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Special Coverage: New King of Spain


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19 June 2014

Special Coverage: King Felipe VI proclaimed King of Spain

A member of one of Europe's most famous Royal Houses, Prince Felipe, has ascended the throne of Spain as King Felipe VI.  It is important to remember, that before the primacy of the former British Empire, it was Spain who had the greatest far-reaching Empire on Earth.  The following is a series of links to articles on the ascension of the new King and Queen of Spain and on their backgrounds and family life.  Tim Earl of Stirling    

Crowds hail Spain's new King Felipe ~ link
Felipe swore an oath of allegiance to democratic principles in front MPs and senators, who shouted "Viva el Rey" - long live the king.

Although the 18th-century Spanish crown and 17th-century sceptre were displayed next to the new monarch, authorities shunned an opulent coronation ceremony.

King Felipe VI calls for 'new Spain' as he is sworn in ~ link
King Felipe VI has called for "a new Spain that we will build together" after being proclaimed head of state in a ceremony in parliament.

He acceded to the throne at the stroke of midnight after King Juan Carlos formally abdicated on Wednesday.

Spain's new King Felipe VI officially sworn in ~ link
Felipe VI has been officially sworn in as the new king of Spain at the country's parliament following the abdication of his father, Juan Carlos.

The swearing-in ceremony lacked the usual pomp and ceremony associated with a royal coronation in recognition of the hardship being endured by many Spaniards in austere times.

Spain's Felipe VI is proclaimed King ~ link
A new chapter in Spanish history was formally marked with a low-key ceremony at the Palace of Zarazuela, located on the outskirts of Madrid, at 9.30am local time.

The new monarch officially acceded to the throne on the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, following the abdication of his father, King Juan Carlos

Princess Leonor of Spain becomes Europe's youngest heiress after abdication ~ link ~  
At the age of eight, Princess Leonor of Spain's destiny as the future Queen is already on the horizon. The bowing out of her grandfather King Juan Carlos with his abdication on Monday means she becomes the youngest heiress to a throne in Europe

When the prince is crowned Felipe VI, a ceremony which will probably take place within the month, Leonor will assume the title The Princess of Asturias, a similar role to the Prince of Wales. According to the Spanish constitution, she will eventually become queen unless her parents have a son.

Ten facts about the new King ~ link ~
As he turns 46, Felipe will eventually be the oldest king to ascend theSpanish throne. Currently, however, that record belongs to his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Carlos III (1716-1788) who was 43 at the time of his ascension.

A look at Queen Letizia's crown jewels ~ link ~  
In her new role as queen consort, Letizia will inherit greater responsibility but also have more access to beautiful crown jewels from her mother-in-law Queen Sofía, which have in turn been passed down through the generations. These are owned by the royal family itself rather than belonging to the Spanish state.

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia to keep their titles ~ link ~ A bit unusual to be styled 'King and Queen' and not be King-Regent and Queen-Consort, but legal.  Stirling    

Felipe becomes the King of Spain: Best moments in pictures ~ link ~
In the formal, yet touchingly family affair, the new monarch officially ascended to the throne with his wife, now Queen Letizia of Spain, and two daughters Princess Sofia and Princess Leonor, by his side.

We take a look at the best moments of the historic day in pictures – from the swearing-in ceremony, the embrace of two kings, and the next reigning couple's royal kiss on the palace's balcony before thousands of well-wishers and fans.

A look at the new King and Queen's family home ~ link
When Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain ascend the throne in mid-June, certain aspects of their life will change. One thing that will remain the same, however, is their family home. The Spanish couple, along with their two daughters Princess Leonor and Princess Sofía, will still live in the royal residence they moved into after Felipe and Letizia's wedding in 2004.

The prince will change from working in his study at home, to taking over his father King Juan Carlos' office at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, from where he will reign.  


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