twenty-two US senators have introduced into the 113th Congress, Second Session, a bill, S.2277, “To prevent further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia, and for other purposes.” The bill is before the Committee on Foreign Relations.


The Other Road To World War III ~ link ~  

The plain and simple truth that few are willing to address publicly is that we are being led into World War III by globalists who are busily setting fires to the geopolitical dry tinder spread across the Middle East, North Africa and now Ukraine to create global conflagration. World War III needs to happen at any cost, and the environment is such that the slightest misstep, mistake or event by design could ignite a global conflict that will change the world forever. It’s just that simple.
As we are being fed a steady diet of misinformation about Ukraine and Russia, specifically about the most recent downing of two Ukrainian fighter jets, perhaps now would be a good time to ask a simple, but critically important question. Is it possible, since Russia has one of the most extensive satellite and radar systems covering every inch of Ukraine and surrounding areas, that the fighter jets might very well be NATO assets, piloted by NATO pilots, and taking off from NATO airfields, maybe from places like Azerbaijan? How might such a revelation change the perception of world events, should it become known that NATO and other Western interests area behind the recent escalation? 

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