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 22 July 2014


Breaking News

Breaking: FAA orders US airlines not to fly to or from Ben-Gurian International Airport in Tel Aviv for 24 hours ~ link ~

The FFA has ordered US airlines not to fly to or from Ben Gurion Airport "for a period of up to 24 hours."
A Delta Boeing 747 from New York was flying over the Mediterranean Sea heading for Tel Aviv on Tuesday when it turned around and flew to Paris instead. Flight 468 had 273 passengers and 17 crew on board.

Breaking: US flights to Israel halted due to rocket attacks near Tel Aviv airport ~ link ~ I strongly suspect that we are NOT getting the true picture of rocket damage, injuries, deaths, and actual intercepts from the 'Iron Dome' system from the Israelis.   Stirling 

Two US airlines have cancelled all flights to Israel following reported rocket fire near Tel Aviv airport.

Delta halted services after saying one of its planes from New York had to be diverted to Paris on Tuesday because of the reported missile fire.

Gaza Death Toll 609 as Israeli Genocide rages on ~ link ~ No other nation on earth could get by with such behavior year after year, war after war.  It is shameful that the western people have allowed the global banksters and a tiny minority to control them and to have their political "leaders" support such genocide!!!   Stirling  

The relentless Israeli military campaign dubbed Operation Protective Edge targeting the Gaza Strip, which has lasted for more than two weeks, has killed over 600 Palestinians and wounded 3,720 others so far, an official said Tuesday.

Ashraf al-Qedra, Gaza health ministry spokesman, told reporters that the death toll has reached 609, while the number of those wounded hit 3,720, adding that two-thirds of the victims are civilians.

Pregnant woman and child among airstrike dead ~ link ~ This is nothing but calculated mass murder and genocide on Israel's part.  Stirling    

A four-year-old girl and three women, one of them pregnant, were among those killed in the latest Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, according to medics.

As the Gaza Death Toll passes 600 (mostly civilian children, women and men) Israel Ambassador says IDF deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for "inimaginable restraint" ~ link ~ This is a classic but sad and horrific example of just how sick and evil the attitudes of the Israeli population really are.  Pardon the language, but they feel that 'their shit does not stink' but, of course, 'everyone else's does'!  They are so damn narcissistic!  It goes back to the sick and non-Biblical belief that unless you are born of a Jewish mother you are simply a soulless two-legged animal.  That killing you is not murder; that raping you is not rape; that stealing from you is not stealing ... you are after all not Human, just an animal placed on this Earth to serve the Jews.  That kind of sick hyper-racist crap has no place in the 21st Century or any century for that matter.  WHY DO WE ALLOW SUCH PEOPLE TO RUN THE WESTERN NATIONS AND FINANCIAL SYSTEMS AND NEWS/ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY AND CONTINUE TO DRIVE US TOWARDS ARMAGEDDON???   Stirling       

Israel hits hundreds of targets in Gaza ~ link ~ If you really believe that most of these are legitimate military targets you are brain dead!  Stirling    

DEBKA: IDF fighting hard to win first battle against Hamas, a savage and tenacious enemy ~ link ~ The bottom line is that Israel is NOT winning this latest Gaza War and is being very careful so that it does not have massive battle losses.  It is trying to force Hamas to give up by killing massive numbers of civilians but has limits as it does not want to trigger public demand in the West for an intervention to stop the Israeli genocide. The simple fact is that the Arabs in Palestine are fighting for their homes, their land, and their families and have learned the hard lessons of history since 1948.  They have learned from how Hezbollah defeated Israel in the last Lebanon War. This may get to the point that Netanyahu may have to shut the war down (that is be defeated) or greatly expand the military firepower used (advanced fourth and firth generation nukes and the like)!!!    Stirling     

Israel using flechette weapons on Palestinian civilians ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up.  The Israelis have no shame and are totally narcissistic and racist to the max, they can do no wrong, but anything done to them is terrible!!!  Stirling   

However, a 2011 report by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem described them as carrying “a particularly high danger of harming innocent civilians”. The group describes the explosives as ‘an anti-personal’ weapon. Once fired the metal darts can disperse in a conical arch 300 meters long and about 90 meters wide. Therefore they can cause widespread civilian casualties if used in a built up area, such as Gaza

B'Tselem added, "other rules of humanitarian law render their use in the Gaza Strip illegal. One of the most fundamental principles is the obligation to distinguish between those who are involved and those who are not involved in the fighting, and to avoid to the extent possible injury to those who are not involved. Deriving from this principle is the prohibition of the use of an imprecise weapon which is likely to result in civilian injuries."

UN Secretary-General Ban urges end to fighting in Gaza ~ link ~ Don't hold your breath, old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is just getting warmed up!!!  Stirling   

No ceasefire near ~ link ~  

Israel pounded targets across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, saying no ceasefire was near as top U.S. and U.N. diplomats pursued talks on halting fighting that has claimed more than 500 lives. 

Hamas, the dominant group in the Gaza Strip, and its allies fired more rockets into Israel, triggering sirens in Tel Aviv. One hit a town on the fringes of Ben-Gurion International Airport, lightly injuring two people, officials said.

Death toll from Israeli attacks on mostly civilians of Gaza now over 600 ~ link

Palestinian health ministry sources said on Tuesday at least 611 Palestinians have been killed and over 3,600 others injured since the start of the Israeli offensive on July 8.

The Israeli onslaught on the besieged enclave is in its 15th day, as the number of Palestinian casualties, mostly civilians, keeps rising. 

Palestinian official said at least 19 Palestinians were killed after Israeli warplanes and tanks targeted residential areas across the impoverished region on early hours of Tuesday. 

Three women including a pregnant one and a child were killed in the latest strikes. Israeli aircraft hit at least seventy targets including five mosques and a sports stadium. 

On Monday, five people were killed and dozens injured, among them medical staff, when Israeli tanks shelled the Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in central Gaza.

Over 600 deaths in Gaza War: IDF hits hospitals, mosques, homes, stadium ~ link ~ An orgy of murder by the Israelis against the civilians trapped in the largest open air concentration camp in history!!!  Stirling  

The latest casualties in the fortnight-long violence have brought the Palestinian death toll to 570, according to AP. Almost 100 of them are children and many others are civilians. Additionally, nearly 500 homes have been destroyed in the Israeli bombardments and 100,000 people have been displaced, said Jens Laerke, spokesman of the UN Office for Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA) at a Geneva news briefing.

On Monday, a hospital was hit in Gaza, with four people killed and scores of others wounded in the attack. Thirty of the wounded were medics, according to Sky News. The International Committee of the Red Cross issued a statement condemning the shelling "in the strongest terms," Reuters reports. The organization stated that the hospital came under fire at least four times, with life-saving equipment severely damaged.

Israel's offensive on Gaza "appropriate and legitimate" says Kerry ~ link ~ Best damn Jewish/Zionist US Secretary of State Israel ever had!!!  This is such evil crap, it is way beyond shameful that America is controlled by such evil trash!!!   Stirling   

Human Rights Watch: Kiev Junta did NOT provide adequate protection and assistance to internal refugees ~ link ~ The Nazi fascists and Zionist Oligarchs who make up the Junta government don't care about people.  They are monsters!  Stirling  

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians forced from their homes by the internal armed conflict are receiving little protection and assistance from Ukrainian authorities, claims Human Rights Watch in a letter sent to President Petro Poroshenko.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has conducted research of its own, speaking to displaced citizens in major central and western Ukrainian cities, such as the capital Kiev, Kharkov, Lvov and Vinnitsa. HRW’s nine-day probe also addressed local authorities, international organizations and volunteers dealing with refugees. The general picture is disappointing: most of the displaced people interviewed had not heard of any government assistance programs, and had received no assistance with accommodation, food, clothing or access to social services from government bodies or agencies.

Putin says West should demand Junta obey ceasefire during MH17 clash probe ~ link ~  

Putin said that Ukrainian troops attacked self-defense units near Donetsk almost at the same time anti-government forces were handing over the black boxes from the MH17 crash to international experts. 

“Tanks broke through to the railway station,” Putin said at the Russian Security Council session on Tuesday. “It was shelled. The international experts there could not even look out of the windows.” 

10 More questions Russian military poses to the Ukraine Junta and USA over MH17 crash ~ link Notice how the fact that Putin's plane was on the same path/altitude/etc. as the downed MH17 was only minutes before the attack is not mentioned by either side any more!!!  Stirling  

MH17 will usher in a completely new kind of war - One the USA cannot win   ~ linkWWIII is forming NOW!!!  Stirling 

It seems ironic that the world was in a similar situation exactly a hundred years ago. After the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary issued a series of ultimatums to the Kingdom of Serbia, and ultimately declared war on July 28, 1914.
Tensions in Europe and around the world were at boiling point. The primacy of the British and other European colonial powers was waning, as recently formed unitary states of Germany and Italy were on the rise. With so many rising powers, it was inevitable that conflict would ultimately ensue. Even if Franz Ferdinand’s assassination wouldn’t have happened, some other tinder would have lit the fire. Similar conditions exist today.

ISIS militants ransack ancient 4th Century Catholic monastery in Iraq ~ link ~ American tax dollars at work!!!  Stirling 

Islamic militants have seized a monastery in northern Iraq, kicking out its Christian monks as well as Christian residents of Mosul.

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) insurgents stormed the ancient Mar Benham monastery in the Christian town of Qaraqosh Sunday, near the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, which was overrun by ISIS on 10 June

New World Disorder: Global Chaos ~ link


What the future holds for Scotland? ~ link ~ I strongly suspect that the Scots will vote for independence this coming September.  The main political parties in the United Kingdom are so corrupt, they are simply political whores for the City of London/Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  The people of Scotland are suffering, as are all Brits, from the current Global Depression and damn tired of it.  The people of Scotland are sick of the useless wars and the support of the demonic Israelis by the political class as are most Brits.  The people of Scotland are sickened by the long-running political class and entertainment industry based English pedophile scandal.  The people of Scotland can see no real hope for the future based on the three main British political parties, nor can most Brits.  Unless all this changes and changes very quickly, I suspect that the majority of Scots will say to hell with the lot in London!  Stirling     
Scotland’s constitutional future will be decided on September 18 in a vote brought about by the Scottish National Party-led government in Edinburgh. 

The referendum will determine whether the country should create a new sovereign state and run its own affairs or stick with the status quo.

More Britons registered as near-homeless ~ link ~ They can thank the City of London/Global Banking Cartel and the political whores in London for that!  Stirling   

The number of Britons on the brink of homelessness has surged because of benefit cuts and rising demands on household budgets, a leading housing charity warns.The charity Shelter reported a huge rise in the amount of people calling into its hotline and seeking advice on rent and mortgage arrears.

“Every 11 minutes, a family in Britain loses their home. With more and more people having to stretch their finances to breaking point in a bid to makes ends meet, it's not hard to see why,” said Campbell Robb, the chief executive of Shelter.
One-third of all those calls continue to go unanswered, the charity said, admitting it can no longer keep up with demand for its helpline.

EU Foreign Ministers fail to agree on new Russian sanctions ~ link ~ Lots of business people are raising hell with the political class over this and the loss of business.  Stirling   

Ghosts behind the Iron Curtain: Photos of former USSR and Warsaw Pack abandoned buildings/etc. ~ link  

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