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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


9 June 2014


All government forces to join junta's war operation in eastern Ukraine: ALL OUT WAR ~ link ~

Ukraine's acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has announced plans to deploy all the department’s forces in combat and patrol units to eastern Ukraine for participation in the ongoing military operations against pro-Russia protesters.

The Ukrainian acting interior minister also claimed that the move is not only a “necessity” but also a test of “patriotism.”

The remarks came one day after Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said fighting in the country’s eastern parts must stop this week. He had previously ruled out negotiations with the pro-Russians and vowed to continue the military operations in the region.

Over 7,000 Ukrainians, mostly women and children flee to Russia's Rostov Region YESTERDAY ~ link There are indications that things are about to get really bad in eastern Ukraine!  Stirling    

More than 7,300 Ukrainian citizens have fled to neighboring Russia's Rostov Region, since Sunday, the region's government said on its website Monday.

Russian FM Lavrov calls for URGENT MEASURES to relieve humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine ~ link ~

Urgent measures to relieve the humanitarian situation in Ukraine are badly needed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday after talks with his Finnish counterpart Erkki Tuomioja.

“Given all the nuances, we have a common position that the Geneva communiqué and the OSCE roadmap are the common denominator. They open a way to the settlement. A priority step is stopping violence and launching a nationwide dialogue and a constitutional reform,” he said. “I agree that Ukrainians should make their choice freely, independently, without interference from outside,” Sergei Lavrov said. “The history of that country in the past ten years is abundant in examples of flagrant interference into its domestic affairs.

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: People are bleeding to death in their basements while junta troops target ambulances  ~ link
Stella Khorosheva a spokeswoman for Slavyansk Mayor Ponomaryov told media that salvos of howitzer fire, rocket propelled grenades and other projectiles are being fired into the city. Khorosheva added that the highway between Slavyansk and the village of Semyonovka is packed with heavy military hardware.

The spokeswoman stressed that the residents of the Slavyansk municipal district of Mandrychino have sustained heavy civilian casualties due to the shelling.
She stressed that ambulances cannot reach the injured and that people are bleeding to death in their basements while troops loyal to the government in Kiev target ambulances.


"Not safe for our children!" Mothers with kids flee junta's crackdown in lugansk - with video ~ link ~
A mother anxiously hugs her baby, a teenager fears for his father staying in the besieged city, and a little girl doesn’t know why her grandpa can’t come on the bus. These refugees are just some of those fleeing Lugansk to escape Kiev’s crackdown.

“It is not safe for them [children] to stay here after everything that is happening. We want them to stay alive,” a crying woman hugging her small daughter close to her heart told RT’s Paula Slier, who spoke to refugees from the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk. 

Why Ukraine's Civil War is of Global Historical Importance ~ link
Ukraine’s civil war started on 2 May 2014, when supporters of the February-coup-imposed (click on that link if you don’t know about that coup) Ukrainian central government firebombed Odessa’s Trade Unions Building, incinerating hundreds of Odessans who opposed the coup.
This civil war is of massive historical importance, because it re-starts the global Cold War, this time no longer under the fig-leaf rationalization of an ideological battle between “capitalism” versus “communism,” but instead more raw, as a struggle between, on the one hand, the U.S. and West European aristocracies; and, on the other hand, the newly emerging aristocracies of Russia and of China. Like had happened in World War I, this global war is between two contending aristocratic alliances. (That’s the standard thing, we historians know; it’s nothing unusual there.) However, the documentation of the history is much clearer and far faster for this new war, than for former global wars, regarding which of the two sides had really initiated it, and why.

The “players” in “The Great Game,” this time around, are, broadly speaking, West versus East; those are the two contending “teams,” of aristocracies. USA is the leading participant on the western side, and has the backing of Europe’s aristocracies via the IMF; and Russia is the leading participant on the eastern side, and has wrangled the backing of China’s aristocrats. The West is far better-funded than the East, and, so, this is a war that the East did not want, and had hoped to avoid, but that has been thrust upon them, by the Obama-initiated coup that took place in Ukraine during late February 2014, and also by the Obama-initiated massacre that occurred in Odessa on May 2nd (the event that immediately sparked Ukraine’s civil war).

Bombed Ukrainian refugees pour into Russia ~ link ~ 
On Tuesday, Russia submitted a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), calling for an immediate ceasefire and a humanitarian corridor in Ukraine.

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Vitaly Churkin has said the humanitarian situation in Ukraine needs to be addressed urgently. Churkin pointed to the “heavy and indiscriminate shelling of residential areas” using both artillery and aviation, saying the operations are killing civilians every day.

Many US Jews no longer support Israel ~ link ~ They see the hyper-racism, the Crimes Against Humanity, and how AIPAC/etc. is running the US foreign policy and don't want their families to take the blame for the mess when it all comes crashing down.  Stirling  

F-35 jets are too risky for Canadian military, report contends ~ link ~ I was a consultant in the military aerospace business many years ago.  I consider the F-22 and F-35 fighter jets to be way over priced and reflective of the high-level corruption in America.  I think that Canada can do better than the F-35.  Stirling   

A new report released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives argues that the controversial F-35 fighter jets, which would replace the air force’s aging CF-18 fleet, are too dangerous to be used by the Canadian military.

The report, titled “One Dead Pilot,” was released on Monday. It suggests that the single-engine F-35 poses too many risks, and could fail over the ocean or the remote Arctic. 

Global Austerity and the War Agenda - video ~ link 

Grand Geopolitical Project: Russia's Gasprom signs Agreement to Abandon the US Dollar ~ link ~ A major event that the mainstream news media ignores.  Stirling

It’s only the tip of the iceberg. A grand geopolitical project is beginning to materialize…”

 On June 6 2014, the official Russian news agency Itar Tass announced what many were expecting since at least the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis: Russian main energy company, Gazprom Neft has finally “signed agreements with its consumers” to switch from Dollars to Euros (as transition to the ruble) “for payments under contracts”. 

The announcement that the agreement has been actually signed and not just discussed was made by Gazprom’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Dyukov. 

World leaders in discussions for New Reserve Currency ~ link ~ I suspect that this, when/if it happens, will trigger a massive global economic collapse!!!  Stirling   

China and Russia have made it quite clear in recent years that they are disgruntled with the way the United States has been abusing their “world reserve currency” privilege.

This privilege has enabled the US to expand its military presence like no other country previously seen in history. It has enabled the US to print seemingly unlimited amounts of fiat in its futile attempt to keep bubble after bubble inflated, while big banks profit and the man on the street suffers.

London Food Bank demand increases by 120% ~ link ~ As I have said before, the British political class, in their bought-and-paid-for blind obedience to the Global Banking Cartel monsters, is going to kill the United Kingdom off.  Scotland WILL VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE this Fall unless the economic depression in the UK is OVER, effectively killing the United Kingdom!!!  Yet, even still they do not have the courage to do the right thing on the economy!   Stirling 

Demand for food banks in London has gone up again, according to a report released today, with 96,000 people seeking help over food poverty since April 2013.
The ‘Below the Breadline’ report, produced by The Trussell Trust, Oxfam and Church Action on Poverty, identifies the causes as changes to the benefits system, a punitive sanctions regime, a lack of decent work and rising living costs. It’s not just down to welfare reforms – a 43% increase in food prices over the previous eight years combined with an average fall of £936 in the annual disposable income of 20% of Britain’s poorest aren’t helping either.

Secret European Cash Limits in Place ~ link ~ NOT a good sign!  Stirling   

Let me tell you what my sources are telling me.
They have tried to withdraw large amounts in cash from a bank. They were told quite categorically “No, you cannot have this amount in cash”. They then asked if they could make an appointment to receive the amount in cash and were told “No”.

Just an awkward bank clerk right?

They then proceeded to transfer the balance to another bank, and tried to make the same withdraw. They received exactly the same response “No, No, No, No, you can’t have your money”.

Anti-homeless spikes outside wealthy London flats spark outrage ~ link

Metal spikes many believe have been installed to deter homeless people from sleeping in an alcove outside a block of flats in London have sparked outrage on Twitter, after pictures of the building went viral.

Andrew Horton, 33, of Woking, Surrey, took a picture of the studs outside of the block of privately-owned flats on Southwark Bridge Road in the borough of Southwark as he walked to work on Wednesday. Mr Horton told The Telegraph he believed the studs have been put in place to prevent homeless people from sleeping there.

More evidence that Conventional Cancer Treatments ARE MORE DEADLY THAN CANCER ~ link ~ Get outside of the Big Pharma Box if you have cancer and want to live!!!   Stirling    

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