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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


12 July 2014

Breaking News

Could New York's new 9/11 investigation stop Global Holocaust? ~ link ~ I fear that what is happening is right out of the Bible and may be unstoppable, at least by man!!!  However, God does help those who help themselves.  Have you contacted your Congressman and Senators or MPs, what are YOU doing to stop Armageddon???  Do take the time to read all of this important article at the link!  Stirling  

Israel is slaughtering Palestinian families and children in Gaza. Hamas fires rockets at Israel. The too-extreme-for-al-Qaeda ISIL terrorists massacre civilians and announce an ersatz caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

The world’s biggest military behemoth, the USA, with 4,650 nuclear warheads, backs the Zionist and ISIL terrorists; while Russia, with its 3,281 nuclear weapons, stands strong against American bullying. Russia has drawn the line in Syria, announcing: No more regime change! Meanwhile the Israelis, with an estimated 400 nuclear warheads, are a regional wild card and a global menace.

On the eastern border of the Middle East sit Pakistan and India, with over 100 nuclear warheads each. The election of Indian anti-Muslim extremist Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ratcheted up tensions between the South Asian rivals; while the Zionist-backed US destabilization of Pakistan through false flag “Pakistani Taliban” terror makes this dangerous situation even worse.

Ongoing Middle East and South Asian conflicts could easily spin out of control, triggering global armageddon. It could happen in any number of ways.

The most probable scenario hinges on a big Israeli false flag. The Zionists have been masters of false-flag terror since they dressed up as Arabs and bombed the King David hotel on July 22nd, 1946. Since then, they have:...

As former lead BBC Mideast correspondent Alan Hart says, the hard-line Zionists around Netanyahu want to start a big Mideast war. This would allow them to finish the ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Such a war could begin with a false flag attack from Gaza. Israel could have its assets fire a rocket with chemical weapons from Gaza into Tel Aviv. Israel could blame Iran, pulverize Gaza and the West Bank, attack Iran, and watch a firestorm of missiles rain down upon it. This could provide an excuse for the “final solution” ethnic cleansing. (Or it could just as easily backfire and lead to Israel’s annihilation.)

Worse yet, such a scenario, or dozens like it, could provoke World War III. The US might enter such a war to save Israel; and Russia might enter to prevent the US from bloodily imposing its will on the region. Nuclear weapons could begin to fly. Humanity would face a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions....

As the truth emerges, the alliance of hardline US imperialism and Zionism that staged 9/11 will implode at free-fall speed. This is the same alliance that is committing aggression in the Middle East and South Asia and risking global nuclear war. Removing the 9/11 criminals from power will lower the risk of global nuclear holocaust from close to 100% to something vastly lower.

No other issue has even remotely the kind of pro-peace leverage that 9/11 truth has. There is no other path of activism in which an individual’s contribution to peace, truth and justice can have this kind of potential impact.
If the 9/11 criminals continue waging war on the world, the world is doomed. If you don’t make an effort to stop them, you are complicit. It really is that simple.

Please go to and contribute what you can. The survival of humanity depends on it.

Death Toll now 122 from Israeli air strikes on Gaza (mostly civilians) ~ link

More than 800 people were injured in the latest round of Israeli attacks on Gaza since July 8. Most of the victims have been women and children. Multiple casualties were reported in a series of aerial strikes by the Israeli military early Saturday.

The latest Israeli airstrike killed three Palestinians in the eastern Tufah neighborhood of Gaza City on Saturday.
An attack on a facility for the disabled in northern Gaza has left at least two killed and several others wounded.
Local Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said three others lost their lives in a second strike in western Gaza City.

Four others were killed in an airstrike on the Jabalia refugee camp near Gaza City on Friday night.
This followed the killing of two Palestinians in an airstrike on a house in Dir al-Balah in central Gaza.

Israel seeking to mislead Hamas over rocket accuracy ~ link ~ You mean those fine folks over at Netanyahu's Israel would actually lie to us ... Right ... hell they don't even know how to tell the truth, just like their puppet Obama!!!  Do take the time to read all of this one the link.  Stirling   

Are rockets pounding Tel Aviv? Experts who have examined the denials and press releases by Israel and here “media friends,” are giving a resounding “yes!”

One American military officer, a former commander of an air defense unit, said this of Israel’s propaganda campaign: “It is almost as though they dragged poor Winston Churchill” out of the grave. News reports have Israel’s braving incoming Hamas rockets, “stiff upper lip,” while intelligence reports tell another story. There is panic, frankly, as would be expected considering the fact that Israel is used to having others do her fighting.”Key to Israel’s strategy is something learned from Britain during World War II. Hamas rockets can only be targeted if impacts are reported and range and direction are adjusted, perhaps to pound downtown Tel Aviv.
What is being released to the news, citing rockets as landing “in the middle of nowhere” is an attempt to get Hamas to adjust range and direction and actually hit “the middle of nowhere.” What these reports actually mean is the rockets are not only accurate but that Hamas’ intelligence network inside Israel is doing a highly effective job relaying target data.

Israel to resist international pressure to stop the bombing of civilians in Gaza ~ link ~ Netanyahu has worked hard to get this war.  It is only beginning and if we are not very careful it will become the Third World War/Armageddon/Apocalypse and will kill two-thirds of the Human Race!!!  Stirling 

Israel will resist foreign pressure to halt its operations against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

He said Israel had attacked more than 1,000 targets there since Tuesday, and was using twice the force it used during a similar operation in 2012.

At least 30 Junta military troops killed as militia shell convoy with Grad rockets ~ link ~ The Russian help to the eastern Ukraine Russian-speaking militia is beginning to payoff.  Putin is on an important visit to Latin America and to the BRICKS conference.  When he returns, events may take a "different turn" in the Ukraine!!!  Stirling  

Dozens of Ukraine’s government troops have been reportedly killed after local militia shelled pro-Kiev military forces with Grad rocket launchers. President Poroshenko has vowed “killing hundreds” for each deceased soldier.

Self-defense troops attacked a Ukrainian military unit at around 5:00am near Zelenopolye village in the Lugansk region, not far from the Russian border, Kiev’s officials reported. 

Porky says he will kill hundreds per each killed Junta soldier ~ link ~ You can make this Zionist Central Banker Oligarch the "President" but he still remains a Eastern European Ghetto Gangster!!!  Stirling   

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko on Friday held a conference with top officials of the Armed Forces, security and Interior agencies after the death of several dozen Army servicemen in the Luhansk region, a report at the official presidential website said.

The president said in part it was important to track down and to physically eliminate everyone who was responsible for the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers, security and interior officers. “The militants (the way that the Kiev authorities refer to the fighters of volunteer self-defense forces in Eastern Ukraine. — ITAR-TASS) will pay tens and even hundreds of their own lives for a life of each our soldier (they kill),” the report quoted Poroshenko as saying.

Self-defense forces place Junta hld Donetsk Airport under fire ~ link
Self-defense forces from the People’s Republic of Donetsk continued their offensive on Donetsk Airport during the night, a representative of the headquarters of the independence supporters told RIA Novosti Friday.

Local citizens confirmed they heard blasts and machine gun fire and had seen rockets near the Donetsk Airport, which is controlled by Ukrainian troops.

Eastern Ukraine self-defense militia shoots down another Junta air force warplane ~ link
The self-defense forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic have shot down another Ukraine air force plane over the town of Dzerzhinsk in the Donetsk region, the Novorossiya news agency reported on Friday.

Obama Scam On Immigration - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling   

Devvy: Why Texas Governor Perry won't put his National Guard troops on the Border ~ link ~ He is no doubt under intense pressure from rich Texans, who have supported him in the past, to call out the Guard.  But the pressure from the Globalists/Zionists is greater!!! And he is a very compromised individual and they have the goods on him! He not only has the Texas Army and Air National Guard, but he has the largest state defense force in the nation that cannot be called up by Obama, the Texas State Guard.  He COULD put thousands of armed troops on the border and quickly raise tens of thousands of volunteers to increase the size of the State Guard. It is NOT about money, Texans would be glad to volunteer their time!  It may be that the Texans will have to begin Impeachment proceedings against him to get him to do something, that or actually impeach the bum and replace him with someone who will defend Texas!!!  Let the call for action from Perry now or impeachment begin here!!!  Stirling  

Some links to the Texas State Guard: link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link

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