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Connections on the Road to WWIII - Part I


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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near.


7 JULY 2014

Special Post:



The temptation to view the wide number of crisis on-going in today's world as separate non-connected events is great.  For one thing, it is far less scary to look at the Iraqi Conflict, or the developing Israeli war on Palestine/Gaza, or the Ukraine War, or the Syrian War, or the drive towards Austerity Fascism throughout the EU, or the sudden flood of children and women on the US southern border, or the expanding Global Economic Depression, or the coming general global economic collapse, or the Fukushima nightmare now killing the Pacific, or the use of technologies in food production and processing, and in a wide assortment of electronic/etc. devices that are killing a certain percentage of persons using/consuming the products/etc., or the all-preservative spying on all people by various governmental agencies in America and many other nations, or the growing use of military technology and repressive acts by domestic police agencies in many nations, and a general moral collapse in much of the world, or the spread of new genetically engineered killer dieases, etc., as separate events.  The reality is, however, they are all interconnected.

The interconnection is the drive towards a one-world economic/political system, the New World Order, by the families that constitute the Global Banking Cartel.  Further, as many are Zionists, there is a strong link to the nutty Netanyahu war policies, which they intend to use to further the outbreak of WWIII.  

In the last couple of days I have learned some interesting information from two very good sources; information that has not been covered in either the mainstream news media or the alternative media.

There are serious concerns in a number of Eastern European nations that former Russian KGB/GRU assets are being called up for action in the event of Russia having to invade the Ukraine and a NATO intervention to "protect" the Ukraine coup junta.  My source for this is very credible and well placed.  This tells me that beneath the scenes, some serious preparations are being made for a general European conflict in the near future

I also have learned that beginning in January, a large number of males in villages in northern Guatemala have begun turning up dead leaving wives and children behind to fend for themselves.  This is a behind the scenes catalyst for the flood of Central American women and children to the United States.  One must remember that only in the last couple of weeks has it come out that the US DHS as far back as January was soliciting bids from companies to handle the distribution within America of large numbers of illegal children.  This was done because the intelligence agencies were behind the killings of men in northern Guatemala. Mixed in with the women and children, are a large number of 16 and 17 year old gang members.  Thanks to the Obama Administration, these dangerous heavily tattooed gang members are being dispersed throughout America to be in-place for creating mayhem in the coming economic crash, that will be especially bad in America when the US Dollar no longer is the global reserve currency and almost everything sold doubles or triples or more in price practically overnight. The intent is to force such chaos on the American people that they will welcome Martial Law.       

The Globalists intend to bring about the Third World War and a global economic crash in order to create maximum global chaos.  Their unofficial motto has long been: 'Order Out Of Chaos'.  They intend to dramatically reduce "the herd of unnecessary eaters", that is the Human Race, by over six billion people and to enslave the remaining population in a demonic high-tech global police state.
Only an aware and mobilized population can prevent these parasites from proceeding in their efforts at global chaos and destruction.   



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