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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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2 July 2014 ~ Second Update

Breaking News

Ukraine War: Ceasefire and OSCE observers at Russian checkpoints agreed at Berlin meeting ~ link ~ This could be a major breakthrough, or it could end up being just more BS.  Only time will tell.  I am concerned that they will meet again on July 5 ... a lot can happen in 3 days to derail any progress.  Only time will tell...pray for peace!!!  Stirling 

A roadmap of measures that will point a way out of the Ukrainian crisis has been agreed during four-way talks between the foreign ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine, German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.

In their joint statement, the ministers called for the Contact Group to resume its work “no later than July 5 with the goal of reaching an unconditional and mutually agreed, sustainable ceasefire.”

Russia warns of 'natural gas crisis' by Fall - Medvedev says Porky "personally responsible for new deaths" ~ link
While the USA has been oddly quiet since Ukraine's President Poroshenko unilaterally ended the cease-fire, the Russians have not. This morning's "anti-terrorist" shelling of East Ukraine buildings stirred Russia's Prime Minister Medvedev to warn:
Putin warns of force as Ukraine fighting spreads ~ link ~ The simmering standoff in eastern Ukraine exploded into warfare early Tuesday, pushing the conflict to a dangerous new phase and prompting President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to warn again that he reserves the right to use force to defend Russian-speaking citizens.
Government forces unleashed ground assaults and air bombardments throughout the region, including heavy artillery shelling around the rebel-controlled city of Slovyansk and pitched battles for control of administrative buildings in Donetsk. The attacks began shortly after President Petro O. Poroshenko declared an end to a 10-day cease-fire and ordered government forces to renew their effort to quash a pro-Russian separatist insurrection in the east.
Porky launches bloody assault on eastern Ukraine ~ link ~ Heavy fighting and artillery bombardments were reported around the rebel-controlled cities of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk, beginning at 19:30 Monday. Grad rockets were also fired at the city of Karlovka.
Igor Strelkov, the Russian commander of rebels in Slavyansk, said that many civilians had been wounded when government forces shelled several villages around the city.
Israeli Government prepares yet another Onslaught against the Palestinian People ~ link ~ link ~ Everyone on Earth is suppose to give the evil Israeli war mongers a free pass because of the Nazi evils, which happened before most of us were even born, and that includes the Israelis acting like Nazis themselves!  That crap is no longer getting it!!!  The trouble the Zionists and Globalists have, is that while they can bribe and blackmail the political class, 99+% of the people are NOT politicians and we are no longer buying their BS!!!   Stirling      
The Israeli regime of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has seized on the tragic death of the young men as the pretext for escalating its aggression against the Palestinian people and strengthening Israel’s grip on the occupied territories. The Israeli government has declared that the Islamist party Hamas is responsible for the murders, without providing any evidence to substantiate the charge, which is denied by Hamas.

Early Tuesday, the West Bank homes of two Hamas members accused of involvement in the kidnapping were blown up by Israeli troops—the first such punitive demolitions since 2005. In Gaza, Palestinian sources said Israeli jets had carried out many as 40 air strikes since the bodies were found.

US troops will fly Apache attack helicopters in Iraq ~ link ~ Today, the Pentagon is rushing Apache attack helicopters to Baghdad, along with more Shadow drones, couching it as a move to prepare for a possible evacuation of the US Embassy.
Yet far from being focused on the embassy itself, officials say the US ground troops will be operating the helicopter gunships to “protect US interests” in and around Baghdad.


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