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On the Road to the Third World War.

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12 June 2014



Yesterday the entire world was surprised by the sudden attack by "Al Qaeda", otherwise called the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (or ISIS an Al Qaeda offshoot), taking over the second largest city in Iraq and other towns and cities.  Currently the ISIS forces are driving towards Baghdad. 

The "Al Qaeda" forces are supported by Sauda Arabia and indirectly by America and are fighting against the Syrian Government as well as the Iraqi Government. Hence there is a strong tie to Israel and the Global Banking Cartel.  

The Zionist/Cartel forces have not been able to defeat Syria in spite of the billions of dollars poured into the battle by the West and Saudi Arabia and some of the Gulf Cooperative Council nations.  Assad's forces have mostly defeated the large number of foreign mercenaries and recently Assad freed a large number of POWs in a sign of strength.  Syria was attacked by the western Globalist and Zionist forces for several reasons: Syria is the back door to a war with Iran; Syria, Hezbollah and Iran have a joint missile force that can destroy Israel and are resisting the Israeli drive to dominate the entire Middle East; Iran and Syria are opposed to the Rothschild led drive towards the New World Order and a new world currency to replace the US Dollar following its planned collapse soon.

Russia prevented the planed Israeli/American attack on Iran about a year and a half ago; and also prevented (by sending a large battle fleet to areas offshore of Syria) a US/UK/French/Israeli invasion of Syria almost a year ago.  This was the reason America (controlled by the Zionists and Global Banksters) set up the coup in the Ukraine installing the strange coup junta, which is a mix of genuine European fascists and Jewish oligarchs and central bankers.

The fighting there now is designed to punish Putin and as a "bear-trap" for Russian forces, to tie them down so that an allied force can sweep into Syria beginning a General Middle East War.  However, the Russian Bear, under Putin's wise strategic leadership, did not step into the "bear-trap".  

Hence we now have a new strategic initiative by the Zionist/Globalists...the "Al Qaeda" attack on Iraq, which is creating a two-nation battle zone (Iraq and Syria) and may well drag Iran into the fray.  If this happens, Bibi 666 Netanyahu will finally get his General Middle East War and the Globalist Banksters will get their Third World War.  Netanyahu wants to destroy all his Mideast enemies in one massive war, utilizing not only Israeli nukes but NATO firepower.  

The Global Banking Cartel families are well into their End Game for establishing their long-sought New World Order.  Their strategy calls for a total global economic collapse and the introduction of a new world digital currency with RFID chips (what many see as the 'Mark of the Beast').  Further, they intend to control the masses during this phase in of the NWO by a new global war, World War III.  They further intend to reduce the total global population by over six billion people ... to reduce the herd of "unnecessary eaters" ... to make their demonic New World Order high-tech slave state more manageable.   

Tim Earl of Stirling   

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