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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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On the Road to the Third World War.

Armageddon also means that the Second Coming of Christ is near. 


8 June 2014


Mayhem in the Ukraine: Kiev Junta Commits War Crimes ~ link ~
Kiev 's armed forces have shelled hospitals, orphanage and school. Children have been wounded by the assault.

Slavyansk under fire, without power and water as Kiev junta resumes shelling ~ link ~  
Death and destruction is reported in eastern Ukraine as Kiev’s artillery has resumed shelling the rebellious city of Slavyansk. Locals tell RT they have been without running water and power for days, and that hope is fading.

“The shells broke just near the central square. They hit residential houses, a furniture factory, a cafe and communications post,” an unnamed representative of the local city council told Itar-Tass. “There are victims among the civilians and some people received shrapnel wounds.” “At this time there were many people in the center because of the Pentecost Mass in the nearby church has just ended,” the source added. 

Kiev junta's bloody eastern Ukraine military campaign - RT LIVE UPDATES ~ link 

The Commander of the eastern Ukraine insurgency speaks ~ link ~ This is one that you should take the time to read in full at the link!  Stirling   

Q: Poroshenko promised Putin that, in the nearest future, the war will be either brought to an end or suspended, in some manner. In your opinion, what did he mean when he said this?
A: I believe that what he meant is that the Ukrainian army will steamroll over the entire Donbass region, will eliminate all those who rose up against the illegitimate Kiev government, all those who rebelled against the discrimination directed against the Russian people, and that, in this manner, he would bring the war to an end. I think this is what he had in mind. An oligarch who sponsored the so-called “Maidan,” who made the most warlike claims and adopted extreme positions while still a Presidential candidate, who is a puppet controlled directly by the United States of America, this oligarch cannot change who he is in one day or one night. Of course, what he means is that he plans to “impose order” with an iron fist, the fist of his punitive forces. Put it bluntly, we saw how they “impose order” from the example of what happened in Krasniy Liman. That is why we will, of course, resist to the last man. We will resist successfully, I am emphasizing this again. The real problem is not that we will be unable to defend ourselves or to withstand attacks by the Ukrainian forces, the problem is that if this war continues indefinitely, the region will fall to a humanitarian catastrophe. As a result Russia will become the recipient of millions of disenfranchised, impoverished and angry refugees. Everything that was built, created over decades, if not centuries, will be destroyed.

With respect to international law and norms, they never cared for them on bit. For example, here they use cluster bombs and similar [illegal] weapons. They shoot, and, as you correctly pointed out, remove entire township from the face of the Earth. They shell cities. They will continue in this manner with ever-increasing [brutality]. This is because they experience no material opposition [to what they do]. They have no other tactic. They are unable to take up their weapons and go on attack, go storm our positions face-to-face with us, despite their profound numerical advantage in troops. As soon as their infantry faces direct combat, it retreats. They retreat even if supported by tanks. They abandon their tanks and retreat. They understand that their infantry is not combat-worthy. Their only option is to shell us from afar, again and again and again, and hope to inflict the greatest possible destruction.

Porky: Fighting must end this week ~ link ~  
Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has said that fighting in the eastern regions of the country must stop by the “end of this week.”

USAF sends two B-2 Stealth Strategic Bombers to UK airbase ~ link ~ The forward deployment of these two key strategic national assets is NOT a good sign.  This is a strategic wake up call to Moscow; one that they may well respond to with some similar such move.  The Obama Administration is NUTS ... driven by demonic central banksters and Zionist racists!!!  Stirling   

With call-signs "Death 11" and "Death 12", we suspect the deployment by the US Air Force of 2 B-2 Stealth Bombers to the UK's RAF base in Fairford is for anything but simple sight-seeing. As The Aviationist notes, B-2s don’t move from Whiteman AFB, in Missouri, too often as they are trained to conduct very long round-trip missions from their homebase; which is why the deployment of two Spirit bombers with the 509th Bomb Wing to the UK is, at least, noteworthy. The question is... what will Putin's retaliatory sabre-rattle be?

Little is known about this deployment, unlike the other one which involves three B-52s that have arrived at RAF Fairford last week and whose detachment had been exposed by aircrew patches produced ahead of the participation of the Stratofortresses to the Saber Strike and Baltops exercises.

Ukrainian junta's border guards abandon post at Russian border ~ link
Ukraine’s central government, located in Kiev, has given up manning the country’s border with Russia at areas in the southeast where popular opposition to the Kiev authorities has overwhelmed the Kiev government’s ability to police the border there.

The central government’s border guards at the town of Severniy abandoned their post, on Thursday June 5th, so that now anyone can cross unimpeded there to and from Ukraine and Russia. This will enable Ukrainians who want to flee to do so, and it will also permit Russians who want to join the rebellion in Ukraine’s southeast (or simply to protect family-members who live there) to do so, with no difficulty on either side, and with no fear at the border-crossing.

Israel's Ukraine Proxy War On Russia - Will It Go Regional? - video 

Gunmen attack Pakistan's largest international airport - 5 Dead and airliner on fire ~ link  
Heavy fighting has broken out at Jinnah International Airport's old terminal in Karachi, Pakistan, after gunmen armed with grenades stormed the building and runway killing five members of the Airport Security Service (ASF).

According to initial reports, eight to ten armed attackers entered the airport and opened fire - hurling explosive's at the ASF personnel and at least three loud blasts have been heard.

China plans an artificial military island in disputed Spratlys Islands Chain in South China Sea ~ link
China is looking to expand its biggest installation in the Spratly Islands into a fully formed artificial island, complete with airstrip and sea port, to better project its military strength in the South China Sea, a Chinese scholar and a Chinese navy expert have said.

The planned expansion on the disputed Fiery Cross Reef, if approved, would be a further indication of China's change of tack in handling long-running sovereignty disputes from a defensive stance to an offensive one, analysts said. They said it was seen as a step to the declaration of an air defence identification zone.

Europe's Good, Bad, and Ugly Reality in three simple chartslink ~ Check this one out.  Stirling  

90% Of Gasprom consumers have de-dollarized - Willuse Euros and Renminbi ~ link ~ The US Dollar's role as a central reserve currency is collapsing and this will collapse the American economy and that will collapse the Global economy!!!  Stirling   

So What Happens When The Number Of Impoverished Americans Passes 200 Million? ~ link ~ Do take a couple of minutes and read this one in full at the link!  Stirling    

What most Americans don't know about student debt ~ link ~ What I would like to know, is the real reason WHY student debt was singled out as being exempt from bankruptcy protection!  Stirling   

Now that student loans, well over $1.1 trillion, are hitting fresh record highs as... well... daily as the S&P500, the Fed is finally getting concerned about the latest debt bubble it has blown (not so much in equities). So concerned, in fact, the New York Fed recently added questions about student loans in  its broad survey on consumer expectations to find out what people knew, or rather, did not know about this record debt mountain. We hope it was not shocked to learn that once again the bulk of Americans are taking on unprecedented amounts of debt without having a clue what the conditions are: according to the analysis, people don’t fully comprehend the ramifications of taking on student debt. 

With Friends in High Places, the GMO biotech companies are Kicking Open the Door to Europe  ~ link ~ They are peddling DEATH and all Europeans should make a major effort to stop these bastards in their tracks!!!   Stirling    
The proposal to hand back some decision powers to member states of the European Union regarding GMO approvals is currently being discussed (1). It will be voted on by member states on 12 June. According to Corporate Europe Observatory, biotech firms regard it as an opportunity to break the stalemate and finally get their GM crops growing in  Europe 's fields. The proposal has the biotech lobby's fingerprints all over it (2). 

The proposal states that for a member state to ban a GMO, it would first have to ask the GM company itself not to market it in its territory. If the company does not agree, the member state's second option is to give certain policy arguments, from a limited set of possibilities. Apart from granting biotech companies the power to resist policies and decisions made by democratically elected governments, the fear is that the types of arguments that governments will be allowed to put forward will bring about legal uncertainty and may simply be swept aside when challenged in court (2). If the company doesn't want its product to be banned, the concern is that the new system will be designed to work in its favour and sovereign governments will be powerless to act. 

Who will be the next "leader of Europe" ~ link
Two female European leaders are emerging as possible candidates for the next head of the European Commission after the frontrunner, Jean-Claude Juncker, was reported to be considering withdrawing his name.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Prime Minister of Denmark, and Dalia Grybauskaite, the President of Lithuania, who both have experience of Brussels, were being discussed by European officials as consensus candidates for the job of commission president after David Cameron emphasised Britain's fierce opposition to Mr Juncker.

Deescalating the Police ~ link ~ Being a cop, and keeping a good outlook on life and those you police, is a tough job.  Most police officers in America and the First World are honest and decent, but increasingly we are witnessing officers acting as thugs.  Much of this comes from the effects of the highest levels of America being controlled by criminals.  Some also comes from the deliberate militarization of the police by the corrupt Federal Government.  Some by the training of many police forces by Israel and Israelis.  Americans and all people throughout the world should demand high quality fair police forces, and support those departments who are good and work to change those who are not.   Stirling       

King Juan Carlos: "I don't want my son to grow old waiting link Prince Charles" ~ link
The 76-year-old monarch is believed to have told Rafael Spottorno, chief of the royal household, that he wanted Crown Prince Felipe, 46, to be on the throne while he was still in his young.

'He saw, above all, that his son was in his prime and didn't want to see him like Prince Charles who will be 66 years old in November,' Mr Spottorno is quoted as saying. 

Nuns' secret grave for 800 babies ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Also this ~ link ~ This is a complex story.  In the 1920s Ireland was generally poor and this was in a very poor area and the nuns were dealing with the poorest of the poor.  However, that these children were buried in a mass unmarked grave, over many years, is very concerning.  WHY did these babies and children not receive a proper burial and marked graves???  What does this say about the bigger picture of what was really going on!??  Stirling   

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