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 24 July 2014


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Today we should learn what it is that Putin has called an emergency meeting of the State Duma for.  Reports are that is concerning the war in the eastern Ukraine.  As we approach the official begining of the First World War, that started 100 year ago, we are in the most dangerous time in history for the Human Race.  The events are close to those that saw the beginning of the First and Second World Wars, however, the weapon systems in those wars, for all the horror and death that they caused, are but 'child's play' compared to the cornucopia of 21st Century weapons-of-mass-destruction that we face today.  Pray for Peace and God's holy protection.   
Tim Earl of Stirling    

Death Toll now 715 as Israel kills a family of six in Gaza ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is still JUST GETTING WARMED UP.  He desperately wants a super giant totally horrific right-out-of-hell General Middle East War!!!  Stirling   

The six died after Israeli forces pounded an area near Khan Yunis in southern Gaza on Wednesday. The kids were among several others killed by the Israeli regime’s offensive earlier in the day.

According to the United Nations, one Palestinian child has been killed every one hour over the past two days in Gaza. "One child has been killed in Gaza every hour for the past two days," said a statement released by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) earlier in the day. 

Hamas chief ties truce to lifting the Israeli Gaza blockade ~ link ~ Who can blame him for that.  The blockade is slowly killing the almost two million people living in the Gaza Strip.  It is highly illegal under International Law and is by definition a War Crime.  That America keeps sending untold billions and billions to Israel in spite of the blockade and multiple wars against mostly the civilian population, and at a time of economic depression, is ample proof that Americans no longer control their nation but that the Zionists and Global banksters do!!!  Stirling 

Death Toll 687 as airlines shun Israel ~ link ~

In a blow to Israel's economy and image, American aviation authorities extended a ban on U.S. flights to Tel Aviv for a second day, spooked by rocket salvoes out of the Gaza Strip, with many other global airlines also avoiding the Jewish state.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, speaking in Qatar, praised the group's fighters, whom he said had made gains against Israel and said he supported a humanitarian truce but a ceasefire would only be acceptable in exchange for easing Gazans' plight.

Senate Democrats push to Triple Israel's Iron Dome "aid" to $576,000,000 ~ link These bought-and-paid-for political whores don't give 'a rats ass' about America or Americans, but can't give our hard earned tax dollars away fast enough to the Israeli monsters killing children in Palestine!!!  Stirling 

U.S. Senate Democrats included $225 million for Israel's Iron Dome rocket interception system in an emergency funding bill on Tuesday, which, as Bloomberg reports, in addition to the $351 million that’s already under discussion for Iron Dome in fiscal 2015 would bring the potential new funding to $576 million, compared with the $176 million currently requested by the Pentagon. "Iron Dome has saved countless Israeli lives," Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a letter dated yesterday and while the Iron Dome system is built by Haifa-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd, an agreement with Israel calls for more than half the funds the Pentagon provides for Iron Dome to be spent in the U.S..

America's Nazi Allies in Israel and the Ukraine ~ link ~ I really don't like the Nazis or anything like them.  They were satanic trash, and on a more personal level they caused the death of my Mom's cousin and my Dad's brother!  This is an interesting article that you should take the time to read in full at the link.  Stirling  

The U.S. is now the chief sponsor of two nazi, ethnically cleansing, nations. In one of them (Ukraine), the U.S. President, Barack Obama, himself placed nazis into control there; the nazi control was imposed by him, via his agents. In the other (Israel), nazis have controlled for decades, and Obama merely extends their control by continuing American support.

The difference between nazism and mere fascism is that, as exemplified by Mussolini, fascism is pure “corporationism” (see page 426 there), not necessarily racist; whereas nazism, as exemplified by Hitler, is a profoundly and ineradicably racist, usually religious-based, form of  fascism. It’s “corporationism” plus  ethnic bigotry. Hitler’s version of nazism happened to be focused against Jews, but that’s not necessary to nazism; any racist fascism is nazi. (NOTE: a lower-case “nazi” is any  nazi, but an upper-case one, a “Nazi,” refers to a member of Hitler’s Party, which was Germany’s  nazi party, the first-ever nazi party, the original “Nazi Party.” Similarly, Mussolini’s party was the Italian “Fascist” party, the first fascist party, but other nations have their own fascist and/or nazi parties.)

UN's Iraq envoy: ISIS violates human rights in Iraq ~ link ~ Americans tax dollars at work!!!  Stirling   

The United Nations envoy in Iraq has censured “gross” violations of human rights by Takfiri terrorist of ISIL in the crisis-hit country.

Nickolay Mladenov, the envoy of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Baghdad, made the remarks before the UN Security Council on Wednesday.

Lebanon tightens security along its Syrian border ~ link
Lebanon has beefed up security in its eastern mountainous regions bordering Syria to stop militants from sneaking into the country, Press TV reports.

As heavy fighting continues throughout the Syrian territory and along the border with Lebanon, the Lebanese army has been deployed in big numbers along the eastern border region to stop militants’ infiltration.
Lebanese officials say the measure is also taken in the Bekaa Valley following reports of planned militant attacks on villages there.

Reports say the Syrian army, together with fighters from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, has been able to seize control of a number of strategic hilltops in the mountainous region. It will help in securing the Lebanese border and safeguarding Lebanon from the danger of rockets and booby-trapped cars. “The latest measures taken by the Lebanese army, the Syrian army and the resistance (movement Hezbollah) have helped protect Lebanon,” Hussein Awada, head of the Baalbeck Municipalities Union, said.

Ukraine to impose sanctions on Russia says Junta's 'Prime Minister' ~ link ~ What a joke. The Ukraine is going to sanction Russia! Get real, the Ukraine is a dead cow that is being picked clean by the Globalist and Zionist vultures running the Junta government.  The Prime Minister is a Rothschild central banker who is a dual Israeli-Ukraine citizen; the 'President' is a criminal oligarch, a Rothschild central banker, and also a dual Israeli-Ukraine citizen!!!  Stirling  

Pro-Russians down 2 Ukrainian Junta Su-25 attack jets claims Junta ~ link ~

The militias on Wednesday posted a video online, showing the downing of the two Sukhoy-25 aircraft. 

The video allegedly shows the aftermath and wreckage of one of the destroyed planes.

'Black Death'/Bubonic Plague case triggers lockdown of Chinese city ~ link ~ Notice how a number of very dangerous diseases, old ones like the Bubonic Plague, and newer ones like MERS and Ebola, are popping up all over and more and more frequently this year.  Do you really think, considering the pre-/early WWIII environment that we are in, this to be accidental or coincidental???   Stirling  

The 30,000 residents of Yumen in China have been cut off from the rest of the country to prevent the potential spread of bubonic plague. Lockdown was declared in the city after a man died of the disease and 151 people have been put in quarantine.

The city of Yumen in the poor northwestern province of Gansu was hit by the plague scare when a 38-year-old man died in hospital after being infected with the disease. Authorities immediately began sealing off parts of the city to prevent any spread of the deadly disease. 

Head doctor fighting Africa's Out-of-Control Ebola Epidemic has himself contacted the deadly disease ~ link
The only good news, if any, is that even as the epidemic which has raged for months, and now appears to be out of control, it has not spilled out of Africa into other continents yet. On the other hand both the US and now China appears to have a problem with a different viral scourge: bubonic plague. In any event, a deadly viral breakout across three continents may be just what the Keynesian doctor ordered to blast the global economy into that long-delayed "recovery."

'The Hot Zone' - free on-line book on Ebola/etc. ~ link ~ This is an interesting book.  However, I simply do not believe that the sudden appearance of several new deadly viruses, at the time shortly after the invention of Genetic Engineering bio-technology is a accident or coincident.  I believe that several 'new' viruses are in fact man-engineered viruses being tested in the wild and also being spun as "natural" viruses, when in fact they are no such thing!!!  Advanced biowar will be the driving force behind the "plague" that the last book of the Christian Bible speaks of that will kill a third of the human race in Armageddon/Apocalypse.   Stirling    


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