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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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 21 July 2014


Breaking News

Israel is dropping white phosphorous bombs on women and children   ~ link ~ And Americans are sending these monsters several billion dollars a year WHY???  And many First World nations politicians are supporting these monsters WHY???  Stirling  

Latest reports say Israeli aerial and ground forces are using white phosphorus bombs to pound several residential areas across the besieged Gaza Strip.
The lethal bombs violate all international conventions and are considered as banned weapons in civilian areas.
This comes as a Norwegian doctor in the besieged coastal enclave has recently criticized Israel for using cancer-inducing bombs against Palestinian civilians.
Medics say some Palestinians in the besieged enclave have been wounded by a new type of weapon that even doctors with previous experience in war zones do not recognize.

Israel also used depleted-uranium and white phosphorus shells in the besieged region during their previous assaults.The latest revelation comes as Israeli tanks and warplanes keep pounding the besieged enclave. Sources say at 39 Palestinians were killed on Monday alone.

Several killed as Israel bombs another hospital in Gaza ~ link ~ So now these wonderful Israelis, who according to the political class in America/UK/France/Germany/etc. can do no wrong, drove tanks up near the largest hospital in Gaza and shelled its third floor.  What evil bastards!!!  Stirling  

Several Palestinians have been killed and dozens more wounded as Israel targeted Gaza’s central hospital.

Emergency services spokesman, Ashraf al-Qudra, said the third floor of the al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Deir al-Balah was hit by Israeli tank fire on Monday.
Palestinian officials say at least five people were killed and dozens wounded in the incident in central Gaza, among them medical staff. A Palestinian television channel showed footage of wounded people being treated after the bombing.

This comes as a hospital in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip was struck by Israeli artillery shells on Friday.

US networks remove reporters critical of the Israeli attack on the civilians of Gaza ~ link ~ There are only six globalist owned and Zionist managed companies who own 96% of the American mainstream news media.  They lie all the time and most especially about IsraelStirling  

Life after a Nuclear War revealed: Computer models reveal that Earth would suffer through a Twenty-Year-Long Winter and Worldwide Famine  ~ link This is based on only 100 low power nuclear devices being used.  This is NOT a WWIII level war, which would be MUCH WORSE!  The demonic clowns that are driving the entire World into the Third World War are high-level Luciferians, and their actions make no sense to anyone who is rational and even partly sane!  I keep warning about the very real dangers of WWIII because I know military technology and the history and nature of the Global Banking Cartel families and the Zionists.  If we don't stop them, they will start the most horrific war in human history and kill most of us!!!  Stirling    

Worldwide famine, deadly frosts, global ozone losses of up to 50 per cent and more would greet any inhabitants of the planet still remaining after a nuclear conflict.
And the researchers hope their study of what they call a relatively 'small' nuclear war will serve as a deterrent against such weapons being used by any nation in the future.

Russia says it has photos of the Ukraine Junta forces deploying BUK anti-air missiles in the east and radar proof of warplanes in MH17 vicinity ~ link ~ This only proves that they moved the BUK missiles and that there was a jet or two flying within 50 or so miles of MH17.  I stand by my analysis of what really happened to MH17.  It may well be that the Junta (which has a Zionist central banker for both a President and also for the Prime Minister) was totally in on the attempt to take down Putin's plane which was also in the same area at the same time! The BUK missiles did complicate efforts to seep a stealthed Israeli F-15I Strike Eagle out of the area by Russian fighters; any Ukrainian fighters may have been there as 'back up' to the attempt to take down Putin's plane.  The two ton 'elephant in the living room' is this connection with the Russian Presidential State Aircraft.  That is simply too big of a coincidence to buy!!! They were after Putin and ECM spoofed the ID squawking and likely the radar systems also (see this for a flash back to some recent NATO radar spoofing in Europe).  Stirling   

Ukraine hasn’t said how it immediately knew rebels downed Malaysian plane, notes the Russian Foreign Ministry, as it unveils 10 awkward questions for Ukraine (and perhaps the US 'snap judgment') to answer about the MH17 disaster. However, what is perhaps more concerning for the hordes of finger-pointers is that:

Key piece of video "evidence" for Russian Responsibility for MH17 shoot down DEBUNKED ~ link ~ Take the time to read this one at the link.  Kerry and the mainstream news media caught 'red handed' on this scam!  Stirling   

ISIS now controls 35% of Syria and most of its oil fields; Iraq issues an ultimatum to USA ~ linkSo far the efforts to begin the General Middle East War have the War on Syria being evolved into a War on Syria and Iraq and a new Gaza War.  Look for an expansion into Lebanon/Hezbollah, the West Bank of Palestine, and then to Iran in the coming days/weeks.  Of course, the effort to tie down Russia in the Ukraine War continues as we march down Lucifer's road to World War III.  Stirling  

Perhaps sensing the fact that the tide of war may be shifting for the worse, Iraq has become increasingly more vocal in demanding US assistance and a few hours ago went as far as to issue an ultimatum on the US - help us now or we will find another bigger borther, one who will actually help us. 

Bloomberg reports that earlier today, speaking at the Atlantic Council, the Iraqi Ambassador to U.S. Lukman Faily called for US air strikes warning that Iraqis are skeptical about U.S. intent to support Iraq in its fight against Sunni terrorist groups, and implicitly threatening that "other countries will step in to fill the vacuum if greater American support isn’t forthcoming."

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